5 Alternatives to Camscanner: Scan & Sign PDF Online

In this era of digitalization, we need scanned documents and images while submitting any kind of application or for some other purposes. CamScanner was the most used app for scanning documents. The app has more than 2 million users worldwide, but due to the continuous dispute between India and China, on 29th June 2020, the Indian government has banned 59 Chinese apps, including The CamScanner. The government stated that these apps are engaged in activities that are “prejudicial to the sovereignty and integrity of India, defense of India, the security of the state and public order.”

After the ban, users are now in search of a good alternative, which not only does their work but also not developed in China. So if you are one of them then, you are in the right place. Today we are going to help you out with some of the best CamScanner alternatives.

Here is a list of 5 apps.

Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner, OCR

The Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner, OCR is not from India but is the most trusted app and the best alternative to CamScanmer. This by Adobe, is completely free and leaves no watermark on the scanned document. The app has OCR technology integrated, which helps in recognizing printed text and handwriting. Using the app, users can perform various tasks like converting photographs, business cards, whiteboards, receipts, notes, documents, etc. into an Adobe PDF. The User Interface of the app is clean and decent. It also comes with a feature of recognizing which type of document is being scanned.

Alternatives to Camscanner: Scan & Sign PDF Online



PhotoScan is a photo and document scanning app by Google LLC. Earlier, this app was a part of Google Photos. The app is good enough to scan any type of documents. The best feature of this app is that it can scan old photographs and can convert it into a high-quality image. As the app is from Google™, you need not worry about updates. The user interface of this app is easy to operate and minimally designed. The app is completely free to use, and for scanning old photos, this is the best app available out there for mobile devices.

Alternatives to Camscanner: Scan & Sign PDF Online


Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft Office Lens is a pocket PDF scanner from Microsoft Corporation for scanning documents and whiteboard images. The app is a great alternative for CamScanner. The app lets its users search, scan, and export any type of document directly in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Powerpoint. The app has an interactive user interface. If you are quite familiar with the Microsoft Interface, then this app is the best for you. The app is available free of cost on both Google’s PlayStore and Apple’s App Store.

Alternatives to Camscanner: Scan & Sign PDF Online


Scanner App: Scan documents and PDF for Free

Scanner App – Scan documents to PDF for Free is an app by BP Mobile, which is a US-based company. Using the app, users can scan PDF and JPEG. Can save pdfs in grayscale, black, and white, or full color and can also sign documents, invoices, and contract bills by simply just adding their signature in the app. This app is also integrated with OCR technology. The best feature of this app is that it comes with pin protection. It means you can enable pin so that every time you access all pin is asked and also this ensures privacy and security of your scanned documents.

Alternatives to Camscanner: Scan & Sign PDF Online


Scanner app to PDF – TapScanner

Scanner App to PDF – TapScanner is a PDF scanning app by an Israeli Firm which can be used for scanning, printing, and managing documents with the help of a mobile phone. The app is nothing more than a simple camera document scanner with a high-quality output. With this app, users can scan document receipts, QR, and business cards too. For tuning images, there are a lot of handy filters available. This app is also equipped with the OCR algorithm and can convert any file into a scanned PDF. The app also has direct integration with Google Drive and Dropbox.

Alternatives to Camscanner: Scan & Sign PDF Online


Final Words:

Above, we acknowledge you about the alternatives of CamScanner. CamScanner was an app that was used by a large number of people; after this sudden ban and privacy threats, users find it hard to choose and trust any document scanning app.

As we already know, how in the past CamScanner was caught stealing personal user data. Thus we came up with five best alternatives of CamScanner, which you guys can trust and rely on. Each of the apps listed above is free to use and is developed by Non-Chinese developers. Each app above is not only an alternative for CamScanner but also an app that provides more features than CamScanner.

These apps are from highly reputed developers and are safe to use. Now so that we have done our work, it’s your turn to go, check, and find which one among these suits you the best. Thanks for reading. I will be back soon with more interesting updates.

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