What is Google Cardboard? How it works?

Welcome to HiTricks! Learn Earn Gain…Its Fun! Here we will discuss about Google Cardboard, a small tool that will change your boring mobile phone into a live 3d world! Yes, it turns your phone into 3d. Experience virtual reality in a simple fun and inexpensive way. Yea it costs only as low as Rs144 to buy one piece. Learn how it works and possibly you can decide to buy one! Come on, let’s explore Google Cardboard.

What is Google Cardboard?

Basically Google Cardboard is a small cardboard box with two bi-convex lenses and a magnet. Your mobile phone is kept at one end of the box and the two lenses are fixed at the other end of the box making two holes. The holes are shaped in a proper way to create a 3 dimensional view of your mobile screen when viewed through the lens. It is made with so simple concept. It requires no any expenses as it does not need any battery or electrical power to run.

What can I do with my Google Cardboard?

Well, there are a lot of cardboard compatible apps on the play store that you can use with your cardboard. Visit here to get some selected featured cardboard apps, though there are many more: https://play.google.com/store/apps/collection/promotion_3001011_cardboard_featured_apps

You will find these apps equally amazing and entertaining and enjoying too. There are some apps and some 3d games too! Once you get a 3d world on your home, it will become unputdownable.

Can you give me some more details?

Yes, why not? We are here for that only! Check out this cool video from NDTV Gadgets where they are reviewing the cardboard and giving you some more details. It is of 10 minutes. We are sure this will amaze you and surprise you the most!

Alright! What’s the cost?

As of now, you need an invite to purchase the Google Cardboard from Boxight, the one we are featuring here. These cardboards are the cheapest ones made in India.

It’s cost is Rs288, but you can avail it at Rs144 by just inviting 5 people to buy it. As you know that this product can be only purchased through invite, everyone wants to buy one due to its low cost. So, inviting just 5 of them is damn easy! The invites go away like hot chips!

If you do not care about the invite system and want it right away, you will find it on ebay, amazon and other stores with much higher price starting from Rs 1000. But boxight it giving it away for such a low cost of Rs144. So you should grab it.

What you will get?

Google Cardboard from Boxight

Refer to the image above. You will get assembled pieces of Google Cardboard consisting of pre cut cardboard piece, lenses and magnet. You have to build it yourself. But downt worry, complete instructions of how to do it will be there written with the package. Watch the video given above, it also has got some instructions. You need not worry.

Is my Device Compatible?

Check here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6s0ElRdPOjLYml3Qko2Vm52eEkxSGliaHlrTVYtby14cVVJ/view?usp=sharing

How to get an invite?

We know that you all will love getting this awesome cardboard that will work forever if you care it well. It has no hard mechanics and its a simple tool. And the cost is too low, Rs144, even we spend more on our monthly internet plans! So, why not try one?

Just ping me on Facebook to get one, for you! Here’s my Facebook Profile link: https://www.facebook.com/androidadmin

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