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Are you a big fan of UC Browser? Do you like the UC to capture your windows too? Well, now its time to download UC Browser for pc and lappy! UC Browser exe is finally available. Let’s put a big smaile and welcome the uc browser for pc. UC browser for pc is the windows version of the famous UC Browser, the much awaited version finally arrived. Let’s try it out. What’s more? It has got a free internet feature too.


UC Browser windows version has almost similar features like that of UC Browser Mobile versions. It gives you a fast all-in-one web experience – an excellent Searching, Browsing, Downloading, Video, Gaming, Shopping and Social Sharing experience at the fastest speeds!

Steps to download UC Browser for PC:

UC Browser for PC has 2 versions: General Version and Indian Version. Click over the names to download them directly. Memory: 45MB

Difference between General version and Indian Version:

General version is suitable for all countries, but if you are from India, we would like to suggest you to download the Indian version. The Indian version is specially made for india, with website suggestions for indians, downloadings and much more. It acts smartly and you will feel more comfortable with the indian version.

Features of UC Browser for PC:

1. Redesigned tabs: Want to get rid of the old theme of the android uc browser? Now the homepage tabs are redesigned like bubbles. You will enjoy that.

2. Incognito Mode: Your privacy, kept anonymous like as it should be. Like the mobile versions, you get a incognito mode in the pc version too.

3. User-friendly homepage search: Like the android versions, uc browser for windows has the homepage search options, you can search for your keywords right from homepage.

4. Extensions: Yep you never miss the extensions. Few extensions you may have downloaded for your chrome browser will also fit into this uc browser. Cool? Huh?

5. Cloud Storage / Sync / Download: Who does not know about the UC Cloud? Uc browser for pc has kept the cloud storage for us. We can sign in to our uc cloud and also do cloud downloads in case of weak network speeds.

6. Themes: Yay! You can decorate your browser like you do your mobile version. UC Browser for windows supports themes and you can download custom themes too from inside the browser.

7. Download Manager / File Manager: UC Browser’s super effective download manager can download files at 20% faster rates than usual browser downloads. It supports pause and resume, and you can view the downloaded file link and copy them like as you do in your mobile version. Additionally, it has got its cool file manager from where you can browse your pc conveniently.

8. Night Mode: Don’t hurt your eyes while reading ebooks at night or browsing web. It has the night mode to help you out.

9. Page Preloading: Preload the next web page while you are browsing the current one. Saves your time.

Get Free Internet with UC Browser for PC:

Get Free Internet on UC Browser for pc


This is an initiative by Reliance to provide its subscribers free Internet through UC Browser.

This offer is available for Reliance Subscribers of Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Kerala and Mumbai.

You can access Facebook and other websites for free through website.

Type in your uc browser url: to get access. Remember that you must be a reliance user from the above mentioned states to get access to free internet powered by

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