Dashlane Password Manager: Get 6 Months Free Subscription

Remembering passwords can be tricky, right?But, at the same time, you can’t keep the same password everywhere, it will pose a threat to all your accounts if one of them are compromised.Don’t worry, there are numerous password managers to help you out with this. Today we will have a look at the Dashlane Password Manager.

I was a regular LastPass user, but Dashlane got my attention when I saw they are giving a 6 months free subscription for everyone (20$ Free which roughly translates to 6 months) and 6 months extra per referral by which you can increase your subscription duration further.
So, I decided to give it a try.

Dashlane Password Manager Features:

Here’s the different features of Dashlane.

Password Storage and Autofill:

Dashlane has an inbuilt secure vault where you can fill in your account logins and passwords. Alternatively, it will offer you to save password from any website you browse.Once saved, it will offer you an option to auto-fill passwords from the next time you land on the same website.

Password Generator:

Got no clue what to set as your next password?Dashlane can help you generate random mixed characters of any specified length.It has an option where you can choose to include digits and symbols in your password (which we strongly recommend enabling), and whether the password would be easy to pronounce.

Secure Notes and Documents:

Want a safe place to store sensitive information like your bank account or your Bitcoin private keys?Dashlane has an inbuilt secure note editor. Write all your secrets, no one is going to spill the beans 😉

Dark-Web Monitoring:

This is one of the most unique features of Dashlane. Their team continuously searches for online security breaches and informs you of major threats.Like, on 2nd August 2018, I got this mail from Dashlane about a data breach on Reddit. Dashlane quickly notified me and suggested me to change the password.
Dashlane Email about Reddit Breach
Dashlane Email about Reddit Breach
Also, you can set up email scanning. It allows Dashlane to scan for your email in online breaches, and notify you.

VPN for WiFi Protection:

Dashlane encrypts your home WiFi connection with its in-built VPN. It creates a secure network tunnel and routes all your data through that tunnel.

Secure Sharing:

Ever wanted to give anyone the access to your account without revealing the credentials?If you and your friend both uses Dashlane then you can take this exciting advantage.Just login to your Dashlane account and use the share option, enter the email id of your friend and boom! They will get access.Optionally, you can also give them more privileges such as view the actual password and even change it.

Emergency Contacts:

There may be times when you can’t access your account yourself and want someone trusted who can access your passwords. In that case, you can add them as emergency contacts.Dashlane offers several customization in this regard, including sharing partial data or full account, how long to wait before they get approval after requesting access etc.

Sync across all Platforms:

Dashlane Password Manager is available across all major platforms including Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS.Once you have a Dashlane premium account, all your passwords are synced across all your devices with Dashlane installed.

Two-Step Verification Login:

Dashlane logins are foolproof as they are protected by U2F 2-factor authentication with Yubikey support. So, nobody can access your account even if they somehow finds your password.

Get 6 Months Dashlane Subscription:

Ready to explore Dashlane?You can get 6 months free subscription of Dashlane worth 20$ if you sign up using our referral link. Click Here to Sign Up.Furthermore, you can refer your friends and get 6 months added to your subscription once they sign up. They will also get 6 months premium.Deal for both, right?
So, what are you waiting for? Try it out and let us know how you like it in the comments below.And don’t forget to share this post, and let your friends know about this amazing offer.That’s all for now. I will be back soon with another interesting article.
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Dashlane Password Manager Review

Dashlane Password Manager has more or less all the features you would expect from the password manager. But it goes beyond a usual password manager with its unique features such as secure sharing of account credentials with friends without revealing the actual password. In case of emergency, you can also give access to your account to your trusted contacts. Other than that, they offer monitor your email id for security breaches online. Dashlane also offers an inbuilt secure browser and VPN tunnel to route your traffic.

  • Sync across all your devices
  • Unlimited Passwords
  • Share account credentials with friends
  • Emergency Contacts
  • In Built Browser and VPN
  • Email monitoring
  • Free Plan only stores 50 password across single device and no sync

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