Color Code SharePoint Calendars for Business Efficiency

SharePoint is a crucial feature when managing an e-commerce business. Whether it is integrated with a cloud e-commerce platform or together with an on-premises solution, the calendar offers incredible solutions when used well. That is why you need to know how to use Color Code SharePoint Calendars to get the best results.

Why Calendar Color Coding is Necessary?

Luckily, SharePoint rarely changes the features of the calendar, so the processes of using them are almost always the same. But why is it necessary to color code the calendar? In an online business setup, a merchant would use Color Code SharePoint Calendars for the following reasons:

  • To schedule dates to add new products on their websites. Different colors would be used for the different product categories.
  • To schedule marketing strategies on different platforms. Again, different colors would be used to represent different platforms.
  • To schedule virtual employee meetings. Fortunately, online SharePoint is accessible to different users who will see the color-coding in real-time.
  • Now that you have a brief overview of what a SharePoint Calendar is, you need to know how to color code and use them efficiently to manage your online business.

Color Code SharePoint Calendars – Steps Involved:

Create the calendar:

Before you Color Code SharePoint Calendars, creating it is the first step because SharePoint is not calendar-ready. The newer versions have ‘add an app’ or ‘view all site contents’ options where you can add the calendar and name it. This depends on the version of the SharePoint you use, but it will mostly be on the ‘gear’ button.

Configure the calendar:

You still need to configure the category and column before you can use Color Code SharePoint Calendars. How you configure this depends on your e-commerce needs, for example, the products category, meetings columns, and so forth. It is recommended that you don’t use the default settings if you want a highly customized business operation.

Create views:

You are not yet there. This is still a crucial step to using Color Code SharePoint Calendars successfully: creating views. This is equivalent to setting finer filters on each column or category. This step helps users to distinguish items in detail for each subcategory of your business. Here, you need to set the calendar to show your items when the category is equal to the items.

Edit the Default View:

The filter should only show categories when you choose various items in your business. But you need to leave the column blank to have an empty calendar to start color-coding. Up to this point, these are the most important steps of setting up so that you can start Color Code SharePoint Calendars.

Create the Overlays:

Overlays are like multiple calendars, and this is what you need to have many event books in the calendar. The calendar ribbon tab will help you set all of the overlays you want and name them accordingly. But one calendar may only have about ten overlays. But come to think of it, this is a wide range of options for a single business, so you can take advantage of it to achieve a lot.

Creating overlays is all you need to use Color Code SharePoint Calendars successfully. Once you are done, you will have different events color-coded differently. This is a great visual organization for your business

Integrating SharePoint Calendar:

SharePoint comes as an app or feature that you can integrate with other e-commerce solutions, especially solutions. It all depends on what you prefer to use. According to experts, you could have slightly different features depending on your e-commerce solution.

Virto Commerce is one of the platforms that work harmoniously with SharePoint calendars, and you need to check VirtoSoftware blog to find out the steps involved in Color Code SharePoint Calendars on this platform. It is useful in scheduling meetings, setting dates for product additions, and other management options.

SharePoint is also integrated with office 365 and can work with many WordPress-based online selling platforms. If you are looking for detailed information on how to enjoy this calendar solution, it is better to research more.

Final Thoughts:

See, it is easy to use Color Code SharePoint Calendars when you have the right information. Now that we have shared this useful information, consider using this to take your business to the next level. If you are using the Virto Commerce platform, then you are lucky because it comes integrated with the calendar, so take advantage of it.

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