TRICK: How to Bypass Read Receipts on WhatsApp?

When WhatsApp added support for read receipts back in 2014, it aimed to let people know whether their sent messages have been read or not. Pretty soon, it realized that not everybody wants to let other people know that they have read someone else’s message. So they added the option to hide read receipts. But this turned off read receipts for both the sender and receiver.

TRICK: How to Bypass Read Receipts on WhatsApp?

We all have that one person who has turned off blue ticks on Whatsapp for no reason. While it makes sense to avoid replying to messages by not seeing the incoming messages at all, it is entirely frustrating to discover that someone has viewed your message but hasn’t responded. For that reason, many Whatsapp users turn off read receipts off thoroughly.

Now, many people wished to know if their messages have been read by someone or not even though they have turned off read receipts from their side.

Do you wish to do the same?

Then don’t worry. We have a nasty little trick here that will make it possible. Not one, we have two methods that you can use against anyone who has turned off blue ticks on WhatsApp. And, the good thing about it is, you can try it in the official Whatsapp app only, without needing any mods. So, check it out.

Trick #1 – Sending an Audio Clip:

This trick is pretty much undetectable, and if you play smart, you will rock. I will explain the trap first.

When you send an audio clip to someone, WhatsApp lets you know if they have played it or not. This works irrespective of the fact whether read receipts are on or off.

So if you want to know if someone has read your messages or not, you can try sending them a short audio clip. Now, swipe your audio message from right to left to reveal the info.

You can see if they have played your message or not under the “played” section. Alternatively, you can also tap on the audio clip and tap on “info” to reveal the same. If they have played that audio clip, they certainly have read all your messages as well.

Isn’t it genius?

Even if you are not in a mood to chat via voice message, send them any other audio, it will work too.

I tried it with a friend for testing purposes: I turned off read receipts and then asked my friend to send me a short audio clip. I played it out and then asked whether it was showing blue ticks for him. He sent me this screenshot. You can see that despite all other replies has a grey tick (which is a message delivery prompt), the audio shows a blue tick.

TRICK: How to Bypass Read Receipts on WhatsApp?

Trick #2 – Adding Them to a Group:

This trick needs a little favor from your best friend. And this also does the job nicely, does it better. This trick nullifies the blue ticks off, enables you to know the time of every text message that you send to the other party.

The trick here is that the ‘Read Receipts Off’ feature only works for one-to-one conversations. For group chats, it shows full details of each message with all information about when it was read.

TRICK: How to Bypass Read Receipts on WhatsApp?

Create a group of three people that includes you, your friend, and the “other person.” Now remove your friend from the group or ask them to leave politely. Then send as many messages as you want. When the other person reads them, you’ll get a blue tick. This works irrespective of the fact whether read receipts are turned on or off.

Tip: You can also use this trick if you are unfortunately blocked by someone but still want to text them because it shows all the details about both the parties in a group chat.

Final Words:

WhatsApp has become one of the most crucial apps of our lives. And with little tricks like these, we can save a lot of time and effort without having to use WhatsApp Mods or sideload other apps that don’t comply with WhatsApp’s terms. Both of these tricks have been tested by us and work accurately, as described.

If you have any questions regarding the same, feel free to comment down below, and we’ll surely reach you out.

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