Get Byjus Courses Class 1-12 FREE till 30 April

The world is going through a tough time. The Novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 (nCoV19) is declared as a pandemic by WHO. Originating from the city of Wuhan in China, the virus had spread far and wide throughout the world and to date (16th March 2020) caused 170k+ infections, with 6.7k deaths around the world.

In India, the no of confirmed cases is 130, with 2 casualties. Maharashtra is the worst hit with 32 positive cases till now. (Please note that this data may be updated regularly, you can click the links to find the latest count).

Under these circumstances, the Central and State Govt of different Indian States had taken stringent steps to fight against the spreading of the virus. Foreign travels are banned till 15th April, and the School, Colleges, and other Institutions, meetings and gatherings are prohibited till the end of March 2020, or until further notice.

While this was a necessary step to prevent small children and students from the grip of Coronavirus, many institutions decided to switch to online modes of education.

The popular online learning app Byjus has come forward to help out students in this moment of world crisis. They are offering all of their school level courses for free of cost for everyone.

Coronavirus: Get Byjus Courses Class 1-12 FREE till 30 April

Yes, you heard that right!

You can get all courses from Class 1 to Class 12 at the Byjus App free of cost. You DO NOT need to pay anything for that.

Details of the Byjus Free Courses Offer:

This is what the Byjus Play Store Description reads in the What’s New Section.

Coronavirus: Get Byjus Courses Class 1-12 FREE till 30 April

Byjus is offering all of their classroom courses for Free of Cost to help out students at home to learn from online lessons. If you are a student between Class 1 and Class 12, you can avail of this benefit today by downloading the Byjus App. This benefit will be live till 30th April. So, here’s a chance to learn so many new things while you are at home!

  • Classes: Class 1 to 12.
  • Duration of Free Courses: Till 30th April. (This may be subject to change, depending on the coronavirus crisis and the lockdowns)

How to get Byjus Classroom Courses Free?

All you need to do is download the Byjus App on your Smartphone and you will be able to access their entire library of classroom courses.

Download Byjus App: Android | iOS

Download and install the Byjus App, and register using your mobile number. Once you verify your number using OTP, you are done.

Just choose your class, and you will enter the Dashboard. You’ll get a popup that will state that you have got free access to unlimited learning in this exam season:

Coronavirus: Get Byjus Courses Class 1-12 FREE till 30 April

You can instantly access the vast library of Byjus. Start learning whatever you want, free of cost! No need to pay.

Coronavirus: Get Byjus Courses Class 1-12 FREE till 30 April

A good place to start is the Adaptive Practice Questions (click on this link only after you have registered at Byjus, so that you get redirected to this page directly inside Byjus) that tests you according to your capability, and adapts to you. You can learn new things as you progress.

Happy Learning!

Last Words:

Well, not everything goes bad at a time! While you stay quarantined inside your home, or in a treatment facility, you can surely brush up your knowledge with Byjus in the meantime.

Lastly, I seriously hope this situation becomes better. Although I am not seeing that happening anytime soon. Soon after this virus broke out of China, it had devasted countries like Italy, Iran, etc. The Coronavirus poses a big threat to India, and we should keep ourselves safe in this time of need.

Avoid traveling if possible. Stay indoors. Wash your hands with soap or alcohol-based sanitizers. Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth with bare hands when you are outside. And do not panic. Stay safe. Keep others safe.

Thank You for reading till the end. Do share this post with your friends and help them learn for free and prepare for the exams. I will be back again with another interesting update. Till then, stay tuned!

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