Best Image Optimization Plugins For WordPress

Whether you want to increase the load speed of your site or want to optimize it for better performance, image optimization plays an important role here. If you optimize your blog’s images properly, then you will surely see a lot of importance in your blog’s overall loading time and better on-page performance.

You can manually do this by compressing images before uploading on your website, but when it comes to many photos, it’s hard to do every time as it takes a lot of time to compress and upload. The good thing is that there are several WordPress plugins available in the market that optimize your images in the best possible manner so that your blog can boost its performance. Like the HubSpot web design, WordPress offers various web design templates and plugins to help optimize your images, content, and overall website for superior web speed.

In this post, I’m going to mention the five best Image optimization plugins for WordPress. All the mentioned plugins are amazing and offers. You can choose any of them to optimize your images easily. They support optimizations for both previously uploaded images as well as the newly uploaded ones, automatically.

Here’s an overview of the plugins we will be discussing.

EWWW Image Optimizer


EWWW Image Optimization Plugin

The EWWW Image Optimizer plugin is one of the best plugins to optimize all your existing photos. After that, it will automatically compress your new image uploads, and you don’t need to do anything.

One of the interesting things I liked the most about this plugin is that it does not only optimize the WordPress Media Library but also optimize everything on your site which drastically improves the overall performance of your site.

Once installed EWWW plugin will systematically scale the images to fit the page and device sizes and convert them into WebP format for better optimization. It has 4.7 out of 5 stars ratings on with over 800+ 5 star ratings.


The paid service offers you up to 80% compression. Either pay for each image compression which costs $0.002 / image, or you can opt-in for a monthly subscription at $5-15 per month for easy and hassle-free service.


  • Compresses new images automatically
  • Compress all existing images
  • Can scale images 
  • Uses lazy-loading to defer off-screen content
  • Takes advantage of next-gen formats for higher speed gains


  • The free version of the plugin only offers compression for JPG images

EWWW Image Optimizer



shortpixel Image Optimization Plugin


Shortpixel is another popular image optimization plugin for WordPress. It has over 2 Lakh+ active installations with 4.6 out of 5-star ratings. With this plugin, you can compress any type of images such a JPG, PDF, WebP, and even PDF documents too.

It also optimizes the featured images and you can also select individual images to exclude from optimization as well. Shortpixel uses minimal resources and it can work well on any type of web hosting with both HTTP and HTTPS websites. Not only this it is also great for an eCommerce website that uses WooCommerce.

There is no file size limit and you can also integrate it directly with Cloudflare. On the advanced side, it has a feature of auto optimizing images on uploads which can be deactivated if you want.


The free version offers 100 image optimization per month so if you have a small website then the free version is enough for you. If you need more image optimizations then you can buy additional credits at $4.99 for 50000 images.


  • Easy to set up
  • One-click backup and storage
  • Optimization for all image files
  • No size limit
  • Three compression types  
  • Automatic and bulk image optimization
  • In-depth analytics


  • Unused monthly credits don’t roll over to the next month

Shortpixel Image Optimizer



imagify image optimization plugin

Imagify allows you to speed up your site with image optimization. It reduces the file size of your image without compromising quality which enhances the load speed of your website.

On the advanced side, you can optimize all your images with a single click. You also have the option to restore your media in their original version whenever required. It has 3 compression levels – Normal, Aggressive, and Ultra. You can select any of these as per your requirements.

The user interface of this plugin is very easy doesn’t require any special skills to use. It has over 4 Lakh+ active installations with over 4.5 out of 5 stars rating on


The FREE Account comes with a 20 MB monthly plan on unlimited websites. While the Growth plan comes with 500MB per month costs $4.99 and Infinite which comes with Unlimited MB costs $9.99 per month.


  • Easy to use
  • Resizes all images
  • Compresses GIFs and PDFs, too


  • No separate tab for admin settings

Imagify Image Optimizer

WP Smush


WP Smush Image Optimization Plugin

WP Smush uses lossless compression which compresses images without affecting the image quality. It has a Bulk Smush option which optimizes and compresses up to 50 images in a single click.

One of the unique thing I like the most about Wp Smush is its Image Resizing features. You just need to set a max height and with and once done the large images will automatically scale down to your selected size in an optimized version.

WP Smush also allows you to optimize all of your images up to 5MB in size free for forever. You don’t need to pay anything which makes it totally worth installing the plugin.

However, you can convert the images in WebP only in Pro mode which is paid. It has a 4.8 out of 5-star rating on with over 1+ million active installations.


The free version allows you to optimize images under 5MB for free for a lifetime. You can try the paid version free for 7 days and after that, it cost just $5 a month.


  • Clear visual dashboard representation of stats and tasks
  • A 100% free plugin
  • Great resizing features


  • Cannot tweak compression levels

WP Smush Image Optimizer

LS Cache

LS Cache Image Optimization Plugin

LiteSpeed Cache is an all-in-one site acceleration plugin for WordPress. It is compatible with all major plugins such as WooCommerce, bbPress, Yoast SEO, etc. It is not only optimizes the images but also optimizes the website. There’s a catch though. As the name mentions, LS Cache can only be configured to use if you are on a Litespeed server.

After installing LS Cache on your website you will surely see drastic improvements in the performance of your website. It losslessly optimizes all the images and minifies the CSS, Javascript, and HTML to enhance the load speed. Also, the user interface of the plugin is very attractive and easy to understand. It also supports WebP image format.


LS Cache can easily handle traffic spikes, normal loads, and almost anything that can decrease your website speed. You can check the official website for pricing.


  • Configuration settings manipulation can be done in less than a day
  • Syncs very well with LiteSpeed Web Server
  • Compatible with major plugins


  • Excessive features make duplicate cod and redundant features

LS Cache

Why Is It Important To Optimize Images?

A fast-loading webpage is very important to make your visitors happy. In the digital era, no one wants to wait for anything. Suppose a new user landed on your website and if he finds it slow in loading then there are very high chances that he/she will leave the website and open another website to satisfy his/her query. Not only this but the search engine also loves faster loading sites and gives priority to them.

By using any of the image optimization plugins you can reduce the loading time of your webpage and gain precious seconds to make your website faster and optimized. Optimized images are essential in maintaining the overall page speed of a website. Indeed, page speed optimization is a vital aspect of search engine optimization, which will always be a critical factor.


So it was the post about Best Image Optimization Plugins For WordPress. You can try any of them to optimize your website images. Each plugin is best on its own, you can comment down below which Image Optimization Plugin you like the most and why?

Let us know which one you liked the most in the comments below. If you have any other popular suggestion in your mind, write them too. We would love to test it out and include it as well.

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  1. Hello, nice article! I paid for WP Smush and it seems to be working well, however I have also added LS Cache to the site as well. Do the two of these conflict with one another?

    I don’t fully understand the difference between the two (I am still learning about caching), but originally purchased WP Smush because my site is image-heavy. I then added the Litespeed plugin when I found that my host server is running this.

    Hope this makes sense. I look forward to your reply 🙂

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