The Winning Sample of the Node.js Developer Resume: 8 Tips & Tricks

If you are a Node.js developer, there is a world of work out there for you, but you need a solid Node.js resume to get one! In this article, we’ll look at a few best practices you should follow when you build your resume and provide a Node js developer resume sample you can use as inspiration.

Here’s an overview:

What is the Node.js resume? 

Node.js developers handle server-side programming for web-based apps. It’s used for apps with highly dynamic, personalized content, like Netflix. As a Node.js developer, your job is to merge the user-facing components designed by front-end developers with the programming logic at the backend to create high-performing apps. You may also be asked to add security features or integrate data sources, which is a Node.js backend developer resume should contain a comprehensive list of your skills.

Node.js Resume Points to Include:

As a Node.js developer, you need highly specialized and very technical skills that evolve all the time. If you haven’t updated your CV in a while, you need a Node.js fresher resume to really impress the recruiters. You should include points like:

  • A list of your technical skills
  • A list of courses you’ve completed
  • A brief explainer of your soft skills, like the ability to communicate well or solve a conflict in the workplace
  • Key accomplishments and achievements 

Now let’s look at a Node.js resume sample as a starting point. 

Node.js Developer Resume Sample:

Start with your contact details and essential personal information. Many applicants also write a short cover letter underneath this section. Then, detail your professional experience and skills. 

Joe Smith

Node.js Developer 

Phone Number: XXXX

Email address: joesmith[@] 

I am a creative and passionate developer with ten years of experience in Operating Systems and machine learning. I am an excellent communicator and problem-solver. 


Netflix, San Jose, California 

Senior Node.js Developer

January 2020 – Present 

  • Gathered and validated requirements as part of a collaboration for the Netflix mobile platform. I developed clear and unambiguous technical requirements and provided feedback. 
  • Worked with three cross-functional teams in Executive Search Firms to identify and meet customer requirements, creating the correct technical documentation that streamlined development activities. 
  • Performed full-stack development, resulting in several bug-free releases deployed within required standards. 


My skills include: 











B.SC Degree in Computer Science 

University of California 

2012 – 2016

Tips for compiling your Node.js Resume:

Now that you have got your format, you can get started with your resume. Don’t forget to highlight both your soft and your hard technical skills. Here are a few valuable tips that you may keep in mind:

  1. Use a clear and readable 12p font size.
  2. Use proper 10” margins and 1.5 line spacing.
  3. Try to make your resumes concise and to the point – try to keep yours on a single page. 
  4. Don’t forget to save your resume on your device as a PDF before sending it. 
  5. Write a short cover letter in the body of the email to get a more personal impression.
  6. If you haven’t worked as a Node.js developer before, highlight the experience and qualifications you have that demonstrate that you are ready for the role.
  7. If you are responding to an advertisement, read the job description carefully and tailor your resume accordingly. Try to showcase why you’d be the best fit for the job they’ve posted by highlighting your experience or training. 
  8. Always do background research about the company before applying. You never know when you’ll get a call for more information, and you don’t want to seem unprepared!

If you are going after a job that requires a bit more experience than you have, try to get creative with your wording and your layout. Use your image, or try to use a graphic design site to jazz up the design. This will definitely improve your odds of getting noticed and pique the interest of the person who’s reading it.

Last Words:

Once you’ve compiled your Node.js resume, you can start sending it out to companies and recruiters around the world. Don’t be afraid of following up with a short phone call or email after you’ve submitted it. Good luck with your job hunt!

Thanks for reading. In case you have further queries don’t forget to drop them down in the comments. I will be happy to help.

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