10 Clever Ways to Attract more People to your Event

Are you a brand or business organizing a special event? Do you want more people to come to your event? There are many ways that you can advertise it. You need to act smartly and think outside the box. Here are 10 clever ways to attract more people to your event:

Use Facebook Event Promotion:

Create an advert for free! This is a little-known secret. When you create an advert, make sure it’s attractive and includes all the relevant information about the event, plus why people should go (it could be because of a discount or freebie). Promote it mainly on your page and cross-promote on pages related to the same topic as you – i.e., if you’re hosting a photo competition about cats, cross-promote them on other cat pages. Even better, pay for promotion! You can pay as little as £4 to boost your post/page, and it could double the number of people who come to your event.

Make it Free, or Nearly Free:

Nothing attracts people more than the prospect of a bargain. Whether you make something completely free or at least cheap enough to be worth going for, you will attract many more people than if they had to pay a large sum for a ticket. If you are planning to do a free event, make sure you charge an entrance fee for those left out – this way, everyone has some investment in the event’s success, so they are more likely to attend themselves.

Also, consider giving away prizes on the day (you could ask local businesses if they would like to donate anything), which encourages people to come along and interact with one another. All the more reason for them not to miss out!

Make it Easy to Find:

It’s no use advertising an event if people don’t know how to get there, when the event is on or where they can park their car. Put all this information in your advertisement so that anyone who wants/needs it will be able to get it easily and quickly without too much hassle. You could even put your postcode in your headings instead of filling half a page with information about address and directions – you’re trying to make things easier for yourself and others, aren’t you?

Use Social Media:

Social media is possibly the best thing that has ever happened to businesses without a large marketing budget to promote their products/services. Great websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram make it very easy for a company to advertise in a relatively inexpensive fashion. You can create an advert on these social media platforms in less than 5 minutes – how good is that? Take advantage of traffic from all around the world!

Invite well-known People:

If you know someone with a significant online presence, such as a Youtuber or influencer, consider inviting them to your event. They will often share it with their followers and get your name out there, attracting more people to come to your event simply through word of mouth!

Announce it Early:

An effective way of advertising your event as early as possible is to use an event management platform. If you want to be featured at the top of the site, make sure that your event page is fully completed and all information correct, including date/time, venue, and anything else relevant. This will attract many more people to come to your event simply through popular demand – everyone loves a last-minute save!

Take out Advertisements in Newspapers or Magazines:

This can be slightly more expensive than most other forms of advertising but has proven effective in bringing in a lot of footfall for businesses. A print ad can be colorful and eye-catching so long as it contains all the necessary information about where/when/why, etc., like with online ads. Make sure you leave room at the bottom for a website link – it can be a good idea to put your social media links there, too, even though these are usually found in regular adverts.

Invest in PR:

PR stands for Public Relations and is essentially telling members of the press about your event so that they write articles about it. Suppose you have sufficient time on your hands. In that case, this might be a good option for you but bear in mind that most journalists get hundreds of emails every day from companies all over the world asking them to advertise their events/products/services, etc., which means you will need to stand away from the crowd if there’s any hope of success!

Turn Attendees into your Event Ambassadors:

We’re all different, and sometimes it takes somebody else to enthuse us enough about an event for us to want to go. Ask your attendees if they would be interested in becoming ‘ambassadors’ who earn discounts/prizes/special status by inviting their friends to the same event. This will save you money on advertising while simultaneously bringing more people into your business!

Partner with Another Event:

If your event is on at the same time another company’s event is, consider working together with them to attract more people to both events. Make it evident that two different events are happening in one place, or create a ‘fusion’ event where you host an activity/competition, etc., for both sets of attendees – they’ll gain from seeing what you have to offer while also having fun on their terms!

How will an Event Management Platform Help?

Having discussed the 10 clever ways to attract people to your event above, it’s time to look at the benefits of an event management platform. This type of software will enable you to set up events easily, send out invites, and keep track of RSVPs more effectively than ever before. It will also be accompanied by a whole host of different features that can streamline your workflow – some even come with mobile apps so that you can manage everything on the go!

Nirmal Sarkar
Nirmal Sarkar

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