Reasons for Marketing SaaS Companies

The business of selling Software as a Service (SaaS) is unique, especially compared to selling merchandise, in that it deals with selling something that is not tangible. In addition, users have many different needs, and the provider has to ensure the product meets each customer’s unique needs. Thus, software users will be more easily persuaded to buy if the company selling the solutions helps them to understand how their products will help to address their needs.

What do marketing SaaS companies and products entail?

When you hear people talking about marketing SaaS products and businesses, it means any strategy to promote or create awareness about a software company or SaaS product. Typically, any digital efforts to sell cloud-based and web-based software products form SaaS marketing. Given that software providers’ services go on even after users buy the products because the users may need upgrades, customer support, maintenance, security, and other things, marketing SaaS products also includes those tasks.

Benefits of SaaS marketing:

Some of the reasons for marketing SaaS companies and products include:

To get new customers and grow the revenue:

If you are a new SaaS company, you need to get as many people as possible to subscribe to your software. Also, existing software businesses need to find additional customers for their products. Effectively marketing your SaaS business and your products will attract new subscribers and increase profits, keeping your business going.

In addition, businesses yearn to increase their revenue and profits, and one of the ways to do this is by getting more clients on board. SaaS companies must market themselves and their products to grow revenues and improve their bottom lines. If you want to market your SaaS business, you can work with experts like Rocket SaaS.

To improve brand awareness:

Customers cannot buy what they do not know exists. Therefore, any serious software company must go out of its way to make its potential customers of its existence and its products. With so many players in the industry, SaaS businesses must ensure their customers know about their offerings. They must also prove that they can solve their needs and that their solutions are unique compared to others in the market. SaaS marketing helps to create this awareness and enables a software company to differentiate itself.

To direct traffic to the company’s website and convert prospects:

When people are looking for solutions online, SaaS marketing which includes content marketing and search engine optimization, leads them to the solution provider’s websites. The content on the website helps potential customers find the solutions they want, or they go a step further to inquire, which makes it possible to convert them into customers.

To keep existing customers and decrease churn:

Because of the nature of their products, SaaS businesses have very little direct interaction with their customers making them feel unappreciated and making the relationship impersonal. This can make some customers switch to competitors or stop using the company’s products.

SaaS marketing can maintain an engagement between the providers and the customers—helping to retain existing customers. It can also reduce the churn rate, thus avoiding a drastic drop in company sales and profits.

To help in customer support and service delivery:

Besides creating awareness and attracting new customers, SaaS marketing can help software providers to educate their customers about their products. For example, through content marketing, companies can address any queries that their customers may have and improve the quality of their service delivery.

Providing educational materials such as videos and blog posts that look at ways the users can optimize the software or tackle any issues they may have can be an excellent way to support customers. When users reach out to the support team, the staff can explain key points to them briefly and share links to relevant content, simplifying their support work.

To make the company stand out as a thought leader:

Executing marketing for SaaS companies is crucial in enhancing existing and potential customers’ trust and credibility for a business. Moreover, SaaS marketing, especially content marketing, helps the business provide useful material to users. This allows the company to maintain a helpful source of information for customers. And as users continue to trust the business for reliable and valuable content, the company becomes an industry leader that customers can count on for educational material and guidance.


It’s crucial to conduct marketing for SaaS companies because it benefits software businesses and customers. For example, SaaS marketing attracts new customers, improves brand awareness, drives traffic to the company’s site, keeps existing clients, and reduces churn rate, to mention a few.

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