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Stories have been with us from our childhood. We always loved them and they are indeed the best way of entertainment and learning some new things at the same time.

Technology has been making everything easier. Podcasts are the new way of listening to the stories and experiences of people around the globe.

One can easily connect with people of the same interest. Listening to other people’s experiences and narratives always helps us in understanding some situations and teaches us how to deal with them.

If you want to share your thoughts and views, podcasts are the best way. It is the best way to share an audio narrative on various genres including technology, entertainment, news, stories, discussions, and much more. 

Some podcast listening apps where one can listen to their favorite hosts are Spotify, Audible, Cast box, Google podcast, Apple podcast, etc. Podcasts are available for free or on a subscription basis in these applications. You can choose any of these platforms if you are interested in listening to audio tracks. 

Recording & Managing Podcasts:

When you decide to record a podcast, you need a reliable platform for it. Various software is available, where one can host the podcasts. Here are a few apps that allow recording and managing your podcast in a super-friendly manner.


anchor podcast managerAnchor is one of the most popular platforms to host podcasts. Not only hosting but it also allows one to create, share and monetize the podcasts. It is highly recommended and reliable as well because one can earn money with it. It is powered by Spotify so you can assume how great it is. 

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Spreaker Studio:

spreaker podcastSpreaker Studio is an amazing and reliable software for recording podcasts. You can easily record using your Android device. While recording a podcast, the software should be very efficient and fast, to ensure that the podcast is published successfully. It is available for Android, iOS, and Windows as well. 

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podbean podcast softwarePodbean is a platform where podcasts are hosted. Here you get a whole package to host the podcast with unlimited storage and bandwidth. On Podbean one VN starts a podcast for free of cost. No need to invest any money in the beginning. Start your audio journey free of cost. 

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For Recording Only:

There are some apps that do not have complete podcast management capabilities, however, offer significant features to help you make crisp podcast-quality recordings. Enhancements include the ability to improve your vocals, reduce external noise, add reverb effects, and more. Check these out below.

Dolby On (Android/iOS):

dolby on podcast appDolby On is used for recording high-quality audio for podcasts directly from your Android or iOS device. Dolby On is easily available on App Store and Play Store. It is a free application available. Audio files can be recorded easily with the Dolby On application from the smartphone. Here, the app allows you to hear every detail of the audio with the amazing background noise reduction feature. Electrical humming, fan noise, and buzzing can be reduced easily. With Dolby On shape and depth can be added to the sound. EQ could easily adapt to the music which enhances the sound quality. Customize your audio with bass, treble, boost, and trimming features. Multiple audio filters make it more interesting to use. The high-end volume optimization feature helps in compressing and limiting the unusual and unwanted sounds in the audio. 


  • Easy to use.
  • Available for Android and iOS devices.
  • Background noise reduction.
  • Optimized volume.
  • Stereo widening to add depth to the sound.
  • Sound customizations are available.

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Audacity (MacOS/Windows):

audecity podcast appAudacity is a free platform for recording podcasts. Cross-platform software, which is used to record audio files. It is open-source software that can be used by anyone. Now, podcasts can be recorded easily, anytime, and anywhere with Audacity. Voice can be easily recorded with a microphone, mixer, or any audio recording device. With Audacity, audio files can be easily imported and exported. Multiple audio files can be transferred at once. Get different audio sampling rates are supported from 16- bit, 32-bit to 64-bit as well. Resampling and dithering give a high-quality sound. Different plugins are available on Audacity and one can create their plugin on their own as well. Edit the audio files and add the plugins from the menu for an enhanced sound effect. To manage, visualize and select the frequencies, spectrogram mode can be used.


  • Open-source platform.
  • Available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.
  • Audio files can be edited very easily.
  • Multiple audio files could be transferred.
  • Amazing sound quality with multiple audio sampling rates. 
  • Add different audio effects.
  • Spectrogram mode is there for checking frequencies.

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Garageband (MacOS/iOS):

garagebandGarageband is another amazing software for recording podcasts. It is available for Mac OS, iPad OS, and iOS devices. Garageband is a product of Apple. It is a digital workstation for recording audio tracks. Audio files can be exported in AAC, MP3, and MP4 format. Built-in audio filters make the recording experience very much fun and interesting. Supported sample rates are 16-bit and 24-bit. Auto tuning feature enhances the sound quality. Various standard tracks are available on the software itself. Other than the default tracks, Garageband has a Guitar track feature as well.  Tone, reverb, and amplification features make the sound quality clean and clear. MIDI editing feature in the software allows the user to edit the audio files very easily and effectively. Pre-made audio loops can be purchased from the App store. Extensive editing tools, known as Jam packs, have a wide variety of audio loops. It supports various music formats such as AIFF,  WAV, and MIDI. 


  • Specially designed and developed for Mac and iOS devices.
  • Supports 16 and 24-bit sample rates.
  • Autotune helps in correcting the pitch of the audio.
  • On-screen keyboard musical keyboard is there.
  • Guitar tracks are also there.
  • MIDI editor helps in the clean editing of the audio file.

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Final Verdict:

The podcast is a product of advancing technology, which has allowed all of us to get connected with anyone across the world. Podcasts are available in free or paid subscription as well. There are so many applications available on the internet, where you can easily get access to your favorite podcast. In case you want to share your feelings or thoughts with the world, then you can easily start your podcasts on the above-mentioned software. Recording a podcast is a very important step, but making it reach the right audience is another task of great responsibility.

I have shared some of the amazing software that would help you in beginning your audio journey. Now it is up to you which software suits you the best. Let us know in the comments below which one you prefer for your podcasts. In case you have further queries, you can shoot them too. I will be happy to respond.

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