How to use Spotify Greenroom for LIVE conversation?

Spotify Greenroom is a new exciting app from one of the largest streaming music services providers around the globe. The app can be a game-changer for Spotify, as this is the first step into running a social platform. The company describes Greenroom as a new “social audio” app that lets you host and participate in live discussions through virtual rooms. In these virtual rooms, you may listen to and discuss your favorite topics with artists and fans who share your interests.

You have probably heard of Locker Room, a popular social audio app for sports debates. Spotify bought Locker Room in March of this year, and the revamped product is Spotify Greenroom. Greenroom is especially impressive given Spotify’s current position and experience in audio content. This app has the highest possibility of transforming social media and becoming the first biggest social audio community app.

We already have rival apps Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces that are offering similar features and it has managed to grab a lot of attention. Let’s have a look at some of the amazing features of Spotify Greenroom.

Spotify Greenroom features:

The Spotify Greenroom app features and what you can do with it are quite straightforward. But how is this implemented? The following are the most significant aspects of the app that are also must-have for apps with a similar concept:

Live Rooms:

Communication in an open space on a voice-chat app means there is more than sufficient content. Your thoughts and insights may become buried in the never-ending flood of information. As a result, all conversations should be performed in virtual rooms based on the interests of the participants. Greenroom offers interviews with famous musicians, sportspersons, and industry professionals. Also, you can check out future rooms and mark them on your calendar to ensure you do not miss out on any of your favorites.

How to use Spotify Greenroom for LIVE conversation?

Find your interest:

Spotify Greenroom and related applications are, first and foremost, social networking apps. That is why the social element of such apps is so important. On the app, users can browse groups on any topic, from teams to musicians or issues that are causing a stir across the world. Once you have chosen your interests, the app will notify you when the rooms become available.

How to use Spotify Greenroom for LIVE conversation?

Being the creator:

People use these social audio apps for two reasons, to listen and to organize rooms. It is quite simple to start your own talks in Live Rooms about any topic. Choose a group and begin the chat, then watch who joins in.


Gems are a method of liking anything spoken by a speaker. When a host or speaker says something fascinating, you may offer them a gem by double-tapping on their profile symbol. When you talk in a Room, the number of Gems you get will be displayed on your profile symbol. Your total number of Gems will be displayed on your Greenroom profile. Giving a Gem to someone has no effect on your personal Gem collection. Gems cannot be deleted or returned.

How to access it?

For App:

 The Spotify Greenroom app is available for both iOS and Android. All you need to do is hover to the App Store on iOS or Google play store on Android and download the app from there.

For using the app, you will need a Spotify account. Just download the app and sign in for free. If you already have a Spotify account, you do not need to sign-up. You can use the Continue with Spotify account, and you will be directly logged in.

You can download the Spotify Greenroom by clicking the below buttons:

For iOS For Android

For Rooms:

In a Room, everyone can talk. There is a host, speakers, and listeners in each Room. The person who began the Room is known as the host. They have control over who gets to speak on stage and when the conversation concludes. Hosts can optionally enable or disable the Comments tab. The speaker is the person who is speaking on the platform. The listeners are people who are taking in the conversation. A listener can contribute by speaking or asking questions by raising their hand. Unless the host turns it off, everyone in the Room can submit a message under the Room’s Discussions tab.


If you’re a musician or other creative, we consider trying out Spotify Greenroom. With Spotify aiming to grow the app’s soundtrack this summertime, now is an excellent opportunity to get involved! The future is looking bright if you can attract your fans to Greenroom and build a fanbase.

Download Spotify Greenroom for iOS or Android and give it a try. Join a few Rooms to get the feel of it before starting your own. Bring your Social media followers off for some live chats and observe how the conversation grows. Who knows, we could be on the verge of discovering the next social media superstar!

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