Are Gaming Laptops a Good Option?

Gaming laptops are a great choice for gamers. They provide all the necessary hardware to run the latest games and offer amazing graphics at 1080p or even more.

Even if you are not a gamer, you can still buy a gaming laptop, if it is within your budget.

But how to find if gaming laptops are actually a good option for you or not?

Well, worry not, in this article we will be discussing all the pros and cons of gaming laptops and you can decide if these are actually a good option for you or not. Here’s an overview:

Cons of Gaming Laptops:

Let’s have a look at the disadvantages first:

High price:

Although gaming laptops are powerful and offer great performance capabilities compared with other machines, they can still be quite expensive when compared with PC options of similar specs. Many of these laptops are priced well outside the range we usually recommend they can be hundreds or thousands more than some of our top picks.

However, higher-quality models with superior graphics performance do exist at affordable prices on some online PC stores like PC international. You should try to find yourself something that will suit your needs best! Here you can find cheap prices on gaming laptops that even come with solid-state drives (SSDs) and come with high-end advanced graphic cards.

Poor battery life:

Due to the high performance of these machines, it’s difficult for manufacturers to pack an exceptional battery life into them. Therefore, users may need to charge their devices regularly and you can’t run your laptop for more than 4-5 hours at max in a single charge.

High power consumption:

With their high processing speeds, it is very easy for these machines to use up batteries quickly.

Therefore, make sure that you purchase an adequate amount of extra rechargeable power packs before going away on holiday.

Display resolution issues:

These laptops are designed primarily for gaming and therefore have much higher pixel densities than traditional displays (which can lead to some minor screen blurriness). This means they won’t display as sharp or crisp as a standard screen (For example the one on your laptop or computer desktop). This however is no longer the case in higher-end gaming laptops.

Pros of Gaming Laptops:

There are numerous advantages to purchasing a gaming laptop. Some of them include:

Cost-effective machines on the go:

You get more than just value for money with these machines. They’re fast, powerful, and offer great graphics quality compared to other laptops that cost hundreds or thousands more dollars. You don’t need to be stuck on a single desk throughout the day to use your PC.


You can carry your laptop with you wherever you go. This means that no matter where in the world you are, all of your files and programs will be accessible to you at any time. This implies no need for a desktop monitor for gaming or regular use. This is something many people have been craving for! You in part due to their mobility, there is an almost infinite range of how you can use a gaming laptop. You can play any game you want, from PC games to console titles and even mobile ones!

Fast boot-up:

These laptops are extremely powerful and require the very latest in technology. Therefore, they do not need lengthy delays when switching on or off. This makes them much more convenient to use than desktop PCs which have far slower start-up times compared with their portable counterparts.

Form Factor:

Gaming laptops aren’t just pieces of hardware optimized for gaming and they’re designed to look great, too.

Being able to show off your pride and joy while blasting enemies in Call of Duty is one of the biggest reasons people buy a gaming rig. There are also those who want a laptop that looks like it belongs on their coffee table or sitting next to their desk rather than tacked onto it.

Let’s now talk a bit about the background of gaming laptops.

History of Gaming Laptops:

Gaming desktops first existed in the late 80s and early 90s. They were intended to provide gamers with an alternative home computer option on the go. Clunky designs and slow processing speeds kept them out of mainstream success for a while, but with the invention of gaming consoles like NES, a lot of R&D began to happen for desktops and by the late 90’s we were able to see some capable laptops that could game as well. However, they were still a lot heavy and were thought of as recreational devices rather than as an alternative to desktops. Things have changed quite a lot now.

Today, gaming laptops have evolved from recreational devices into full-fledged alternatives to their desktop counterparts. Some manufacturers are even producing high-performing laptop replacements for older models!

There is no denying that this concept has caught the attention of just about everyone nowadays. If you’ve been having difficulties choosing between the mobile and the desktop, there is no better time than now to make your choice. You can always upgrade later on when you have enough cash!

So how does it work?

Well, gaming laptops are essentially powerful notebooks that come with a built-in display for playing games and other platforms. They also offer great processing power to run multiple virtual machines simultaneously without any bottlenecks or delays.

Gaming Laptops contain high-end graphics cards which allow them to run modern titles at very high resolutions. This way you get an immersive experience unlike what you would get from your PC monitor alone. And don’t worry, you can still hook up a mouse and keyboard to your laptop!


Gaming laptops are a great option for many people, but you have to consider your budget and what kind of games you want to play, and the type of work you intend to do. It’s important to look at the cost of the laptop itself, as well as the games you’re going to be playing on it. If you’re buying a gaming laptop, we recommend looking at the specs before buying, so that you know what type of game system you’ll be getting for your money.

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