10 YouTube StandUp Comedians You should NEVER Miss

openPage?page=blog post read&oId=b1391d874ffd4ba6ae06c9e0ddc2aac7&uId=0f78a2803242430db3ab946a9d825711&count=1&image=oneBeing healthy is a good sign of life and to be healthy you must laugh a lot. Well, if you laugh without reason, you will not be called a healthy person, rather called Mental! But nobody can stop you from your right to laugh when you check out these Standup Comedians including their Top One Liners!

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  1. Abish Mathew: From Camp Pains to The PunLiners, we know this versatile comedy genius who has worked on more or less every popular comedy shows like ‘Weirdass’, ‘East India Comedy’, ‘SchitzenGiggles’ etc. You can also find him on AIB!
    Abish Mathew
  2. Aditi Mittal: She was a part of India’s first English Comedy Troupe ‘Cardinal Bengans’. She was seen in the popular show ‘Phenking News’ that aired on CNN-IBN, ‘RIPping the Decade’, and ‘Stand-up Planet’.
  3. Aditi MittalAditi MittalAshish Shakya: His early works was CNN-IBN’s ‘The Week that wasn’t’ and MTV’s ‘The Voice of Yongistaan’. But since 2011, he has stuck himself to the popular YouTube series AIB!  Ashish Shakya
  4. Gursimran Khamba: Khamba came to limelight through his blog ‘Khamba’s Blog’ that delivered crispy political news. He is now an inevitable part of the famous YouTube series AIB. Gursimran Khamba
  5. Kanan Gill: Gill rose up to fame after winning a competition: ‘Punchline Bangalore’. He is mostly remembered for his ‘Pretentious Movie Reviews’ YouTube Series. He also does street interviews, and writes on his blog ‘Cheesecake’. Kanan Gill
  6. Praveen Kumar: From a part time blogger, Kumar joined ‘Weirdass’ and did several StandUp Comedies. He was the creator of the show ‘Tickle Minded’. But we know him better from ‘The Polished Bottoms’ comedy troupe. Praveen Kumar
  7. Rohan Joshi: He is regarded as the ‘Face of AIB’. Before joining there, he was a journalist at CNBC. Besides AIB, he is a writer for ‘Mid-Day’ and ‘CNN Travel’. Rohan Joshi
  8. Tanmay Bhat: Who does not know this amazing fatty guy from AIB! Besides that, he has participated in ‘Comedy Store’, ‘Weirdass Comedy’ and ‘Cardinal Bengans’. Tanmay Bhat
  9. Vipul Goyal: He quit his job ‘Humorously Yours’ and surprisingly started a comedy series of the same name. There he appears as ‘Humor Resource’ Expert.
    Vipul GoyalCapture10
  10. Vir Das: He is a multi-talented personality, being an actor, singer, comedian. He is most famous for his creation ‘Weirdass Comedy’.
    Vir Das

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