Top 10 Best Wired Earphones Under Rs 1000

We have seen an incredible transformation in the Headphones and Earphones industry over these years. From the bulky wired to the tangle-free wireless earphones, there has been a huge improvement in comfort and sound quality. They are also very affordable and you can get yourself a decent pair of headphones.

In 2019, we have seen a rapid trend of switching to wireless from wired, mostly because many of the new updated gadgets are skipping headphone jack. We have also seen a rise in the earbuds section. Nevertheless, the wired earphone community always gets a buzz due to the enormous availability of budget gadgets with 3.5mm headphone jack. Hence, at the beginning of 2020, we still consider that the market isn’t too down for earphones with wired connectivity.

In today’s article, we bring you the top 10 best-wired earphones under Rs 1,000. These are all entry-level earphones from different manufacturers. This is the budget level that suits all who are going to try the earphones for the first time, or the existing wired earphone users whose earphones got defective, or those wanting to grab an earphone for some months before upgrading to something new.

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This is the sweet spot budget for many shoppers. So, we got you covered. Check them out. They are arranged in NO particular order. So go through all of them.

Just in case you are wanting to shell out some extra cash and switch to wireless counterparts, you can check out the Top 10 Budget Wireless Earphones and the best wireless earbuds.

Mi Earphones Basic (Without Mic) & Mi Earphones (With Mic)

Xiaomi has a reputation for providing high-quality hardware at an affordable price and these two earphones are no different. Both the earphones have in-ear form and are made up of plastic material.

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The Mi Earphones come with a three-button inline remote and mic, Kevlar cable, metal sound chambers, and a right-angled plug. Xiaomi claims that it features a ‘3rd generation balanced damping system’ to create a transparent sound and ‘metal sound’ chambers create via a 20-step process. The bass feels a little short but the overall sound clarity is decent.

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The Mi Earphones Basic comes with a 1.25m rubbed coated wire and a 3.5mm L-Shaped golden plated jack. There is a single button to control the music. They feel very comfortable with their unique anti-slip design and silicone ear tips. Bass is decent while the vocal and treble are good. The overall output feels a bit flat but it’s okay considering its price.

The Mi Basic Earphones Mi Basic Earphones are available for Rs 399 while the Mi Earphones Mi Earphones are available for Rs 699. Check them out below.

Mi Basic Earphones

Mi Earphones

Sennheiser CX 180 (Without Mic)

Headphone Zone Sennheiser CX


If you are a bass-head then you will like this pair of in-ear headphones. The bass is balanced while the treble and mids are awesome. The vocals do not feel left out in the bass and truly gives a wonderful experience.
The wires are not tangled free but do not create any problems. It comes with a 3.5mm Gold-plated L-shaped audio jack. The best part of the CX 180 is that it comes with a two-year warranty at this price.

The Sennheiser CX 180 Sennheiser CX 180 is available at Rs 749. Check it out below.

Sennheiser CX 180

Sony MDR EX 150AP (With Mic)


These in-ear headphones come with an omnidirectional Electret Condenser capsule and multi-function button for answer/end calls and control music. It is light and sports an L-shaped with a 1.2m Y-shaped audio cord.
The silicon buds are comfortable and block out ambient noise. It incorporates a neodymium driver and other lightweight materials ensuring an enriched listening experience. The bass is a bit low but the clarity is awesome.

The Sony MDR EX 150 AP is available at Rs 1290. But if you wait for lightning deals, you might get it under Rs900. Check it out below.

Sony MDR EX 150 AP

House of Marley Smile Jamaica EM-JE041-SB (With Mic)

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This pair of in-ear headphones are made using recycled plastic and sports a unique look. It comes with 3.5mm cable, an L-shaped gold-plated 3.5mm plug, a single button, a durable fabric cord and two sets of ear tips.
As for its performance, the headphones are not good for long sessions. The bass is quite overpowered while the mids feel flat. It has crisp highs and decent lows.

The House of Marley  Jamaica EM-JE041-SB is available at Rs 1500. But wait for sales and lightning deals on amazon to get it under Rs900. Check it out below.

House of Marley EM-JE041-SB

JBL C100SI (With Mic)

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This pair of JBL in-ear headphones from JBL comes in a hard-plastic body. The silicon buds are comfortable but aren’t good for very long sessions. You will get two additional ear tips and a rubberized cable that are not tangle-free.
The mids are great while the highs are detailed. The bass is the best part of this pair of earphones hitting the right spot. Throw a bit of equalizer and you will see a significant amount of improvement. The sound isolation is excellent and there is no sound leak.

The JBL C100SI is available at Rs 699. Check it out below.


JBL C200SI (With Mic)
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It can be called the elder brother of the JBL CS100SI and looks very similar. The build quality is great and has durable earbuds. It comes with a 3.5mm gold-plated jack, rubberized 1.5m cable and passive noise cancellation which enable users to enjoy their music on the go.
The sound quality is also better with powerful bass. The lows are average while the highs are crisp. The overall clarity is great and you will love them if you are more into vocals and watch more videos/movies.

The JBL C200SI is available at Rs 799. Check it out below.


Sony MDR-AS210 (Without Mic) and Sony MDR-AS210AP (With Mic)

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This comfortable fit stereo sports earphones from Sony are easy and comfortable to use with a unique adjustable earloop. The Sony MDR-AS210 is water-resistant, so don’t have to worry about sweat or water from leaking in. It comes with a serrated cord for keeping it tangle-free.
The sound quality is good with excellent bass and treble but feels a little flat on clarity. Overall, this pair of open-ear active sports headphones are perfect for outdoor and sports activities.

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The Sony MDR-AS210AP is for serious athletes who love their music in their workout. It comes with a smart key Android app, an in-line microphone, 13.5mm of driver units, clip-on earloop and a 1.2 long cord. It is splash-proof making it perfect for outdoor use. The fitting is good but it’s not that durable. The sound is crisp with moderate bass with the noise cancellation working pretty well even at low volumes.

The Sony MDR-AS210 is available at Rs 694 while the Sony MDR-AS210AP is available at Rs 1049. Check them out below.

Sony MDR-AS210

Sony MDR-AS210 AP

Boat BassHeads 100 (With Mic)

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These pairs of in-ear headphones come with a 10mm dynamic driver, a single button for call/music control and a 1.2m perfect length cable. Unlike its name, the bass turned out to be not that good. The highs and mids are decent with good overall quality.

The Boat BassHeads 100 is available at Rs 399. Check it out below.

Bose BassHeads 100

Boat BassHeads 152 (With Mic)
boAtBassheads152WiredEarphonesActiveBlack indiadesire

These pair of in-ear headphones boast 10mm drivers, 3.5mm gold-plated jack, braided tangle-free cable. It is comfortable and fits perfectly. The bass is medium with good vocal clarity. The treble is good while the bass is decent. But considering its price, it provides good value for money.

The Boat BassHeads 152 is available at Rs 449. Check it out below.

Bose BassHeads 152

1MORE Piston Fit Earphone (With Mic)

These pair of in-ear headphones come with 3 pairs of ear tips, aluminum alloy body, L-shaped 3.5mm jack, Dynamic driver and is tuned by Grammy Winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi. The earbuds are not that fitting and audio quality is good with clear vocals. The bass and treble is decent and is one of the best product in this price range.

The 1MORE Piston Fit Earphone is available at Rs 849. Check it out below.

1More Piston Fit

Last Words:

So, these are our picks for the top wired earphone options you can consider under Rs1000. We have carefully considered including earphones from trusted brands only. Many of our members are using these, and have given direct reviews of the same.

Remember, these are entry-level earphones, so, do not expect audiophile-grade sound output from them. As I said in the beginning, you should look forward to using these earphones only if you are a starter or need something to work with. For college students, using a wired earphone during daily commute makes sense, since it will be subjected to extensive wear and tear.

Make sure you go through this list and pick the one you like. And always try to care for your earphones so that they last longer.

Let us know which one did you choose. 🙂


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