Should I Use a Racing Wheel to Play Racing Games on PlayStation 4?

Different gaming genres tend to hinge on a particular device for them. Fighting games require arcade pads, shooter games require mice and keyboards, and racing games require steering wheels. Picking a steering wheel for PS4 may significantly improve your experience with racing games. Yet, does a steering wheel really make the racing experience more enjoyable?

A regular gamepad is a multitasking device that works with any multiplatform. Here are some reasons why steering wheels make the best gaming devices.

Should I Use a Racing Wheel to Play Racing Games on PlayStation 4?


Immersive gaming devices offer feedback as an integral part of the experience.

  •  Vibration
  • Color lighting on DualShock 4
  • Haptic feedback on DualSense

All these elements contribute to the in-game immersion and help to extend the feeling of the game. Yet, a steering wheel elevates the feedback to a new level. It provides vibration all across the device and helps you feel the impact like it could have been real.

A steering wheel makes a deeper impact, which means deeper immersion. However, a regular gamepad provides the same kind of feedback. Not as intense, naturally, but similar. It’s the nuances that make the difference. You may play without the feedback entirely and focus on other aspects of the game that makes any device suitable.


Design is one of the most distinctive features of any steering wheel. They differ in tiny features, but the common idea is to replicate an actual wheel from a racing car. A usual game won’t be able to provide the same level of control as a steering wheel. 

Yet, in most cases, such a design is very cumbersome. Usually, the wheel comes with extra pieces such as pedals. All this racing magnificence can’t be crammed in a regular living space or a gaming corner. Besides the gaming platform which will run your favorite racing games, you need a dedicated space for all the devices.

At the same time, a fusion Xbox one controller review proves that regular gamepads may provide a decent level of comfort and immersion. 


Price is a sensitive topic for any gaming device. When it comes to a steering wheel, the price is real. Such types of devices may be considered a luxury, and if you want a full pack in terms of availability, precision, and feedback, you will see hefty prices. At the same time, if you look for a cheaper variant, you will have to deal with low-quality materials. Besides, the absence of basic gamepad functions for the sake of the economy. The end result is an expensive device that suits the rare occasions or a bunch of compromises that hardly works as intended.

For all points, a steering wheel seems inferior to a regular device. However, there’s one factor that makes all of it worthy.

Should I Use a Racing Wheel to Play Racing Games on PlayStation 4?



A good steering wheel provides an unprecedented level of control over a car in a game. Whether it is an arcade or a simulator, even the slightest move of a steering wheel is read by the game. That allows making more difficult and risky maneuvers and competing with real people on a decent level online. A steering wheel does not give you any age per se. Still, it gives you more control over the situation, which results in the more precise execution of your input.


Finally, a steering wheel is a necessity for a complete immersive setup. If you are a passionate fan of racing and want your own setup that will mimic the feeling of driving a car and include a special chair and a VR headset, then a steering wheel is a must for your collection.

Last Words:

Therefore, these 5 elements – the feedback, the design, the price, the control, and the immersion – will all contribute to the difference in experience when you add a steering wheel to your PlayStation. Now it is up to you whether you wish to add one to your gaming setup. Do let us know if you have installed it, about how it is going. In case you have any queries, you may comment below. I will be happy to help out.

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