GUIDE: How to use UPI Payment Method for Feature Phones?

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) announced the launch of a new payment feature UPI 123Pay which will allow you to make payments through the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) payment method without using the internet. This special feature will allow the feature-phone users to make UPI Payments on their normal keypad phones without having an internet connection on the mobile.

GUIDE: How to use UPI Payment Method for Feature Phones?


In today’s post, we will be looking at the UPI Payments feature for Feature Phones. Here’s an overview:

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Presently, UPI Payment Method is running on Smartphones with the help of the UPI Payment app and a better internet connection, although, a large number of users who use keypad phones have been unable to perform UPI transactions with these types of phones as these phones are not completely compatible with the payment system (as these phones can’t access high-internet speed).

Unified Payments Interface or UPI has emerged as the most widely used digital payment system in the last few years. With the launch of the UPI 123Pay feature on the keypad phone, around 400 million feature-phone users will be able to take part in the world of digital payment systems where they can transfer money safely from one bank account to another account.

With this revolutionary initiative, you can enhance your digital payments and also pave the way for a cashless economy. As UPI Payment System has become a crucial part of the digital payment system in India, RBI has decided to include more features to enable people to perform a broad range of transactions with this payment system. This new payment system will enable the feature phone users to make their payments easily even in the farthermost part of the country.

Brief info about UPI 123Pay:

UPI 123Pay is an instant payment system for keypad phone users who can access the UPI Payment service safely and securely. Through UPI 123Pay, feature phone users will be able to perform multiple online transactions based on four technology options. These options include – Calling an IVR Number, App functionality in keypad phones, missed call–based approach, and Proximity Voice-based payments.

You can initiate payments to your family members and friends, pay all the utility bills (like mobile recharge, electricity bill, DTH recharge, etc.), add money on the FASTag of your vehicles and you can also check the remaining balance in your bank account which is linked with your UPI ID. Users can also visit the website “” or dial the helpline number – 14431 or 18008913333 and can clear all their queries or doubts regarding digital payments.

How to use the UPI 123 Pay Feature?

GUIDE: How to use UPI Payment Method for Feature Phones?

There are over 400 million Indian users who’re using keypad phones and they’re unable to use digital payment services. Keeping this in mind, the Reserve Bank of India has started this exclusive feature in which you can also avail the benefit of digital payments in your normal keypad phone without the need for internet connectivity. Also, this service can be accessed in multiple Indian languages (specifically Hindi and English) for better understanding.

It is a three-step procedure which is Call, Choose and Pay. But before starting to make payments on the phone, you’ve to link your bank account with the feature phone. After that, with the help of your Debit Card details, you’ve to create a strong UPI PIN. This UPI PIN is very important to process and verify your payment successfully. Once you’ve created your UPI PIN, you can use your feature phone to perform online transactions just like a Smartphone user do.

How to register your feature phone for the UPI 123Pay feature? 

If you want to register your feature phone to avail the features of this payment system, you’ve to follow the given steps –

  • Firstly, you’ve to make a phone call from your feature phones to these pre-specified IVR Numbers. These IVR Numbers are – 080 4516 3666 and 080 4516 3581. 
  • As the call proceeds, a profile is created for the first-time user with your feature phone.
  • Now, you’ve to mention your bank’s name to start the registration process.
  • The system will be assigned you a UPI ID in the format of mobile.voice@psp
  • Now, the system will ask you to set your UPI PIN with your debit card details. Along with this, an OTP will receive on your mobile number to verify your account.
  • Now, you’ve to create a UPI Number on your feature phone which will be used for sending or receiving payments through UPI. 

Now, your feature phone is ready to perform online transactions with the UPI 123Pay feature.

Types of Payment Methods with UPI 123Pay Feature:

As per the RBI release, the UPI 123Pay has four distinct options to process the UPI Payment on the feature phone which are described as follows –

Payment Through IVR Number:

For UPI Payments through pre-specified IVR numbers, users have to complete the UPI on-boarding formalities to be able to initiate a secure call from their feature phones to a pre-defined number and initiate financial transactions without an internet connection. With the IVR service providing multiple languages support, users can avail of the UPI Payment Service in their preferred languages. To use the UPI 123Pay payment feature with this payment method, follow the steps here –

  • Dial the number 08045163666 from your keypad phone.
  • Now, after dialing the number, choose your preferred language in which you’re comfortable.
  • Now, press the ‘1’ key on your mobile phone if you want to transfer money to another bank account.
  • Now, choose the bank which is paired with your UPI ID by saying the name of the bank.
  • Now, again press the ‘1’ key on your keypad phone to confirm the details.
  • Now, press the ‘1’ key again to send money by using your mobile number.
  • Now, enter the mobile number and again confirm the details.
  • At last, enter the amount which you want to transfer through UPI Payment. 
  • Now, it will ask you to enter your UPI PIN to verify the transaction. Enter the UPI PIN and after a few seconds, the transaction will be completed.

Payment Through Missed Call:

The missed call-based approach will allow the keypad phone users to access their bank account and perform regular transactions like receiving or transferring money, making purchases, bill payments, etc. by giving a Missed Call to the number shown at the merchant’s location. If you want to transfer money through this Payment Method, follow the steps properly –

  • Firstly, the merchant to whom you want to transfer the money will generate a token with your mobile number and the bill amount for his purchase.
  • Then, give a Missed Call on the merchant’s number displayed at the merchant’s counter.
  • Soon after that, you’ll get an incoming call from 08071 800 800 asking to verify or authenticate the transaction by entering the UPI PIN.  
  • Now, enter the UPI PIN and the amount will be transferred to the merchant through the UPI Payment system.

Payment through functionality implemented by OEM:

With the help of this payment system, a specified application will be installed on your feature phone, which will allow several UPI functions (like money transfer, bill payments, balance checks, etc.) that are primarily available on the Smartphone.

Gupshup has developed the UPI app for feature phones in association with Airtel Payments Bank. In this case, the interested solution partner will need to collaborate with feature phone manufacturers (OEM) to enable a native payment application that is written in Embedded C programming language.

Payment through Voice-Based Technology:

The Proximity Sound-based payment method utilizes sound waves to allow contactless, offline, and proximity data transfer to any device. With this technology, you can also process online transactions easily. This digital solution is developed in association with ToneTag and is supported by NSDL Payments Bank. If you want to transfer money through this Payment Method, follow the steps properly –

  • Firstly, you’ve to call on this number – 6366 200 200 from your feature phone and then choose the Pay to Merchant option.
  • When the merchant device (POD Device) produces a distinctive tone, the customer taps their phone and presses the ‘#’ key on the feature phone.
  • Now, you’ve to enter the amount on your feature phone which you want to transfer.
  • To complete the UPI transaction, you’ve to enter the UPI PIN on the feature phone.
  • Finally, the POD Device will confirm the transaction status, and again, you’ll get a confirmation call to verify that your transaction has been completed successfully.

Last Words:

So that’s all on how to use UPI Payment Method for Feature Phones. If you have any questions regarding this in your mind. Feel free to ask us in the comment section. We would love to help you as soon as possible.

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