Trick to Open Flipkart on Mobile Browser

Nowadays Flipkart made it mandatory for android users to download its android app and shop from there. Well, though it is a good initiative, it is often disliked by the users. Well, not everyone has enough space on their mobile to keep the app installed. Also, we don’t shop from Flipkart daily, maybe once in a week or two or probably more, so keeping its app installed on our mobile for no reason makes no sense.

Do you wish to load Flipkart Website from your mobile browser? Well, don’t worry. Here’s a trick to browse your favorite flipkart from mobile browser and shop comfortably.

How to load Flipkart Website on Mobile Browser?

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There are 2 methods to open flipkart from mobile browser:

1. Open Flipkart with Google Chrome Mobile Broswer:

You can use Google Chrome to load Flipkart.

  1. Download Google Chrome From here.
  2. On the url bar, type:
  3. It will load flipkart, and as usual, you will see the overlay message asking you to download Flipkart App.
  4. Here’s the main part of the trick: Click on Top Right Option (the 3 vertical dots) and then check the box: Request Desktop Site
  5. Trick to Open Flipkart on Mobile Browser
  6. Voila! You can now load the flipkart website on your mobile browser. This also gives you additional benefits as it loads the full website for you, not the small mobile version.
  7. Trick to Open Flipkart on Mobile Browser

2. Open Flipkart with UC Browser:

Many low end devices running below Android 4.0 does not support Chrome Browser. If you don’t have chrome browser, or can’t install it due to low space, don’t worry, you can load flipkart website using UC Browser Also. Here’s the trick:

  1. Download UC Browser from here.
  2. Open UC Browser.
  3. Click on the options button in the bottom tabs (the 3 Horizontal Lines icon), choose Settings.
  4. This will open UC Browser Settings. Click Browsing Settings > Website Preferences.
  5. Click Others option and choose Desktop from the dropdown menu.
  6. Trick to Open Flipkart on Mobile Browser
  7. Now type: on the url bar.
  8. Voila! You will see Flipkart Website loading on your UC Browser.
  9. Trick to Open Flipkart on Mobile Browser
  10. Complete your purchase then don’t forget to go back to settings and revert the browsing settings back to mobile version, you don’t want all your website load web version on your UC Browser. Do you?

So you have learnt how to load Flipkart on your mobile browser.

How the trick works?

Well, all we are doing is loading the desktop version of Flipkart on our mobile forcefully. This should work with any browser if you know how to convert mobile view to web view.

Try this out and enjoy shopping from your mobile browser. Dump the Flipkart app off your phone and save some storage space.

That’s all. You have learnt how to open Flipkart Website on Mobile Browser. Thanks for reading. Do share if you like it. Keep Visiting.

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