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From video consoles to PC gaming, technology has always been a large part of the gaming industry, and the games that you play always reflect the most modern technology out there. If you run a gaming company or simply want to find out more about the technology that is used within the games that you play, this article will cover the top technological advances that are currently starting to be used by companies within the world of gaming. 

Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing can be incredibly useful to game developers as it can prevent them from having to cope with a large amount of gaming traffic on their own servers without the support that they need. By using the cloud, game developers can allow their servers to grow and sustain a larger amount of traffic while enabling the game in question to be accessed through the internet. Then, to see what the cloud has to offer for your gaming company, you should consider contacting Xbase, a company that helps you to realize all the benefits that the cloud could have for your business. 

The cloud can also help create an interconnected team, even if staff members are based in different countries around the world. With the cloud, developers and staff can access files and work on their projects effortlessly while sharing the resources they need. This can make the gaming business more efficient and cost-effective and allow it to hire candidates from anywhere in the world. 

VR and AR:

However, two of the most recently developed technologies that you will see in every gamer’s house in the coming years are virtual and augmented reality. Virtual reality makes for an immersive and engaging gaming experience whereby players can be dropped fully into their game through a headset. Many companies are now using this technology to try to create VR consoles. Not only this but augmented reality can drop the game that you are playing into your own world, adjusting your surroundings and making the game that you are playing seem as if it is real. 

Voice Recognition:

If you are a leader of a gaming business and are looking for the best technology to use in your games, you should consider the benefits of voice recognition. Voice recognition can allow individual players to interact with the game in question and can allow them to engage with the game without the need for a remote controller. This new technology can then make games more accessible and easier to play and can enable players to carry out actions from anywhere in the room. 

Wearable Tech:

Where once motion sensors were the rage in technology when it came to gaming, now the tech trend that is starting to influence the gaming world is wearable technology. These devices allow players to engage with the game using their body and are more accurate than the motion-sensitive controllers that have previously been created. This technology is used to play games away from the television set or a console. 

In addition to wearable tech that’s used to play the games, such as headsets and gloves, there is also a lot of wearable technology that goes into making a game as well, specifically high-budget AAA titles. To help developers create smooth and realistic animations, motion capture is used, and it is highly effective at making detailed character models and movements. Simply put, this technology requires a person to wear a suit covered in dots and balls. A camera then records these balls and traces their movements, and then uses the dots to create an animation that can be modeled over. It is an expensive piece of gaming technology, so it can’t be used by every gaming business, but it does ensure a quality title is produced.

Last Words:

The way that gamers want to play games is changing, with most people now starting to look for less traditional ways to immerse themselves within a digital world. Then, if you are looking to revolutionize the games that you are producing, you should consider investing in one of these technologies, which can help you to keep up with the competition and pave the way to the gaming industry’s bright future.

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