Top Keyboard Apps for Android 2018: Compared & Reviewed

Perhaps the most used tool of an Android Device is the Keyboard. Right from searching a query in the Google to texting your Friends via Messenger, Whatsapp, and even SMS, updating status and writing comments on Facebook, the keyboard has its use to every smartphone user.

But well, are you utilizing the full potential of your keyboard? Did you know that you can use your keyboard to do various other tasks other than just typing text, numbers, and symbols?

In this post, I am going to discuss in brief about the popular keyboard apps available in the Android market and highlight the features they are popular for. And no, this isn’t a long boring list, I am going to list out just five apps. Choose the one you like.

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1. Google Keyboard (GBoard) App:

A discussion about keyboard apps cannot be done without considering the default keyboard for every Android device, the GBoard App. It was called the Google Keyboard earlier.

Why is this Keyboard Special?

For integrating the Google Search within the keyboard.

Most of us use Google Search over Bing or Yahoo, and once we are signed in to Google, Google keeps a log of our search preferences and displays results according to our need. Gradually, we are habituated to this personalization.

Google Keyboard applies the same personalization to its keyboard app.

Not only that, it integrates the entire Google Search within the keyboard. You can search for something, and it will show you the results you can copy the link and share it with your friend whom you are chatting with.

Be it your location, or nearby bank to a restaurant, to movie listings, you can do everything over the GBoard.

This personalization is heavily liked by users.

Other features include Voice Recognition, Swiping between letters to type, searching for emojis based on your emotions, searching for GIFs, and multilingual typing at the same time.

I guess you already have this app installed as a part of your system. Still, if you don’t have, download it from below.

Get it on Google Play

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2. Swiftkey Keyboard App:

The GBoard App you see now is a recent development. Much before the time, Google developed the GBoard App so powerful, Swiftkey was a solo player in the Keyboard industry.

In fact, it was earlier a paid app, which got so popular that finally, they made their keyboard available for free so that everyone can access their features.

Why is this Keyboard Special?

For their smart and unbeatable prediction technology.

While other keyboards either use one of these two,

  1. Applies basic predictions based on the current structure of the words, or,
  2. Automatically saves all your new words and predicts them whenever you use the same sentence pattern,

Swiftkey just ‘learns’ your typing habit, and sets its algorithm according to that.

So, you will always find its suggestions more and more useful.

Suppose you are typing the same sentence more for five times. Other keyboards will give you the same suggestions all the time, but swiftkey will just learn your typing habits every time and may give you new suggestions based on that.

Other regular features like swiping, emoji predictions, multilingual typing, etc. are there already. Try it out if you haven’t yet.

Get it on Google Play

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3. Touchpal Keyboard App:

One of the early competitors of Swiftkey, TouchPal is a feature-rich keyboard with everything you need.

Why is this Keyboard Special?

For a dedicated Clipboard Area with last few copy saves, Easy Text Selection, Navigation Buttons, Dedicated Cut, Copy, Paste Buttons.

When it comes to copy-pasting stuff, this keyboard is the ideal one.

From copying OTPs, pins, addresses, contact numbers, links, we often need to copy texts and paste it somewhere. And TouchPal makes it quickest than the stock text selection tools.

This is an important feature I feel every keyboard should have, but I haven’t found it in most of them (except AI Type Keyboard, which I will talk about later in this post).

Another useful feature is the inbuilt Gif Search and a collection of Emojis. You can further expand it with addon packs. It supports a lot of native languages, with predictions also.

I am using this keyboard for the last two years. I switched between a lot of keyboards, but at the end, I always keep coming to this keyboard because it suits me better.

Try it out below.

Get it on Google Play

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4. AI Type Keyboard App:

If I could somehow combine the prediction technology of Swiftkey and the features of TouchPal, then the resultant will somehow match with AI Type.

Why is this Keyboard Special?

As the name suggests, it has AI or Artificial Intelligence which can learn your typing habits and predict words based on that.

But wait, so, which one is better between Swiftkey and AI Type? Well, regarding predictions, Swiftkey wins over this one. But like I said, it has both predictions and features, which makes it a beautiful choice for users.

Again, if it is feature rich, is it even better than Touchpal?

Well, regarding feature both of them are equally well, touchpal is more efficient regarding user experience, which is why I give it more preference than this one.

But it has a decent list of features from emojis, swiping, voice narrations and even the clipboard feature with cut copy paste buttons.

To make it straight,

If you need Predictions Only, Go for Swiftkey.
If you need Features Only, Go for Touchpal.
If you can compromise on the UI a bit and need both predictions and features, go for AI Type.

Get it on Google Play

5. Bobble Keyboard App:

First things first, this was not a keyboard app when it started. But later on, they introduced the keyboard, as it goes best with the super unique feature they offer.

Why is this Keyboard Special?

For personalized Gifs and Stickers with your comic face.

This is something unique no other app could introduce. It simply creates a comic look from your real face. You can then apply that face to some pre-made stickers to make it unique.

What’s more? New stickers are regularly introduced, and its collection is increasing day by day.

You can share the stickers with your friends on Whatsapp, Messenger or anywhere else as a picture. Have fun creating your comic faces.

And not only comics, but there are also beautiful stories in which you can become a character. Try it out, and you will understand the fun.

Well, as a keyboard app, it has all the features a keyboard should have, right from emojis, gifs, native language support, etc.

Get it on Google Play

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Last Words:

That’s all about the Top Keyboard Apps of 2018. Now which app is best for you, it all depends on what you need.

And yes, there are a lot of other popular keyboard apps, such as the Go Keyboard, Google Indic Keyboard, Swype Keyboard, Fleksy Keyboard, etc. I have tried them out too.

But, well, the features they offer are pretty much similar to the ones listed above, and they don’t offer anything really out of the box to get featured on this list. Plus, this list contains some old competitors in this keyboard generation, due to which they evolved themselves a lot over the years, becoming more and more powerful with each upgrade.

I will recommend you to try out all the apps one by one and use it at least for a day. You will get to know the efficiency and the user-friendliness.

Thank you for reading my article on the Best Keyboard Apps of 2018. Do share this post with your friends and let them choose the keyboard they want. Use the social share buttons, please.

If you have any queries or you just want to thank me, then you are always welcome to write down in the comment section below. I will be waiting for your comments. 🙂

That’s all for now. I will be back soon with another interesting update. Till then, have a look at my other posts.

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