A List of Top 20 Mobile Video Editing Apps in 2020

Videos are taking over social media feeds, and it is the perfect time for marketers to get acquainted with some of the best video creation platforms available.

These platforms make the video creation journey immensely simple, and to top it all, most of them are free to use!

You don’t need to hire a dedicated video creation agency for your video creation requirements, and you can very well fulfill all the requirements using just a dedicated video creation platform.

Here are a list and a brief description of the top 20 video creation platforms that can help you in publishing excellent video content.

Top 20 Mobile Video Editing Apps:

All the tools mentioned below can help you in creating high-quality videos for social media right on your mobile phone. Before we get started, here’s an overview:


Inshot enables you to change the video dimensions that are directly in line with the platform on which you are publishing. The platform makes video creation and editing effortless and less time-intensive. You can get it for free on Android and iOS.


The Magisto video editor boasts of a highly intuitive UI and automates most of the video editing tasks. The app is super easy to navigate, and creators can leverage the expansive media library of the platform. Magisto is free to download on iOS and Android.


TikTok is more of a social network than a video creator but is packed with all the essential features that make it one of the best video editor for social media creations.

It has all the basic functionalities as far as its capabilities are concerned and are free to download on both Android and iOS.


VideoCreek is a cutting-edge video creation platform that can be used on any device that comes with a web browser. It is the perfect video creator for marketers owing to its high versatility and ease of use.

VideoCreek is free to use and can be accessed on any device with a web browser, irrespective of the operating system.

Wondershare FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo also provides a desktop application and has gained enormous popularity. But, they provide a mobile video editor as well.

It is highly popular among bloggers, Instagrammers, and YouTubers. You can download it for free on iOS as well as Android.

Quik by GoPro

The Quik video editing app is developed by GoPro and is an excellent platform for editing footage sourced from GoPro cameras.

The platform is highly preferred by travel vloggers who shoot most of their videos using GoPro cameras. You can get it for free on Android and iOS.


Mojo video editor lets you create dynamic Instagram stories by entirely leveraging its stock template collection.

The platform provides high-quality stock footage and still images that can help you showcase any form of content. You can download Mojo on Android as well as iOS devices.

Adobe Spark Video

Adobe Spark Video lets you easily compile photos, videos, and text into an attractive video story.

There is also a rich collection of themes and animations that can bring almost any video to life. Adobe Spark Video is free to download on Android and iOS.

Clips by Apple

The Clips app is an iMovie styled video editing tool developed by Apple that runs only on Apple devices.

If you are already into the Apple ecosystem, the Clips app can be the perfect choice for your video editing requirements. You can download it for free on compatible iOS devices from the App Store.

Adobe Premiere Rush CC

Adobe Premiere Rush is the mobile variant of Adobe Premiere Pro and is developed solely for editing videos on the go.

The tool is specially designed for editing videos for social media and has an expansive feature set. It is available for download on Android and iOS.


The Over video editing app has a huge fan following, and many brands use it to create Instagram stories.

It has many useful features that can cater to the video creation and editing requirements for almost any creator. You can download it on Android as well as iOS.


KineMaster is a feature-rich mobile video editing and creation platform that lets you edit video clips frame-by-frame, making it a powerful option for mobile video editing centered around slo-mo clips. You can download it on Android as well as iOS devices.


LumaFusion is immensely popular among vloggers and professional videographers. It is a powerful platform that has all the video creation features that you may need from a mobile video editor.

The only setback when choosing this app is that it is available only for iOS devices.


VSCO video editor has been the go-to platform for Instagrammers as it comes with an expansive collection of filters for any creation requirement.

You can make detailed adjustments to contrast, brightness as well as color temperature and make your videos stand out. It is available to download on Android and iOS devices.

A Color Story

A Color Story is developed by the developers who created ‘A Beautiful Mess’ editing application.

It comes with a rich collection of filters and editing options that can help you in creating appealing stories for Instagram and Snapchat. You can get it for Android and iOS devices.


InVideo is more than a video editor is more like a video creation environment. It runs entirely in the web browser, which makes it platform-independent.

It comes with an expansive feature set that makes it a potent video as well as an invitation maker.

Hyperlapse from Instagram

Hyperlapse is a handy video editing application that automatically stabilizes any footage to enhance the cinematic experience.

You also get options to edit the final footage before posting it on your platform of choice. It is available on compatible Android and iOS devices.

Life Lapse

The Life Lapse video editing application can help you in creating a highly appealing slow-motion video to post on Instagram.

The app also supports varying aspect ratios to publish your videos on the platform of your choice. You can get Life Lapse on Android as well as iOS devices.


PicPlayPost is a vertical video editor that makes it very easy to edit videos and post on Instagram stories and IGTV.

You can also add animated GIFs, subtitles, text, and music to your videos. The app is available to download on Android and iOS devices.


The MixKit app provides you with thousands of templates to choose from and can help you in crafting highly appealing content for social media.

Its vertical video filter is very useful in creating stories for Instagram. MixKit is available for Android and iOS devices.

Last Words:

This marks the end of the top 20 mobile video editing apps list. You can try any of the above-mentioned apps, and, certainly, you won’t be disappointed by the features and the video editing options these provide. Click here to read more.

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