How to Use Technology to Organize Your Contacts?

Organizing your contacts could be one of the most tedious tasks if you do not have the right technological backup. Do you know all the essential numbers? Do you have a complete list of number details of people vital for your daily functioning?

Many times in life, on account of losing phones or losing touch with people, we miss out on certain numbers. These numbers can be important to us in many ways. Is there a way to organize your contacts and find cell phone number free?

In today’s post, we will look at how you can use technology to organize your contacts. Here’s an overview:

Identify the people who matter to you:

When organizing the list of your contacts, you need to have the people sorted and reorganized. Some people are going to be your relatives, some your friends, some acquaintances. 

So, the first and foremost step to identify the people and put them in the cluster they belong to. Once you have their names sorted, the next step is to know whether you have their number. It’s good if you do have someone’s number, but what about the situation when you do not have the number.

In such circumstances, the wise thing to do is trace the person’s number back. It might seem wise but is actually quite troublesome. You can’t just call people like a mean person and seek someone’s contact information. 

With a line of customary greetings, why you need the number, for what you need the number, you will end up with a headache. There is a way you can avoid all that. All you need in such a scenario is just to visit CocoFinder

How to Use Technology to Organize Your Contacts?


CocoFinder is the best way to get someone’s phone number. As it is a web-based platform, you can simply visit the website and type someone’s first name and last name. Within a matter of a few seconds, the number will be right in front of you. Isn’t that simple and less painful. 

Tracking someone’s number through traditional ways can take a toll on your time and patience. But, if you do have the right platform like CocoFinder, you could organize your contacts in a jiffy. 

Get Phone Number from Vague Data

The people search option of CocoFinder is so simple and effective. You do not need to have a lot of information about a person to get their number. Even if it is someone from your high school whose last name you can’t remember, you will be able to find them.

How to Use Technology to Organize Your Contacts?


How is that possible, you ask? Well, you just type whatever information you have about a person. You might have someone’s first name and location only, or you might have someone’s last name and location only. 

Maybe you have someone’s email or address only. Whatever information you have in the vaguest form, the search results of CocoFinder will lead you to your number. Concrete data leads to concrete results and vague data shows many relevant results.

When the data insertions are not accurate, you can browse through the result icons and choose your pick. The search results will be in the same manner as any social media search results.

Sync Contacts to One Bucket:

After you have found all the numbers that you had been looking for, you can sync your contacts to one bucket. The bucket is the space where you could store all these contacts. One prime source of keeping the contact in is your phone. 

There are instances when the phone is lost. In case such an event occurs, you will be ripped off your contact directory and will need to start afresh. Therefore, having a backup of the contact is the much-required exercise. 

There are many places where the contacts can be synced up through technology:

  • If you are an iPhone user, then you could sync your contacts with iCloud
  • If you are a Samsung user, then you can sync your contacts with your Samsung account
  • You can also sync your contacts to your Google account with just any phone and access these contacts on the web

Having a virtual directory of the contacts come essentially to your rescue in case the security of your phone is compromised. There are instances when the phone is lost or even rebooted or repaired. Such risk of losing your contact details is minimized when you have your contacts backed up.

Merge Duplicate Contacts:

Once all your contacts are synced up, it’s time to clean up the mess. There is a likelihood of duplicates of contacts. You can merge the contacts that are duplicates. This will ease up space in your contact list.

If you are trying to do so on your Google account itself, you can press the option of ‘Duplicate’ that will appear on the left sidebar. Google will search through the list and present you with seemingly duplicate contacts. 

Updating everyone’s Information:

By this step, you would be sure that these are the contacts and list of people who are relevant to you. The final step would be to update the information of these people. You can check these people up on CocoFinder and get the results in a jiffy.

What CocoFinder actually does is that it fetches the public records of people. These records are likely to have the updated contact information of the people you are trying to look at. Hence, all you would need to do is type the name and the results of their phone number and other relevant data would appear.


You can visit CocoFinder to know that it is extremely sought after as a contact organizing tool. You can find any lost or long forgotten number. Instead of chasing down any number, you can be accurate in finding it directly on the web page.

CocoFinder has ensured that you attain and find a cell phone number free. While you may have some contacts and you might not have some contacts, CocoFinder can get you the data sought.  Your contact list will be self-sufficient and complacent in a very short time.

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