4 Essential Tech Gadgets for First-Year Nursing School Students

Are you preparing to enter nursing school shortly? Are you excited about what the future holds for you, but also feeling a bit scared about the schooling? Nursing school can be quite stressful and requires a lot of hard work, which is why it’s important to have a variety of tech gadgets on hand meant to make your life and studies a little easier. 

Here’s a list of four essential tech gadgets for first-year nursing school students like yourself. Consider this your shopping list so you can pick up all the needed items before school starts.

A Laptop Is a Must-Have for Students:

In today’s digital world, every college or university student needs a laptop. Laptops can be used in the classroom, at home, and on the go for completing assignments, projects, and studying. A laptop is likely the most important tech gadget you can buy and should be at the top of the list of priorities. With the right-sized efficient laptop, you can easily carry it anywhere and study nursing online in a few clicks.

When it comes to laptops for nursing school students, you want to look for a few specific features. This will ensure that the device can handle all your needs with ease. Because you want to be able to use your laptop in several different locations, a streamlined lightweight design will be important. Some even have a detachable full-sized keyboard, which makes them a bit more versatile. 

Other notable features to look for include memory of at least 8GB, storage of at least 128GB, a warranty to give peace of mind, an operating system that is compatible with the applications and software you’ll be using, and long battery life.

It’s important to view the laptop as an investment in your schooling, which means it’s worth spending a little extra money to get exactly what you want and need. Think in terms of what you need now, as well as what you’ll need a year or two from now so you won’t need to upgrade the device in a short time.

Don’t forget to also pick up some laptop accessories that make the device more user-friendly. Must-have accessories include:

  • External wireless mouse.
  • Laptop bag.
  • Ergonomic mouse pad.
  • External wireless keyboard.
  • Laptop stand.
  • Wireless printer.

A Wireless Headset Can Help You to Focus Better:

Another tech gadget that nursing students will want to pick up is a wireless headset. Noise-canceling headphones are great for when you’re working on your laptop in common areas with background sounds. Those sounds can be quite distracting making it hard to get your work done. Using a headset means you can have music or any other background noise playing softly in a way that won’t distract you.

If you plan on using your laptop for entertainment, such as streaming content or gaming, you’ll find the headset to be extremely useful as well.

Stay Organised with the Right Apps:

Because just about everyone has a smartphone nowadays, why not take full advantage of it and use it as an organizational tool. Downloading a calendar or schedule planner app makes it possible to keep better track of your schoolwork. You can make notes of deadlines, tests, study groups, tasks, and other responsibilities in one convenient location.

You will want to look for an app that allows you to schedule reminders and alerts, prioritize tasks, add categories and sub-categories to tasks, and even share the content if needed.

Some apps worth checking out include:

  • Evernote
  • AnyList
  • Todoist
  • Microsoft Office (companion app)
  • SimpleMind
  • Notion

Need to Make Notes – Use a Digital Recorder:

Last but certainly not least is a digital voice recorder that allows you to make notes and record important lectures and lessons. When using the voice recorder, you won’t have to focus on writing everything down in a lesson, allowing you to focus on it instead. Be sure to look for one with plenty of storage space so you won’t have to worry about filling it up.

By picking up each of these must-have gadgets, you’ll be making student life much easier and more efficient. These gadgets can save you time and hassle, allowing you to focus on the work itself and stay better organized. Considering how difficult nursing school can be, why not take advantage of tools such as these. 

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Nirmal Sarkar
Nirmal Sarkar

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