StepSetGo: Get Free Rewards just by Walking Everyday

Maintain your fitness by walking daily and earn rewards. Download StepSetGo App and sign up using my StepSetGo Referral Code: nirmalbs0z.

I thought walking only has health benefits, until I came across StepSetGo, the app that rewards you just for walking! No, I am not kidding! From a free earphone or a free t-shirt, you can go all the way up to a Free iPhone. Interesting, isn’t it?

StepSetGo is India’s first app that rewards you for walking regularly. It is a unique concept that not only helps you in getting some free rewards, and it also motivates you to walk more, which in turn, keeps you fit and healthy.

I was first introduced to StepSetGo by my classmates. With a few weeks of regular walking, my friends managed to grab some coupons and free earphones.

That’s when I also decided to give it a try and joined StepSetGo App. And so far, my experiences have been great.

The best thing about this app is that it is a community-app, where you can like and follow your friends who are using the app. You can see how much your friends have walked per day, interact on their updates, challenge them to walk, and much more.

StepSetGo App is available for both Android and iOS.

Download StepSetGo App

While signing up, if it asks you to use referral code, use my StepSetGo Referral Code: nirmalbs0z.

After you sign up, you will see these screens, which will help you to understand the app better.

Features of StepSetGo App:

I said above that StepSetGo has some unique features which will compel you to walk more. Here’s why:

How do StepSetGo Rewards work?

The basic working principle of the app is: You earn coins by walking, for each step. The app has an inbuilt pedometer, which measures how many steps you have walked. It uses your device sensor for this. And after you have accumulated sufficient coins, you can redeem them inside the ‘Bazaar’ section of the app.

Coming to the coins: For every 1000 steps you take, you earn one coin. Each 10 step you take will add 0.01 coins to your balance. So, you will keep getting coins, even for random small steps you take. The good thing is it will credit your coins even if you walk indoors, on a treadmill, etc.

If you keep your GPS on and start walking, then you will earn extra: For every 1000 steps you take outdoor, you earn 1.25 coins.

But you cannot misuse or cheat the app to earn unlimited coins because it has a level-based reward system that is foolproof and quite efficient.

StepSetGo Levels:

There are five levels inside StepSetGo. You start with Level 1 and go all the way up to Level 5. Each level increases the daily maximum of coins you can earn.

  • Level 1: Daily Max Limit 2 Coins (Safe Limit: Always safe)
  • Level 2: Daily Max Limit 5 Coins (Safe Limit: 2 Coins)
  • Level 3: Daily Max Limit 10 Coins (Safe Limit: 5 Coins)
  • Level 4: Daily Max Limit 15 Coins (Safe Limit: 10 Coins)
  • Level 5: Daily Max Limit 20 Coins (Safe Limit: 15 Coins)

How to Level Up / Level Down?

If you reach the maximum coins allowed for your level for three consecutive days in a row, you will be upgraded to the next level. Similarly, each level has a safe limit (listed above), if you fail to reach your safe threshold for three consecutive days in a row, you will be downgraded to the previous level.

As you can already realize, this method is a foolproof, and quite a natural way to measure your daily steps. You will always stay in the level where you cross its safe limit every day. It also gives you a two day cooldown period, in case you don’t walk as much (maybe during weekends or other occasions).

Other Ways to Earn Coins:

Apart from walking, there are several different ways to earn coins.

  • Daily Rewards: You can watch an ad and earn one coin, five times a day. That’s free five coins every day.
  • Invite and Earn: You can invite your friends to join StepSetGo, and earn five coins per referral when your friend completes 5000 steps.
  • Challenges: StepSetGo has an Arena section where you can challenge your friends and earn some extra coins. StepSetGo team also posts new challenges over there regularly where you can walk some extra miles and win more.StepSetGo: Get Free Rewards just by Walking Everyday
  • Complete Tasks and Earn Coins: When you join StepSetGo for the first time, you will get 30 days to complete some tasks and earn an extra 245 coins. You will find the banner on the homepage. If you don’t see the banner, then force close the app and re-open. It includes tasks like setting a profile picture, reacting to your friends’ activity, etc. to earn some extra initial coins.StepSetGo: Get Free Rewards just by Walking Everyday

How to Spend Coins?

StepSetGo provides an in-app marketplace known as Bazaar, where you can redeem your coins against various rewards.

StepSetGo: Get Free Rewards just by Walking Everyday

Rewards include electronic gadgets and accessories, fashion, cosmetics, and more. You can get free products, as well as coupons against them. There are 100s of offers available, and you can check them out in detail inside the app.

There are also elite rewards such as iPhones, Fitbit Smartwatch, Motorbike, or Decathlon Bicycles. But the way this app is designed, you need to earn coins for at least 1.5 years to be able to grab those elite deals.

StepSetGo Community Features:

Apart from coins, StepSetGo has a few community features which make it unique.

  • Find your Friends: If you signup with Facebook, you will be able to find your Facebook friends who are using the app.
  • Sync Contacts: You can sync your phonebook to find your contacts who are using the StepSetGo app.
  • Follow Friends: You can follow your friends, and check their profile to know how many steps they have taken in the past seven days, how many steps they have taken all total, and how much coins they earned. This will motivate you to walk more.
  • Weekly Leaderboard: This is the feature I liked the most. You will be able to see a weekly rank of your steps versus your friends’. Walk more to rank up.
  • Your Fitness Activity: On the homepage, you will find a Fitness Activity tab, which will list how many kilometers you have walked and how many calories you have burned till now. You will also see a graphical representation of the same.StepSetGo: Get Free Rewards just by Walking Everyday

Download StepSetGo App:

StepSetGo App is available for both Android and iOS. Click the button below for both Android and iOS.

Download StepSetGo App

While signing up, if it asks you to use referral code, use my StepSetGo Referral Code: nirmalbs0z.

Last Words:

Fitness is one of the prime necessities of every human being, and in this era of technology, we are becoming less active every day. It is good to see there is an app that motivates you to walk more.

Now, if you ask me whether it is worth using the app, I will tell you to use it because you will keep gathering coins from just your day to day walking. Just keep the app installed, and you will have a lot of coins after some months.

Try it out and let me know how it goes for you. If you have any further queries, comment below. I will be happy to help you out.

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That’s all about StepSetGo. I will be back soon with another exciting update. Till then, stay tuned!


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