How to split bills using the GoDutch app?

Have you ever been in a situation when you paid for a group dinner party and had to experience a weird inconvenience to split the bills or expenses with friends?

Sometimes it becomes a little tough to manage large expenses, and here, the GoDutch app becomes your savior. It is a bill-splitting app where you can easily split your expenses with your friends and manage your expenses properly.

For those who’re not familiar with the in-depth meaning of the phrase “Go Dutch,” it refers to a mutual understanding during involvement in a paid activity where everyone pays the expenses on their own instead of one person paying for the whole group.

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What is the GoDutch app?

GoDutch application is a financial operation through which you can easily manage and control your group expenses. Fiscal management, or in simple words, Money Management, is the initial step of adulthood and this app makes it accessible with the help of a single click.

Users can easily split their bills, track the records of all of their expenses, and pay their bills through UPI. You can avail all of these features and many more in this app. The GoDutch app is regularly updated and modified with lots of new features and frequently provides special and exclusive offers and discounts to its users.

The app has several features like creating groups with the people you want to split your bills, adding other people or groups to manage your bills easily, etc. You can also chat with your group members easily, modify or delete the transaction details, check out the remaining balance after complete payment, and many more.

All the members in your friends’ group can pay their respective share through the GoDutch app. So you can enjoy yourself with your friends without bothering about the unhandy or awkward reminders, late payment notifications, and other things.

GoDutch app is completely free for its users and doesn’t charge a single penny for its services. The app’s user interface is very simple and indicates the balance amount you need to receive and the remaining balance to be paid to settle all your expenses. You can pay your bills easily through UPI, and the app will redirect you to UPI apps on your phone to pay your bills like Google Pay, Paytm UPI, Amazon Pay UPI, Bhim, etc. You can also transfer your old balances from other bill-splitting applications or manually add them to the app.

Features of GoDutch app? 

GoDutch bill payment appYou can split and settle your bills easily in a single app:

While most of the applications help you monitor all your group expenses, you’ve to switch to a separate UPI Payment app to pay your bills and settle your expenses. But, in the GoDutch app, you don’t have to worry about all of this as you can perform both functions easily in one place.

You can pay your rent and other expenses smartly:

The GoDutch app also provides a brand new feature to its users where you and your roommate can pay your rent through UPI or Credit Cards, and the GoDutch app will collect your payment and instantly transfer it to your landlord.

And you can also utilize the bill-splitting features to keep track of other household expenses like electricity bills, water bills, broadband connection, etc. Rent payments in this app through UPI Payment Method are completely free, which means you won’t charge any charges on the app. But, if you’re paying your rent with your Credit Card, the app will charge a transaction fee of 2% of your payment on the app.

Pay your expenses through your virtual GoDutch card:

You can pay your group expenses in an instant with the help of the virtual GoDutch card. Firstly, all the members in your group link their respective payment methods (like UPI, Debit Card, Credit Card, etc.) to the card. After that, whenever a specific transaction is made with an online merchant’s store, each member’s share is automatically deducted from their linked payment method on the card. Also, you can enable/disable groups to manage the control over the transactions.

You can also import the details of your previous expenses:

If you were already using other bill-splitting apps like SplitWise, then with the help of this feature on the GoDutch app, you can easily transfer your pending balances to the GoDutch application.

Users can send reminders and chat with their friends:

You can have group chats with your friends and keep track of your bills and expenses on the GoDutch app. It also informs you about the unresolved payments on the app. It allows you to send an in-app notification or SMS Notification to your friends or group members so that they can settle their payments easily.

How to register yourself on the GoDutch app? 

  • Download and install the GoDutch application.
  • Open the GoDutch application and click on the Get Started option.
  • Enter your Mobile Number on the GoDutch app and click on the Send OTP option.
  • It will send a 6-digit OTP to your registered mobile number for verification purposes.
  • Now, you have to enter your name and click on the Save option. You can also give your UPI ID, which is used to receive payments from your friends.

Now, you’re ready to use the app. You can now split your bills, manage your expenses, and track all your previous expenses in the app.

Final Words:

There is no doubt that GoDutch makes it super fun to manage group expenses & bills for all the millennials. If you live with roommates or sharing living expenses with others then this app is just for you. If you have any doubts regarding the GoDutch app then feel free to ask us in the comment section and we would revert back to you as soon as possible.

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