Scrypt Mining and How it Works?

Scrypt is an encryption key derivation technique initially developed by Colin Percival for the Tarsnap online backup system. The technique was created to make large-scale bespoke hardware attacks more expensive by using a lot of memory.

Scrypt was created as a memory-hard method to improve network security against custom hardware assaults.

Unlike other hashing algorithms such as Equihash and CryptoNight, which were created expressly for Proof of Work blockchains, Scrypt was created for a different purpose before being adopted by blockchain networks.

How do Scrypt Miners work?

A scrypt miner is a one-of-a-kind mechanism that can improve the efficiency of cryptocurrency mining. It is an ‘ASIC-resistant’ algorithm designed to stop Bitcoin miners from annexing into the Litecoin network.

Scrypt’s concept necessitates miners constantly generating random numbers. These figures must be kept in the processor’s Random-Access Memory (RAM), which must be retrieved continually before submitting a result.

Compared to SHA-256 networks, Scrypt networks have a substantially lower hash rate. Past password-based key derivation functions have modest resource needs, meaning they don’t require complex hardware or a lot of memory to run.

As a result, they are simple and inexpensive to implement in hardware. Unfortunately, this allows a resourceful attacker to start a series of interconnected attacks by creating hundreds or thousands of hardware implementations of the algorithm. 

The scrypt function is developed to thwart such attempts by increasing the algorithm’s resource demands. Compared to previous password-based KDFs, the method is designed to require a lot of memory.

The large storage requirements of scrypt are due to the algorithm’s generation of a massive array of pseudorandom bit strings.

Role of a Scrypt Miner:

With the launch of Litecoin, the scrypt miner was first presented. Lower block delays and ASIC resistance are two advantages that attract a miner’s attention.

It was put in place to stop GPUs from mining litecoins but could not keep GPU miners out of the network. So Scrypt was created as a backup solution to serve as a deterrent against attacks.

Most miners want security to be available at all times. This provides them with peace of mind as they attempt to complete the mining task.

There’s no better way to get started with mining than this. One of the key success factors is confidence, which scrypt miners can supply.

Benefits of a Scrypt Miner:

Miners praise it for being GPU-friendly. GPU miners make up a significant share of scrypt miners. While it requires more memory than its competitors, it is more appealing because it consumes less energy. Miners can make the most of their revenues if they use less electricity.

The advantage of ASIC Bitcoin miners is significantly lessened with a scrypt miner. It levels the field for miners.  As a result, more miners can enter the network and benefit from their work.

Is Scrypt Mining Profitable?

With the current hash rate of bitcoin, is Scrypt mining profitable? Until recently, it wasn’t, but things have changed. Scrypt ASICs have been developed and are now a viable option for mining cryptocurrencies. These new chips are very cheap, but they are also very complex to design. Using a conventional CPU to mine bitcoins is no longer profitable, and GPUs have become more popular than ever.

Scrypt is more expensive to mine than other coins, but it is also faster. The problem with GPU and CPU miners is that they tend to solve computations faster than ASIC miners. Hence, ASIC miners have less advantage when it comes to mining Scrypt. They are often forced to mine SHA-256 coins because of the security concerns surrounding Scrypt. However, despite its higher costs, Scrypt mining is profitable for GPU and CPU miners.

Scrypt mining is faster and more efficient than the other two major cryptocurrencies. Because it requires more computation power, CPU and GPU miners are likely to solve the tasks faster. ASIC miners have less advantage over Scrypt miners and therefore tend to mine SHA-256 coins. The aforementioned concerns make Scrypt mining profitable only for CPU and GPU miners. While ASIC miners are still a viable option for cryptocurrency mining, they are not a profitable investment.

Final Words:

Crypto mining is only profitable if the power usage can be reduced, something which scrypt miners have been able to achieve successfully. I hope this article gives you enough insights into the advantages of script mining. 

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