Download and Root Bluestacks 2 with Kingroot Trick

Bluestacks 2 has released earlier this December, and most of the bluestacks fans have already managed to download it.

Did you root your Bluestacks 2 yet?

Previously our trick to root was not working, so after lots of experiments we have rooted Bluestacks 2 finally, and want to share the method with you.

Actually the trick is so simple that we couldn’t believe at first. Let’s share it.

The trick is to use Kingroot App to root your bluestacks. Quite interesting? Isn’t it?

Nowadays rooting an android device has become lots easier with the evolution of ready made rooting apps.

Lots of new apps were created for rooting android, but Kingroot is definately the best of all.

Kingroot directly modifies the android system and creates the root partition inside your android device.

The best part of it is it is also working on android emulators like Bluestacks.

So we won’t waste much time, directly jump into the main tutorial.

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Steps to Root Bluestacks 2 with Kingroot App:

First, download and install Bluestacks 2 from the link given. Full tutorial is given along with it.

Download Kingroot App on your Computer. Bluestacks will recognize Kingroot apk as an android app.

Double Click on that apk file. It will be installed via Bluestacks App Handler.

Now go to your App Menu screen on Bluestacks and click on Kingroot App to open it.

It will show root status error: Fix. This is the message for unrooted devices.

Click on the Android Logo in the center. This will start the rooting procedure for your Bluestacks.

Wait for Kingroot app to automatically root your Bluestacks. This will take from a few seconds to a few minutes. Please be patient and wait.

New Rooted Bluestacks v2.0 Modded Exe Free Download

Now download Bluestacks Tweaker Software.

After Kingroot completes rooting, double click on the Bluestacks Tweaker Software to open it. It will show this screen.

New Rooted Bluestacks v2.0 Modded Exe Free Download

Now just restart your Bluestacks using BS Tweaker. Click Restart.

Wait for Bluestacks Tweaker to automatically close and restart Bluestacks.

Now download the Root Checker App. Install it using the same way you installed Kingroot.

Open Kingroot App. Accept Permissions.

Now check for root access in Kingroot. Click Verify Root.

New Rooted Bluestacks v2.0 Modded Exe Free Download

Congrats your Bluestacks 2 is now rooted. Enjoy!

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That’s all about rooting Bluestacks 2. Hope you have enjoyed the trick.

Don’t forget to share this post on Facebook and help your friends get the trick to root it.

Thanks in advance. Keep visiting HiTricks and stay updated! 🙂

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Nirmal Sarkar
Nirmal Sarkar

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  1. Does Kingroot still work in 2021? I want to root my android phone but i am scared.

  2. Rooting method unavaliable over 4000 requests reviced. Please help

  3. thanks bro it is to easy to understand

  4. how much time does it take to install kingroot…?

  5. i dont understand, does this remove the option to pay for BS? thank you

  6. You see i tried but before running the ZIP file too many viruses and useless news, alarms, “updates” and antiviruses popped up, especially this thingie controlling what files are open and which are closed, its a lot of fun, I’m going trough it right now! You should try it too, you’ll see the fun of seeing your PC get hacked 😀

    • Hello. Sad to hear that. I am afraid you downloaded the wrong file. You downloaded an adware from Daily Uploads. While clicking on Download, uncheck the Secured Download Manager Button and it will download the correct file for you.
      Come on, some guys give you pages like: Complete Offers and Download, at least this is free and direct. 🙂

  7. Thx. imma try it 🙂

  8. what? if we use frama root instead of kingroot , will it work? cuz it shows error

  9. download link is not working

  10. how can i download the app from your website not showing download option?

  11. after I press to root it it just says “Root strategy unavailable” “No strategy now”. then it says “4129 request received, research is accelerating for you”. I have no idea what to do after that.

    • i too getting same error. pl help nirmal bro

    • It seems I got the same error when using the REGULAR bluestacks 2 download (from the original website); I’m downloading and about to try and use the ‘modded’ version from here with hopes I don’t get the same error I got before/the same error you’re receiving now. Looks like it gave that error as if perhaps an update of bluestacks had blocked kingroot from doing it’s magic etc. At least that’s what I got from all of this.

      I’ll tell you if it works for me (using their entire method here). Using bluestacks2.0.exe modded, kingroot etc.


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