RocketVPN: Get Free 500MB High-Speed VPN Per Month

How many times do you find yourself visiting your favorite Torrent Search Engine and get the following message:

*“The url has been blocked under instructions of the Competent Government Authority or in compliance to the orders of Hon’ble Court.”*

RocketVPN: Get Free 500MB High-Speed VPN Per Month

Frustrating, Isn’t it? After all, you have paid for the bandwidth and are still barred from accessing certain sites.

So, you opt for a VPN service to access those sites.

What does a VPN do?

VPN is Virtual Private Network. It simply changes your IP Adress to any other virtual location, thus unblocking all the websites who thinks you are visiting from a different country.

But Finding a Good VPN App is itself a tough task. While most of the good ones are paid, the free ones lack the high speeds.

But here’s something very cool. How about getting 500MB High-Speed VPN Access per month for FREE?

Recently I discovered this fantastic app on Google Play Store, and I am going to review it here.

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RocketVPN: Installing and Setting Up

RocketVPN is a Free App Available on Google Play developed by Liquidium. It has 1-5 Million Downloads as of now and boasts a 4.2 rating.

Install and Open App. You shall come to the main screen of the app.

RocketVPN: Get Free 500MB High-Speed VPN Per Month

RocketVPN offers some popular destinations to choose from. You can set the destination from the drop-down menu.

RocketVPN: Get Free 500MB High-Speed VPN Per Month

The destinations with the highest available speeds will show up in Green. Connect to your favorite destination with just a tap. Just click on Connect and you are done.

It will ask your permission while creating a VPN on your device.

RocketVPN: Get Free 500MB High-Speed VPN Per MonthAccept that and you will be connected in seconds.

RocketVPN: Get Free 500MB High-Speed VPN Per Month

Disconnecting from the VPN network is also fast and easy and happens with just a tap. So just download, install and connect and enjoy Internet Freedom with RocketVPN.

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Features of RocketVPN:

Apart from just high-speed VPN Service, RocketVPN provides several other notable features.

Firstly, all your personal info is kept confidential. Nobody can trace back to you. Your data through the RocketVPN is encrypted and secured.

Secondly, you get access to blocked contents of your country. Now, never see any webpage with the message that this webpage is blocked.

Rocket Browser:

Imagine you are blocked from accessing Facebook on your College Wi-Fi. But you want to use your College Free Wi-Fi and don’t want to lose your precious internet data. Then the best solution for you is the Rocket Browser.

RocketVPN: Get Free 500MB High-Speed VPN Per Month

The Rocket Browser helps you to visit your favorite website under a VPN connection. Just type your URL there and it will launch in an inbuilt browser with your favorite location which you set.

RocketVPN: Get Free 500MB High-Speed VPN Per MonthDon’t worry; you need not enter the same URL again and again. There are two little History and Favorite buttons that store your last browsed sites and lists your favorite sites respectively. These two buttons come handy a lot of times.

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Unblock Individual Apps:

Say you want to watch HBO Shows from outside the USA. Then you need to access HBO Go app with USA Location. So you can unblock HBO Go via VPN.

This feature allows you to set your favorite apps to load from different locations. Just choose apps from there and select them to load from the location you prefer.

RocketVPN: Get Free 500MB High-Speed VPN Per Month

This is an easy and efficient solution for your individual app needs.

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Usage Meter:

There’s an easy to understand Usage Meter showing how much VPN bandwidth you consumed and how much is left for FREE USAGE in the correct month.

RocketVPN: Get Free 500MB High-Speed VPN Per Month

This feature allows you to moderate the daily usage accordingly.

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Your Location on Map:

With the location on the map, you will instantly know which location you are in currently, and it also allows you to change your location from there in one tap.

RocketVPN: Get Free 500MB High-Speed VPN Per Month

So, that’s all of the features inside. So, let’s analyze whether RocketVPN and stand out against the other Premium VPN Apps.

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Unlimited Data:

Well, for limited VPN usage, 500MB is good to go, still, there are options to get unlimited data at just Rs281 per month. This is available as an in-app purchase option from within the app.

RocketVPN: Get Free 500MB High-Speed VPN Per MonthThis purchase will also remove all ads from inside the app.

Moreover, you get 25% off on three months subscription, and you get 50% off on the one-year subscription. So, it’s a good deal to grab for a long term.

You can access your purchased subscription from other devices by signing in via Google Account you used for buying.

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RocketVPN Review: Hot OR Not?

  • RocketVPN doesn’t share your connection with other users as opposed to other VPNs (ex: Hola VPN)
  • The VPN Connection is real fast and offers high speeds.
  • There is FREE 500MB available for use each month.
  • Unlimited Data can be purchased as an in-app purchase.
  • Inbuilt-browser loads fast and saves history for quick access.
  • Custom apps launcher becomes a handy tool for opening different apps from different locations.
  • The Your Location Map is quite useless as we already know our location and the change location option is available at the top only.

So, more or less I believe RocketVPN is a great VPN App to grab some free VPN Connection every month. Try it out and tell me in the comments how is it. 🙂

Download Rocket VPN for Android

And also, don’t forget to share this post on RocketVPN with your friends on social networks. See you soon. Till then, have a look at my other posts. Thanks.

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  1. Oops. Forgot to ask. Did I miss a reference to a VPN for iPad/iPhone similar to the Rocket/Android app?

  2. I like Windscribe already. Straight forward, no “gotchas” or “but-howevers”. Easy to download, to set up, to use. Well, maybe a little hesitancy here and there that leaves the user not knowing exactly what is going on, like, maybe things are frozen, ie, not hour-glass, no slider % bar, no % counter, no sign of life.
    The big test comes when Windscribe disconnects and my grandkids start to do their homework. I’ve had a couple of VPN “apps” that scramble my network settings and a few other settings.
    But thanks much. Looking forward to getting acquainted with Windscribe.

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