How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows?

iTop Data Recovery software is a reliable and solid solution for recovering deleted files on Windows. It can be used to restore data from the Recycle Bin, local disks, HDD, SSD, flash drives, digital cameras, memory cards, and much more. With the advanced iTop recover algorithm, it is able to scan deleted files fast, provides a preview of the recovery ability, and recovers files fast in one minute.

How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows?

In case you have accidentally deleted any important files on your Windows machine that you want to recover quickly, then you should definitely try out this software. It works very well as a Windows Data Recovery Software and has all the essential tools that you would need.

We will talk about the step-by-step guide to recovering deleted data with iTop Data Recovery in Windows. You will know how to set up the software, how scan the needed file locations, and file types, and complete the recovery process.

With the simple and friendly UI, everybody can recover files no matter whether you are an IT expert or a tech beginner. Using the iTop Data Recovery is very easy and there are only a few simple steps for backing up your data. Here is the step-by-step guide to using iTop Data Recovery:

How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows?

Step 1: Download and install the software:

Without installation, recovering files is not possible. You can directly download it from its official website, and run a quick and standard install to get the software to your computer. It comes with an easy installation wizard that will guide you in every step of installation.

Step 2: Select the file location and file types:

Select where do you want to recover the deleted files from the Windows desktop, Recycle Bin, local disks, or any external drive. Then select the deleted file type from one or all of the photos, videos, music, documents, archives, etc. The software supports over 100 file formats to cover almost all files for the personal users and you don’t need to worry about the recovery failure 

Step 3: Run a quick and full file scan:

After selecting the deleted file location and file types, click on the big circle Scan button. It will show you how many files have been scanned and the % of the scan. Then the software will provide a lost file preview, including what deleted files are founded, their file size, file path, the modification date, and the recovery ability ( poor or excellent). You can view the deleted file details by location or file type.

Step 4: Recover the lost and deleted files:

If you are satisfied with the files it found and the preview of the recovery ability, you need to upgrade to the Pro plan to recover data. Select all or some files, click on the Recover button, and it will complete the recovery fast in one minute depending on the file size.

How to Prevent Data Loss?

Although you can use a data recovery software tool to help, some files are hard to recover, especially the documents that you often modify or you have saved the new data to the original location. You need to have a good data using habit beforehand, for example, back up your files on a regular basis and defrag your computer in a month. Moreover, avoid pushing your computer to shut down on a regular basis. It’s possible that your hard drive’s data will be lost or corrupted as a result.


iTop Data Recovery is a reliable recovery software for Windows to recover photos, videos, documents, etc all files from Windows and the external drives. It scans the lost files quickly and provides you a preview of each file’s recovery ability before your paying decision. And you should back up important files and avoid overwriting the original file location to cause the failure of the data recovery.

That’s all for now. I hope you were able to know how you can easily recover deleted data on your Windows Computer. In case you have further queries, don’t forget to drop me a comment below. I will be happy to help.

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