Guide: How to Create & Join ‘Spaces’ on Quora?

Quora is the biggest Q&A platform, ideally created for internet users. As a user, you can use the Quora platform to pen down your thoughts, questions, or doubts. Other users will get your query on their Quora App, and they can drop their answers.

Initially, Quora was not very popular among the users, but in the last 4-5 years, Quora is the best go-to hub for millions of users who need some advice or help. A few months ago, Quora introduced a new feature (Spaces) to help their users more finely and fluently.

In Quora Space, a user can drop the content related to the niche of Spaces.

As a Quora user, I found this ‘Space’ exciting. Let’s have a look over it.

Guide: How to Create & Join 'Spaces' on Quora?

Here’s an overview of today’s post.

What is Quora Space?

In the beginning, Quora had a shared space for all the users where anyone can drop their queries, and anyone can answer it. This was quick, but in most cases, questions were not answered correctly. 

People with different areas of expertise are answering completely different queries. This practice makes it difficult for the user (who asked that question) might not get an appropriate response.

To eliminate such issues, Quora was regularly upgrading their suggestion algorithms, and these algorithms are somewhere responsible for displaying that question to those users who have a different area of expertise and varied interest.

Quora Spaces is somewhere similar to Facebook Groups, but in reality, these spaces are far better than those FB Groups. On Facebook, again, you will find people with different interests, but Quora Spaces are designed for people with similar interests only. You will not find anything off-topic in these spaces.

To have these spaces restricted with similar interests people, Quora has given the option to create new spaces to limited users to you. Anyone using Quora can’t just create a Quora Space. Though you can join any area, you want you might not have the permission to create one.

Another significant aspect of Quora Spaces is that most of the restriction that needs to be implemented on the sharing of content in the spaces will be set by the members only.

I will talk about How to create Quora spaces in a bit, but before that, let me tell you the process to find and join Spaces.

How to find and Join new Spaces? 

While researching on  Quora Spaces, I came across various queries about joining a new space. Quora users aren’t very familiar with the process. Though the process isn’t very complicated since it’s a new feature that Quora recently added in the app, so many of the users are getting confused.

If you are also one of them, then go through the steps mentioned below:

  • Launch your Quora App (Update it to the latest version).
  • At the bottom toolbar, you will see a Space icon.
  • Click on the Space icon.
  • A new activity will open, there you will find two options at the top right corner.
  • One of them will be a ‘search’ option.
  • Click on it. Just type the term you are interested in, and Quora will recommend you all the related spaces.
  • Pick any space you want and click on the follow button.

 Boom! You are now a member of your desired space. See, it was this easy.

How to create new Spaces?

There are two methods for this:

Method #1: Check if you got Quora Spaces Approval:

Quora Team is gradually activating Quora Spaces for their users. Those who are most active on Quora will get the approval first, followed by the rest.

So, before you request approval for Quora Spaces, you should surely check whether you have already gotten it. Chances are that you have probably got it already.

Go to your Quora Profile page and check the Right Sidebar. You will find the ‘Credentials & Highlights’ section. Just below it, you will see a ‘Create a Space’ option, if Quora Spaces are approved for you.

Below is my Quora Profile: Nirmal Sarkar. I could find the ‘Spaces’ feature enabled for me.

Guide: How to Create & Join 'Spaces' on Quora?

If you see the same option for you, voila. You can create New Quora Spaces. If not, don’t worry. You can still request an invite for the same. Check the second Method below.

Method #2: Request an Invite to Create Quora Space:

Right now, the option to create a new space is restricted to limited users only and only accessible by invitation from Quora. You can request an invite by filling up this Google Form. If you are eligible to create a space, then you would receive the invitation via email.

If you have received the invitation, then you need to go to the space tab, and in the top right corner, you will get an option to create one. The process is similar to the operation of joining a new space. 

Guide: How to create new 'Spaces' on Quora?Guide: How to create new 'Spaces' on Quora?

Image Sources: Quora

Method #3: Contact Quora Community Managers:

There is another way of creating new ‘Spaces’ on Quora, although it requires some manual intervention from Quora Community Managers.

The Quora Community Managers have the power to create new Spaces on Quora. Hence, if you are passionate about creating a new and unique Space on Quora, you can get in touch with Quora Community Managers. Just message them on Quora and pitch them your idea.

If they find your idea interesting, they might respond and create the Quora Space for you, and make you the admin over there.

One such Quora Community Manager is Neha Agarwal. You can get in touch with her.

Final Verdict:

The main motive of Quora behind these spaces is that they want to create a place with the following features:

  • To provide a place where best answers can be cultivated on a particular topic.
  • To help a writer concentrate on a single answer related to a particular topic.
  • To build a place for different users to discuss their queries on a common interest.

After using spaces, I can confidently say that this was the smartest move Quora could take. You can try it out and share your experience with me.

If you have further queries, you can comment below. I will be happy to help you out. If you love reading our posts at HiTricks, feel free to share them with your friends. We rely purely on organic growth from people like you.

I will be back with another exciting update. Till then, stay tuned!

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