Important Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing an Air Conditioner

When you’re planning on purchasing an air conditioner, whether it is the best 2 ton split AC or some other type, it is necessary to keep a few essential things in mind. This includes knowing the size of the area your AC is supposed to cool down among other things.

Below you will find a comprehensive guide on what you should remember when purchasing an AC for your home! Here’s an overview:

What is the air cooling capacity for a 100 m2 area?

Choosing an air conditioning system for your home can be trickier. While the air conditioner’s power is mainly determined by the living area to be served, find out right away what air conditioning power is appropriate for a 100 m2 space. Be aware that your decision will impact both your comfort and your electricity cost. So, do the math.

The proper air conditioning power:

Determining the proper air conditioning power to cover 100 m2 is critical for selecting the right air conditioning equipment to satisfy your requirements. You should be aware that the power of these devices is usually expressed in BTU (British thermal unit). In practice, multiplying a space’s surface area by its ceiling height, then multiplying by 100, yields the appropriate number of BTUs for that room. An additional 1,000 BTUs per window are required if the space has windows.

The air conditioning power necessary to cover 54 m2 is estimated to be around 14,000 BTUs, or 4,100 W. Air conditioning for a 25 m2 room takes an average capacity of 9,000 BTUs (2,800 W). According to these figures, the air conditioning power for a 100 m2 area should be between 30,000 and 35,000 BTU, or around 9,700 W.

However, because other elements come into play when choosing your equipment’s power, this air conditioning power for 100 m2 is presented as an indication. You’ll need a more powerful gadget if you have a greater ceiling height, a lot of windows, an ancient house, or poor insulation. In contrast, if your home is brand new, well-insulated, and made up of small rooms that need to be cooled, a lesser wattage may be sufficient.

The significance of accurately evaluating your air conditioning’s power:

Determining the optimum air conditioning power for 100 m2 is critical to guarantee that your air conditioning system operates appropriately and avoid any unpleasant surprises when you receive your energy bill.

If your air conditioner is undersized and insufficiently robust, it will constantly run at high speeds to compensate for its lack of power. As a result, your electricity cost will rise without providing ideal comfort in your house. There is a double penalty.

In contrast, if the air conditioning power is insufficient for 100 m2, you will have spent more money for little return, as the machine would never be able to demonstrate its full capabilities. Worse, running the air conditioner may cause it to wear out faster and function poorly.

The key to achieving the best performance while reducing consumption is to select the appropriate air conditioning power for the surface to be covered.

Make your energy provider a reliable ally:

You now have all the information you need to determine the appropriate air conditioning power for a 100 m2 area. On the other hand, don’t overlook another critical factor in getting the most out of your air conditioning system: the energy provider you choose.

As we all know, using air conditioning in your house will increase your electricity cost by 15 to 25%, depending on how often and how intensely you use it. To keep this from putting a strain on your energy budget, you may sign up for one of TotalEnergies’ three electricity plans, each tailored to your specific needs and competitive pricing. In case you need an inverter, you may also check out our inverter buying guide.

Air Conditioning – Buying Guide:

These five points cover the most critical considerations and ensure that you select the appropriate equipment:

Power consumption:

The device’s sizing is usually controlled by a professional capable of measuring the required power in proportion to the room measurements. Moreover, you can check out the Khojdeal buying guide for Air Conditioners. Trusting an expert will keep you from getting into a position where you’re either under-or over-efficient (the device isn’t powerful enough) (device too powerful and therefore too energy-intensive).


When purchasing a new air conditioner, it is essential to consider the dehumidification performance. This rate varies a lot from one gadget to the next.

Noise pollution:

While most split air conditioners are quiet and unobtrusive, this is not the case with mobile air conditioners, which tend to be loud. Despite recent development, they still top 60 dB regularly (not insignificant when placed next to a bed).


Reversible, inverter, remote control, night mode, room-by-room use routines, and other technological features are unavailable on all models. Take the time to think about why each option is necessary.


When looking at pictures of air conditioners, you’ll notice that not all manufacturers have the same design goals. In addition to the traditional wall-mounted air conditioning, we also have new design models in various sizes and colors (dark grey and black being very trendy). Air conditioning has even evolved into a beautiful item found in a living room, kitchen, or even a bedroom.

What kind of power (kW) is ideal for my needs?

The table below summarises the necessary sizing concerning your requirements. We considered a ceiling height of 2.5m, the presence of a window for an area up to 10 m2, and the presence of two windows for an area more than 10 m2.

These numbers are provided solely for informational purposes. Other factors to consider are the quality of the insulation and the exposure, ventilation, and geographical location. A professional heat balance is required to obtain a considerably more precise estimate.

Last Words:

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