pTron Bassbuds Pro Review: Doesn’t feel like a cheap TWS at all

pTron is one of the audio brands that launch budget TWS and Bluetooth headsets in the Indian market. A few months before, they have launched its pTron Bassbuds Pro. These buds came as a successor for the pTron Bassbuds Lite which had a stem-like design.

I’ve been using the Pro for a while now, and let us have a detailed look at the same. It has unique stuff that makes it different from other TWS’s that is present in the market. In today’s post, I will be reviewing my pTron Bassbuds Pro, discuss its features, build quality, and obviously sound outputs, and whether or not it is a value for money purchase.

So let’s get started!

Price between ₹1099-₹1299

pTron Bassbuds Pro Box Contents:

Apart from the courier box, it comes with a nice Air bubble plastic sheet that protects the box of the TWS. Once you remove it, you can another plastic cover that protects the box. The box comes in blue color with good design and with the pTron branding. I’m damn satisfied with the packaging quality, it feels much premium. Once you open the box, you get the following contents:-

  • Earphones & Charging Case
  • Few extra ear tips
  • Type C cable for charging
  • User manual & Warranty card

Build Quality & Comfort:

The entire material is made up of plastic, but trust me it doesn’t look like cheap ones. The charging case gives a nice feel to hold & it’s compact to hold. It comes in a pebble shape design with a mat grey color. That said, carrying it in our Jean’s pocket wouldn’t be an issue. The case has also an LED display inside which will display the battery details of the case and the buds. I haven’t seen the LED display in any of the other TWS out there.

00000IMG 00000 BURST20200804180556432 COVER scaledTo the back, it has the USB type C port. It is one of the advantages over other TWS available in this budget. The TWS also comes in a mat finish. Unlike the Lite which had a stem design, the “Pro” version has a bean-like design. Some of you may find this interesting. Tbh, I love stem design than the bean. It has a touch bar which is working properly. But yeah, there is a small delay in the actions which are common in this price range. These buds fit into ears very nicely. It can stay there for hours without any issues. Don’t worry about its durability, these aren’t like the cheap ones available in the market. Thumbs up to pTron for designing it in a useful way. 

pTron Bassbuds Pro Features:

By the time you may know that it has touch controls, and it contains all the basic stuff. Like double-tap to skip, tap to answer, and accept or reject calls. The distinct feature is the LED display which displays charge left in the case in terms of percentage. For the buds, it comes with two different bars which we have seen in old Nokia devices.

pTron Bassbuds ProThe device comes with Bluetooth 5.0, and the brand claims up to 10 meters of coverage. I’ve tested myself to check this fact. In my test, I’ve almost got 9 meters of coverage. But, if you place one bud in the table along with the phone, and then go with the second bud alone, it’ll give you only coverage of 3 meters. To sum it up, the coverage is great considering the price. Pairing isn’t also a big deal with this, you can pair with your smartphone or laptop in a single click.

pTron Bassbuds Pro Sound quality:

The interesting area of every review of TWS’s is its sound quality. Trust me, no one will tell that these buds are cheap ones. They sound very rich and are comparable with some TWS which costs almost it’s double. I’ve been pretty impressed with this as it has excellent performance. You can hear all the instruments played in music i.e. instrument separation. Although the bass is a bit low but considering all other things, I’m satisfied with this. The sound is so crisp, but the volume levels aren’t that high. But, if your device supports something like Dolby, then it can overcome this issue.

00000IMG 00000 BURST20200804180400250 COVER scaledBut, the problem lies while calling i.e. the other person can’t pick up our voice in full sound. I’ve tried calling some of my friends, and they were complaining about the same. So, if you’re someone who has to make a lot of calls, then you can skip this and go for something else. I have also tried playing some games like PUBG, there is a noticeable delay while playing. So, for that purpose, it won’t suit your needs, which is something pretty usual with wireless audio gears.

pTron Bassbuds Pro Battery Backup:

Now let us look into another crucial part of the review i.e. about battery backup. Each of these earbuds has a battery capacity of 40mAh. While the case has almost 400mAh battery, and you can’t expect a bigger capacity considering its size. After playing some videos on YouTube, and streaming some music for almost 2hrs, the battery of the buds dropped only about 40%. Thus you can almost finish two movies in a single go. As usual, with the case, you can charge your buds for a couple of times. 

00000IMG 00000 BURST20200804180104288 COVER scaledDepending on your usage, the case will last for one or two days. In my case, it almost lasted for a full day. My usage was kind of mixed i.e. streaming some music and movies in Amazon. If you use occasionally, then it will last for two or more days. Interestingly, the case can be charged up to 100% in just one and a half hours.

pTron Bassbuds Pro Verdict:

00000IMG 00000 BURST20200804180526471 COVER scaledSo, if you’re a person who doesn’t play many games and call quality isn’t a big deal. Then, you can go with the device. To be honest, no one can say that its pricing is just 1499. Sometimes, the pricing goes as low as 1299, and it’s a steal deal. I don’t know why pTron had committed a mistake by sending a micro USB cable with this. Luckily, my device (Realme X2) has USB type C port, so I could use its cable for charging. If you encounter something like this, you can replace the unit. I have researched a bit about this in Amazon user reviews, no one reported the same error. So, don’t worry about this thing.

7.8 Total Score
Budget all-rounder, but not for Gamers

The pTron Bassbuds Pro is a nice pair of TWS overall. Feature-wise, it has managed to tick the right boxes with Bluetooth 5.0, Touch Controls, Type-C Port, and an easy-to-read LED display. The sound quality is just crisp for movies and music, however, issues arise during calls. It also suffers from the audio lag during gaming. So gamers have to skip this.

Build Quality
Sound Quality
Battery Life
Value for Money
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Touch Controls
  • Sound Quality is great for the price
  • LED Display for Battery Juice
  • Type C port for charging
  • Value for Money
  • Audio Lags during gaming
  • Issues with sound quality during calls
  • Battery Life is average
Price between ₹1099-₹1299

Last Words:

So that was my full review of pTron Bassbuds Pro. Thank you for reading this till the end! I hope you will be able to decide whether you need it. If you have any further queries, don’t forget to drop a comment below. I will try my best to help you out.

Before I wrap it up, I want to emphasize on the fact that the era of TWS has just begun in 2020. We will see new launches and upgrades over the next few years. This might become the new normal sooner or later. So, this is a nice time for you to shift towards TWS. Try it to feel it. Do join our Telegram Channel to get the latest tech updates. Keep visiting HiTricks.

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  1. Ptron is a best budget headphone company. Soun quality is very good. I am using ptron wired headphone from last one year and I am happy with this.

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