How to Prepare For Class 8 Maths Exam?

Want to prepare for the Class 8 Maths Exam? Read along.

Maths is always enjoyable, whatever class you may be in. I am a Biotechnologist (and a Tech Blogger, of course, else this blog would not have existed in the first place), and maths is just a part of my academic life. Although I am not an absolute pro in Maths, I enjoy Mathematics a lot and love to ponder around it.

Maths is a science that deals with the reasoning of arrangements, quantity, and shape. Everything we do needs maths.

If you don’t know maths, you won’t be able to count the number of friends you are about to invite to your birthday party. When you are buying chocolate, for instance, it costs rupees 60, you have paid the shopkeeper with a 100 rupees note, how much will you receive? 40, isn’t it? You won’t be able to calculate if you don’t know pure mathematics.

If we see correctly, everything we see around us is useless if maths was unkind to us. We wouldn’t have even been able to calculate the days, months, or minutes.

Everything can be understood with mathematical calculations—the sun’s movement, the probability of monsoon coming, etc.  Maths is even present in nature, the blooming of a flower or the birds flying in a particular shape.

Also, if you notice carefully, the honeycombs have a particular shape and numbers. Did you know, the river when you see it ends will bring you to the starting point, it’s kind of a loop. You can solve it using the Pi number.

Anyways, all these examples are enough to make you understand the necessity of mathematics in life! Therefore it is vital to know mathematics and to score good marks you have to practice it. We will give you some expert tips to help you score good marks in the exam.

If you landed here to read this article, you must be searching for advice to prepare for the class 8 maths exam. Well, you are in the right place. Taking the right steps at a school level will not only grow your interest in the subject, but you will also be able to grasp higher level maths quickly if you have your base clear.

Tips for Class 8 Maths:

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Here are some tips from a big brother that you can follow to improve your grip on Mathematics in the long run. Remember, whether you choose mathematics as a core subject in your life or not, you still need to keep in touch with maths full-time till Class 12. So, follow these useful maths tips for class 8:

  • Don’t skip any chapter: If you skip any chapter, you might lose some marks. You don’t want that. Practice every section for the whole year. Don’t keep anything piled up for the exam.
  • Don’t panic before exams and lose sleep: Sleeping and eating right and at the right time is essential before exams. If you take proper sleep, your brain won’t be able to process information, and hence, it will lead to blockage in your mind. Drink milk before going to bed; this will help you fall asleep faster and provide you a fresh morning.
  • Don’t consult any problems with friends who are scared of it: Take help from your elders, teachers but don’t consult with friends who are afraid of mathematics. They will make you more nervous, and you will start panicking instead of practicing it. And once you start panicking, it will not be a help to you.
  • Solve a lot of Sample Papers: Just in case you sign up for the Vedantu class 8 maths exam, refer to the sample paper, your classwork copies, and also CBSE solutions that are provided online. You will get these from NCERT’s official website for free. They can be downloaded in pdf forms. You can take a printout if you want. This might help you. Practice the sample papers thoroughly. If you need help at any moment, ask it from your parents or teachers.
  • Before your study leave starts, clear all your doubts from your teacher: Ask her a hundred times if the problem is not clear to you. She will make you understand a hundred times.

Last Words:

Don’t panic too much for the class 8 maths exam because it is straightforward. You just need to practice the exercises. Follow the simple advice given here. I got these tips from experienced teachers. We wish you all the best for your final exams!

Thank you for reading. If you have any further queries, do let me know in the comments below. I will be happy to help. And don’t forget to share this post with your classmates and help them out too. Keep following the tech tips and tricks at HiTricks.

Nirmal Sarkar
Nirmal Sarkar

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