PDFBear: The Best Online Tool to Compress PDF Files

File-size, security and read-only nature are three things you must pay attention to when sending files through email, sharing in your social media accounts, or publishing on web pages. The best format you can use in PDF. Because of its large size, you must compress the file to reduce the size so it won’t take up too much space, and it’s quicker to upload.

To compress files, you need a tool. There are many options to choose from, ranging from apps, software to online compressors. But they are not all the same. You must select a tool that is secured, easy-to-use, and gives a high-quality output. Here’s one tool that is very reliable and has all things you need for a PDF compressor.

Why Choose PDFBear for Compression?

PDFBear is an online tool you can use as an efficient PDF compressor. It enables the user to compress files through any device such as a phone, tablet, or computer without installing an app or software. This platform also ensures the highest quality of the output, with no distortion from the original file, both in readability and printability.

Another key advantage of this tool is the other 20 tools you can choose from, making the management of your PDF files hassle-free. You can convert, edit PDF files and save them to many different formats. Even sharing is easy; you may download it straight to your device, share through a link, or upload it to cloud storage. Here are other vital features of PDFBear.

Easy to Use Platform

Before you think of compressing a large PDF file to a small version, you need to stop worrying since navigating the platform is as easy as 1-2-3-4. Just drag-and-drop the file into the conversion box or choose the file from your phone or computer. Then wait for your file to compress, which will only take a few seconds or minutes. 

Once done, you can download the file or share it through email, cloud storage (Google Drive or Dropbox), and social media accounts through sharing or giving them a URL for the compressed PDF file.

Cloud Storage Advantage

PDFBear is generated on the Cloud, where all activities are done and stored online. All you need to have to access the tools is a device connected to the internet. You can use the PDF compressor on any device at your most convenient time. No need for account registration and software installation.

Compatible with Multiple Browsers

One good thing about PDFBear is its compatibility with many browsers, namely Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome. It also runs seamlessly with your computer’s operating systems, such as Mac, Windows, and Linux. 

The same applies to your phone and tablet; the platform will run smoothly with both IOS and Android. All you need to have with you is an internet connection, and you are all set to compress your PDF files.

High-Quality Compression

Using PDFBear saves you the trouble of decreasing the file’s size while also having the full PDF resolution. This PDF Compressor gives you a high-quality output. Even though the file is compressed, it preserves the structure and format of the source file. This way, you keep the zoom ability and clarity of your files.

Hassle-free Sharing of Files

Many of the users swear by how easy it is for them to share their files. With just a shareable link, you can share your PDF files with your workmates, family, and friends. Alternatively, you can upload it straight to your choice of cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox. This way, you can also save up space on your device.

Get Compressed PDF Files Quickly

It is a no-frills platform- upload, compression, download, and sharing of your PDF Files- take a few minutes. Anyone can conveniently use this. PDFBear can compress your files up to 144dpi, making the file size smaller, much more convenient for you to email or publish online. 

Unlike other options that you could find on the internet, they may not guarantee you a quick and easy conversion. With PDFBear, you will only have to sit back for a matter of seconds, and your desired output will be ready to download. You will only need to sacrifice a few seconds and a few clicks.

No Need to Download an Application or Software

The full operation on PDFBear happens on the web entirely. It means you don’t need to free up some space on your computer and device—no need to lose time installing an application and software. Plus, you don’t need to meet a list of specific requirements. Just open your browser, go to the platform, and do your tasks.

Downloading applications or software only to compress large PDF files can also consume your storage space. If you do not want to compromise your room, do it online using PDFBear’s compress PDF tool.

Guaranteed Customer Privacy Security

This online compressor uses SSL Protection that does the encryption of the files you upload. The platform does not store any personal information like passwords, credit card number, security codes. Thus, no identity theft or security breach can occur. 

Since you do everything online, it also eliminates the possibility of malware and other viruses to infect your computer or device that comes with downloading software and applications. 

With PDFBear, you can safely compress your files without compromising your data privacy. Besides giving the best quality outputs and excellent service, their top priority is their client’s privacy. They value respect, and that is what every client deserves.

It is not ideal to trust any random PDF compressor that you find on the search engine results. Your private data and information could get stolen without your knowledge, and no one wants that to happen to them.


Many tools are available online, but it’s more convenient to use one platform to manage all your PDF Files. PDFBear offers all your needs from compressing, converting to editing, merging, and splitting files. Apart from that, your PDF’s quality stays high, compression takes quick, and user’s security and privacy are guaranteed.

Thank you for reading about PDFBear. Let me know if you have any queries. I will be happy to help. Keep visiting HiTricks.

Nirmal Sarkar
Nirmal Sarkar

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