Online Text Editor Review: Is it helpful to Speed up your workflow?

EditPad is an online Notepad editor which is used for editing and modifying text on the internet. Its functions are more or less the same as that of the notepad of Microsoft.

This website also offers a plagiarism checker tool and can be used by students while writing a thesis, paper, or assignment. It is easy to use and can perform multiple functions the details of which are discussed in this article.

Actions it can perform:

By Using Editpad, you can perform the following actions:-

● Create your notes

● Edit your text online

● It is also used to check the grammar of the text

● Plagiarism can also be checked using Editpad

● Convert case

● You can change the font easily

● Backward text generator

● Small text.

● It also enables the user to check “word count” and “character count”

EditPad Interface:

Online Text Editor Review: Is it helpful to Speed up your workflow?

Steps to be followed while performing different tasks are given below:-

● First of all open

● Copy/paste the text or upload the file you want to edit/make changes to. 

● Create notes and save them for future use if required.

● You can also upload content from one drive and other applications online.

Important Tools:

Online Text Editor Review: Is it helpful to Speed up your workflow?

Following tools are considered to be of utmost importance when it comes to the features of 

Plagiarism Checker:

● It is used to check the plagiarism of the content.

● Open the website and click on “Plagiarism Checker”.

● You can copy the text you want to check or add a file from your laptop.

● Click on “Check Plagiarism”.

● The result will be shown in the form of two categories i.e. Plagiarized content and Unique Percent

● The checked content can easily be copied and saved anywhere required.

● It will also direct you to the source, from where the content has been copied.

● The plagiarism report can be shared with people for reference/teaching purposes as well. 

Paraphrasing Tool:

● It is a tool provided by which enables the users to paraphrase their content.

● First of all, click on the “Paraphrasing Tool” button and an empty text box will appear. 

● Copy the text that needs to be paraphrased and paste it here.

● You can also upload different files from your computer.

● Click on “Paraphrase It” to get the work done.

● This tool plays an important role in making plagiarism-free content.

● It is a free tool and therefore is used by a large number of people.

Grammar Checker:

● It helps to check the grammar of a given text.

● All you need to do is to click the “Check Grammar” button.

● Copy the text you want to check in the text box.

● Click on the “Check Grammar” button.

● All the mistakes will be highlighted and can be corrected, edited, and saved from thereon.

Text Summarizer:

● It helps in summarizing the text. 

● It is very easy to use.

● Click on the “Text Summarizer” button.

● Copy the text in the text box.

● Click on “Summarize”. 

● Text will be summarized.

● It is generally used by students.

Other Important Features:

Word count: It can be checked using this feature.

Privacy and Protection: It is ensured by creating a password on the shared notes and hence offers privacy.

Simplicity: It is easy to use and even beginners can use it without facing any problem due to its simple design and ease of access.

Paraphrasing Tool: One of the important use of this software is the ability to paraphrase the content.

Storage/Installation: To use this text editor there is no need to install it and hence no storage space is compromised on a laptop/smartphone.

Alternative: It can be used instead of other online text editors like Hemingway text editor and Microsoft Notepad.

Format Support: You can upload multiple format files on it including DOC/.DOCX (Microsoft word documents), TXT (plain text files), and PDF.

Print Preview: It’s better than Microsoft Notepad.

Dark Theme: In my personal experience, it’s a useful feature when you’re using it at night.

There are several text editors available in the market but Editpad is considered to be one of the best in business. The above-mentioned features and utilities of this editor have made it the first option for many people.

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