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Nothing Technologies, which is mainly led by Carl Pei (co-founder of OnePlus) is working on its Smartphone known as the Nothing Phone (1). Ahead of the launch, Nothing Technologies has also launched their latest launcher called Nothing Launcher which is currently in its beta version.

For those people who’re unaware of launchers, it is a software program where you can manage, organize and interact with the applications on your Android Smartphone or tablet. The Nothing Launcher (Beta) is now available for download on Google Play Store.

In today’s post, we will have a look at the Nothing Launcher and its features, and how you can download it for free. Here’s an overview:

About Nothing Launcher:

The newly-launched Nothing Launcher (Beta) is presently available for some selected Smartphone devices which include the Google Pixel series, Samsung Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S22 series, and selected OnePlus devices. Hopefully, support for other Smartphone devices will be added in the next couple of days. Since the launcher is available in its beta version, users should note that they can face some errors or bugs, and also some features may crash suddenly while processing.

The size of the app is around 5.8 MB and the minimum software requirements for its installation on Android-based devices is Android 8 and above. As for the features of the launcher, it will provide dot-matrix design language, maximized icons, and folders. Apart from these features, you’ll also get Bespoke Weather and Clock widgets on the launcher. Moreover, the users can expand the size of the app icons and folders.

Nothing Launcher Features:

Nothing OS Launcher is an exceptional alternative to Oxygen OS if you want a fast and simple launcher that should be better than Oxygen OS. Even though it is in the beta version, this launcher is already very fast and has many valuable functions. By interchanging the icons and themes on your Smartphone, you can totally change the look and feel of your Smartphone device and also add additional features like Smart Folders and Search Assistant. Nothing Launcher is surely an amazing launcher, and it can be a great option for users who want something unique or different from the normal Android-based launcher.

One of the finest features of Nothing Launcher is the capability to hide all your Android apps except the ones you choose as your favorite apps. In this way, you can easily access your favorite Android apps without having to riffle or scroll through the long list of app icons. Another astonishing feature of Nothing Launcher is its ability to personalize or customize your app drawer. You can add or remove apps, rearrange the position of the apps in which they appear, and even create customized folders on the launchers.

The Nothing Launcher is quite simple or minimalist compared to other Android-based launchers. It blends well with the Android 12’s Material You engine, although there are no Material-style app icons or widgets to pair with the rest of the interface. Other important features of the launcher are –

  • Max Icons and Max Folders – Press and hold the app for some time to extend or enlarge the app folder or the size of the individual app so that the things you use on the Launcher are more visible to its users. Apart from this feature, you can also launch any application instantly from its app folder.
  • Nothing Wallpaper and Theme Style – You can update the home screen of the launcher with special wallpapers from Nothing Launcher along with a matching color scheme.
  • You can also customize the launcher to give it a different look and feel. Also, the launcher has a “Floating Deck” feature which you can use to manage your device apps and widgets.
  • The Nothing Launcher has a “Quick Access” feature that allows you to instantly access your highly-used apps on your Smartphone device. With this feature, you don’t have to scroll a lot for your favorite apps on the main menu of your Smartphone device.

How to Download the Nothing Launcher from Google Play Store? 

To download the Nothing Launcher (Beta version), follow the simple steps –

  • Firstly, open Google Play Store on your Android Smartphone and search for the Nothing Launcher (Beta) app. Or you can also download the APK File of the launcher by clicking here.
  • Now, download the app or APK file and install the Launcher on your Smartphone’s device.
  • Now, go to the Settings app and click on the Apps option. After that, click on the Default Apps option and then click on the Default Home App option.
  • Now, click on the Nothing Launcher option to install the Launcher on your Smartphone device. With this option, the Nothing Launcher will be installed successfully on your Smartphone.

That’s all. You have installed Nothing Launcher successfully. Try it out and let me know how you liked it. Don’t forget to share this post with your android buddies also.

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