Norton Family: Get 6 Months Free Parental Control

The COVID-19 Pandemic is actively spreading throughout the world, and 50k+ new people are infected every day. Many countries have adopted strict measures to counter the disease. Lockdowns are enforced in different countries around the world. Businesses are forced to shut down or imply ‘Work from Home’ protocols for their employees.

Under these circumstances, different companies are coming together and offering free services to help out those at home.

Norton is no exception! They are providing six months of free access to their Norton Family software. This is available for Android, iOS, and Windows Operating Systems.

In today’s post, I will go through the offer and give you the step by step guide how to avail it.

So, let’s start!

Norton Family Features:

Norton Family: Get 6 Months Free Parental Control

Norton Family is software for parents to track their children’s activities on the internet, and limit access according to their choice. If you are a mother or a father, then you can use this for your child to monitor their web usage.

As a parent, you can control your children’s activities up to 17 years old.

Here are the features of Norton Family:

  • Web Supervision: Using this feature, you can supervise the websites your kid visits, and block access to the websites you don’t want him or her to enter (such as adult sites, etc.).
  • Time Supervision: You can fine-tune the amount of time your kid spends online and limit the activities beyond a specified period.
  • Search Supervision: This is useful as it sends you the search terms your kid is googling online. You can see the words, phrases, or sentences, and monitor your kids accordingly.
  • Personal Information Protection: This will prevent your kid from giving out any personal information like phone number, address, school address, etc. or any other information anywhere online.
  • Video Supervision: You can check on the videos your kid watches over the YouTube app. It will also give you a small preview snippet of the video.
  • Mobile App Supervision: This allows you to check the mobile apps your kid downloaded from Google Play Store or App Store, or even sideloaded into your device. You can choose which apps to allow access.
  • Instant Lock: If you need to block access to your device anytime, just use this option for an emergency instant device lock. It can also help if you want your kid to re-focus, or join the family dinner, etc.
  • Email Alerts: If your kid is trying to access a blocked site, then, apart from blocking it, Norton will also send you an email so that you can decide to talk to him or her instantly.
  • Access Request: Like you, your kid also gets the option to disagree with any rule you set. In this case, he or she can use this option inside the Norton Family app to send you a note or ask for permission.
  • Parent Portal: There is a parent web-portal where you can manage all your devices and check on their security.
  • Weekly and Monthly Reports: All the above data will also be presented to you in a weekly or monthly report, which you can forward to your child supervisor or a doctor or anyone who needs to know.
  • Parent Mobile App: All of the above features can be configured and monitored with the user-friendly Parent Mobile App.

Norton Family System Requirements:

If you have a windows computer, android device, or an iOS device, you are good to go. Mac OS is currently not supported. Below are the minimum system requirements for the same.

  • Windows 10: All versions supported except Windows 10S. Metro and Edge browsers not recommended.
  • Windows 8/8.1: All versions supported. Metro browser not supported.
  • Windows 7 and Windows Vista all versions supported with Service Pack 1 or later.
  • Windows XP Home / Professional supported with Service Pack 3 or later.
  • Android: Android 4 or later supported.
  • iOS: iOS 9 or then supported.

How to get Norton Family 6 Months Free Trial?

Norton Family: Get 6 Months Free Parental Control

Here’s the step by step guide to avail the six months free access to Norton Family software.

  • Visit the Norton Family 6 Months Free Offer Page.
  • Click ‘Start Now.’
  • You will be asked to Sign In to your Norton Account or Sign Up for a New Account. Sign Up if you haven’t yet.
  • Once you sign in, you can see the instructions: At first, you need to add a child, then install the family client on your child’s phone and finally monitor the activities from your device.
  • Click Agree and Continue.
  • Enter your Child Name and Choose Restriction Level. You can also upload a photo of your child, or select an avatar.
  • The default Restriction Level will be Very High for children less than eight years, High for 8-11 years, Moderate for 12-14 years, and Low for 15-17 years, which makes sense.
  • Next, choose your child’s device and download and install the Norton Family app there.
  • Once it is configured, you can monitor your child’s activities.

That’s all. Remember to grab the offer before June this year, as the offer is only valid till 31st May 2020.

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Last Words:

That’s all about how to grab the Norton Family subscription free for six months. If you have any further queries, let me know in the comments below, I will be happy to help out.

Also, if your kid is grown up a bit, you can use these online learning apps that have gone free during this coronavirus pandemic. You can get access to their courses for free.

If you are from India, download the Aarogya Setu app to get notified if you crossed paths with a COVID19 positive person in the last one week.

Do share this post with your friends. It will help them manage their kids’ online activities and provide them with a safer community surfing experience. Use the social share button below.

I will be back soon with another exciting update, till then, stay safe, and stay tuned! Keep visiting HiTricks.

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