About the NCBI Books App Project

Developing a Search-Based Android App for the NCBI Database:

[Note: Please Note that this is a Project App for Techno India University, West Bengal, and not meant for usage by the Public Yet.]

About the Project:

The NCBI website hosts a wide array of books, reports, documents etc which are accessible for free of cost. In our project, we wanted to make an easy way to access those data from Android Mobiles in a matter of seconds. Our App, NCBI Books, is available on Google Play Store for Downloading. From the app, the book titles and content topics can be searched directly in a few seconds. It has a user-friendly interface, which will help the user to use this app as an Encyclopaedia for Biotechnology.

Technologies Used:

To prepare the Logic behind the coding for this app, we used Java. For preparing the front-end UI, we used XML. Basically, for each book, we collected the contents and the corresponding links for the contents under a hash function, where the key is the content and the value is the link for the content. The Application is made on the open-source Android Studio. The Google Play Developer Console is used to publish the app on Google Play Store.

Entrepreneurship Potential:

As a starter, our app NCBI Books provides a platform for only book searches from NCBI database. But in the future, this app will have the updated search features like Review Articles, Thesis Papers, Journals, Researches, Documentaries all sourced from the NCBI databases. With constant updates, as the app takes its full form it will become an ultimate hub for NCBI readers as well as general Biotechnology Enthusiasts.

Behind the Project:

This project is created by 5 enthusiastic students from the Department of Biotechnology, Techno India University.

  • Nirmal Sarkar
  • Suvarthi Basu
  • Riki Mondal
  • Tamojit Dasgupta
  • Nilay Saha

This project is guided by our Teachers:

  • Dr. Malavika Bhattacharya
  • Dr. Sayantan Banerjee

Contact us: [email protected]