Best Mutual Fund Investment Apps 2022

Mutual Funds are gaining momentum among a lot of people as an investment instrument next to banking and fixed deposits. People are choosing to invest via Mutual Fund as it is convenient, reliable (since a well-educated and professional fund manager is handling the investment), and gives a long-term investment opportunity for any investor.

In mutual funds, you can invest your money at once (lump sum) or via SIP (Systemic Investment Plan) in the form of monthly installments. Both are quite useful depending on how the market is moving, and how much corpus you have in hand for investing.

As a beginner, if you look around, there are a lot of apps and websites available in the market that provide direct mutual funds investing which might confuse you into which app to choose from. To make the process easy for you I have created a list of some of the best mutual funds investment apps. All the apps are 100% trusted and well known. Every app is unique on its own and you can start with any one of your choices. In case you are searching for the best stock market trading and investment apps, check out the link.

But, even before you begin, you should definitely research more about Mutual Funds and how it works. You don’t need to pay for any premium courses. The concept of Mutual Funds is quite easy to understand, and for the most part, it is managed by a qualified fund manager appointed by the AMC, so it is easier to begin (compared to the stock market investing). So, google about it. Watch videos on youtube. Make yourself qualified to choose your own funds. It will help you in the long run.

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groww mutual fund appGroww is another great mutual fund Investment apps with a simple interface. If you are bored with seeing multiple things on your screen then Groww is the best choice for you they provide a clean and simple UI for the users. With the help of this app, you can directly invest in stocks, mutual funds, and SIP.

Groww does not charge any fee for account activation you can download the app directly from the play store and start to invest in mutual funds after completing your KYC. However, they charge a little amount of money when you sell your shares.

The Payment service is also pretty easy they support every major payment platform including GooglePay, PhonePe, UPI, Internet banking, And Bank Transfer via NEFT/RGTS/IMPS.

Download Groww App


Paytm Money

paytm money mutual funds appPaytm Money is another Stocks & Mutual Funds investment app powered by Paytm Money. They also give access to direct mutual funds and do not charge any fee or subscription for investing. You just have to complete your KYC on the Paytm money app which takes only 30 minutes to complete.

Paytm Money divided the mutual funds into many categories such as NPS, Tax saver Funds, Funds with best returns, Top-rated fund, New funds offer, International Mutual funds. They also have an Investment Ideas option you can find the best mutual funds according to your preferences.

If you are going to invest in mutual funds then Paytm money is the best option for you. You can start investing from Rs. 100 only. They also do not have any limits on buy/sell.

Download Paytm Money App


Zerodha Coin

zerodha coin mutual funds appZerodha Coin is a new app by Zerodha which provides direct mutual funds investing through this platform. There are over 2000 mutual funds available on this platform with over 40 commission-free direct mutual funds schemes. Zerodha coin is totally free to use, you don’t have to pay any commission for investing.

They provide easy and flexible investment options for investors anyone can start a SIP in mutual funds with a nominal amount. It is trusted and backed by Zerodha which is one of the most used apps in the market.

Download Zerodha Coin App



indwealth mutual fund appIndWealth provides stocks, mutual funds, IPO, and other services. Basically, it’s an investment platform like the other mentioned platforms. However, Indwealth provides a much more cleaner and simple UI compared to other apps. It helps you to find the best mutual funds scheme for you.

Indwealth is more focused on the family account it helps you to manage your family member’s account from one place. They provide detailed analysis for your account in one place including investments, loans, credit cards, and overall family net worth.

Download IndWealth App



kuvera mutual fund appKuvera is a well know platform for stock and mutual funds investment. it is a zero brokerage app that means they do not charge any fee from you while investing in the mutual funds. Kuvera helps you to find suitable mutual funds according to your investment plans.

They have many features to manage your investment profile cleaner which helps you to track your investment transaction easily. Kuvera also provides multiple accounts such as Family Account where you can manage investments for your relatives and family members and Managed account where you can add your financial advisor as a Manager to your Kuvera account and let them guide your investments.

Download Kuvera App



mycams mutual funds appmyCams helps you to manage your mutual fund’s investments. They have many features such as Get one view of your MF portfolio, open new folios, set up SIP, and more. MyCams provide easier and smarter ways to invest in Mutual funds.

By using myCams you can invest in multiple mutual funds from single gateways without paying an extra fee to the broker. They let you invest directly in the mutual funds without taking any commission.

As for the security, myCams is fully secured and does not store any information on your device. They have a powerful security system that keeps your password encrypted even myCams can not access them.

Download myCams App


ET Money

et money mutual fund appET Money is one of the best apps that lets you invest in stocks, mutual funds, plan retirement & pension via NPS, Buy Health Insurance & Term Life Insurance. ET Money helps you to track & manage external mutual funds investment. They provide various plans to invest in mutual funds including Large-cap Mutual Fund, Small-cap Mutual Fund, Balanced Fund, ELSS Fund, Liquid Fund. You can start to invest in mutual funds at just Rs. 100 without paying taxes or any other charges.

They also provide a feature where you can switch your existing Lumpsum or SIP mutual fund investments from other apps like Paytm Money, Groww, Scripbox & Zerodha Coin. The payment is quick & easy for mutual funds or SIPs with UPI Apps like Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm & enable one-tap payments through Easy Pay & Net banking.

Download ET Money App




AMC Website: (Direct Invest)

You probably know that whatever money you invest into Mutual Funds goes to the Asset Management Company (AMC) directly. The mutual fund apps that are available in the market, only facilitate you into investing in a hassle-free way. They help you in:

  • Managing all Mutual Funds in one place.
  • Tracking external mutual funds and optionally import them.
  • Doing SIP or lumpsum investments via the app.

Overall, all these apps discussed in this post aim at providing the convenience of investing, managing, and tracking all your mutual funds in one place. Whenever you invest with them, these apps process your request with the AMC on your behalf.

But, in case you don’t want a third-party app to manage your funds, you can always choose to invest or manage your mutual fund from the respective AMC website. Every AMC has its own website (for example, Axis Mutual Fund, HDFC Mutual Fund, SBI Mutual Fund, etc.) where you can log in using your PAN card and check all your active investments.

Do visit your AMC website, just search Google with your AMC name. Double-check the domain name to verify if it is an authentic website.


So it was the post about the best apps for mutual funds. All the apps are well famous and trusted by millions of Indian users. You can start investing your money in these apps without any doubt. Still, if you have any questions related to any app or need any help then please ask in the comment section we will happy to help you.

Do let us know which app you are using to manage your mutual fund investments. If you faced any troubles or issues, let us know that too. It will help others who will be checking this post at a later time.

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