Microsoft 70-483 Exam and Practice Tests: Why Do You Need to Speed Up the Process of Earning Your Certification until June 30, 2020?

In late February, Microsoft posted an article where the company informed about the future changes to its certification program. You already know that there will be no MCSA, and MCSE credentials after June 30, 2020. It was decided to continue the expansion of the role-based learning offerings, that is why all the mentioned tracks will retire.

Microsoft recommends that its learners manage their preparation in time to be able to pass all the required exams for the certificates that they are interested in. So if you are going to earn the MCSA: Web Applications credential, you need to know its prerequisites, the tests you have to take, their details, and job roles that you can get. In today’s post, we will discuss Microsoft 70-483, which is one of two options that you can choose. Let’s dive into it!.

What are the peculiar features of the Microsoft 70-483 exam?

The first thing that we need to mention is that three exams are associated with the MCSA: Web Applications certification, but you have to choose whether to pass 70-480 with 70-486 or 70-483 with 70-486. As part of MCSA, Microsoft 70-483 is essential to justify skills in programming in C#. It is useful for polishing your skills as a certified developer or a programmer. Still, it is also helpful in increasing your credibility as an IT professional, regardless of whether you are already employed or looking for employment in an organization.

MCSA helps increase your knowledge of updating you from MTA to a higher level. There are specific skills that you can accomplish after your success in the test. They are as follows:

  • Management of program flow;
  • Creation and utilization of types;
  • Debugging applications as well as security implementation;
  • Implementation of data access.

Once an individual has passed Microsoft 70-483 and earned the associate-level certification, there is an increased chance of getting employment, a high-paying salary, and a decent job in the office setting, which is always a dream for any IT professional. Moreover, your employer can trust your programming skills as well.

What is the pattern of the Microsoft 70-483 exam? It is a 2-hour extended test that includes the content related to programming in C#. Like with other Microsoft exams, there is no exact number of questions that you will encounter. You need to be ready for about 40-60 of them in different formats and types. As for the price, you will have to pay $165.

Is Microsoft 70-483 exam easy to pass?

Unlike other subjects, you cannot learn programming by heart, although, there are specific steps and rules you must know. Your success in this sphere depends on how much you practice because only regular studying and training can enhance your skills.

Whether the Microsoft 70-483 exam is easy to pass or not depends on how much you prepare for it. Before this stage, you should evaluate yourself and observe how much practice you need to be an expert in coding skills. Getting knowledge is simple; there is an abundance of resources that can help you.

What are the best preparation resources for Microsoft 70-483 exam?

Microsoft 70-483 is quite popular among people who are related to Information Technology and computer science. Previously, the students had to re-attempt after every three years to keep it updated. Nowadays, the rules have changed, and you no longer need to do this. Once you have the credential, it stays with you, and you are not required to pass the test again. So, why don’t you take advantage of the situation and earn the MCSA certification while there is still some time? Well, let’s have a look at different study materials that can be used during your preparation process.

Video Tutorials:

No matter what exam you are taking, be it your regular college test or the one required for the credential, online platforms such as YouTube and Udemy have several videos dedicated to specific subjects. There are also a lot of training courses on the Exam-Labs website. This type of learning will help you develop your skills in C# and learn from scratch.

As a candidate, you will find these videos useful for preparation as you can follow all the steps that are being performed, which will allow you to practice along with an understanding of the concepts.


Even in today’s world, the importance of these companions is still hard to neglect. They are published with full and in-depth exam content and help the students develop a strong base. So, even if you are starting as a beginner and have no knowledge of C#, you can start by reading them and develop the basic concepts before you are applying the programming knowledge.

However, if you are considering attempting Microsoft 70-483, it is assumed that you already have some programming skills up to your sleeve. Some of the books that you can make use of include the following:

  • C# in a Nutshell by Joseph & Ben Albahari;
  • Exam Ref 70-483 Programming in C# (2nd Edition);
  • Head First C# by Andrew Stellman.

For the beginners, it is advised that once they have gone through this type of resources, they should have a look at the ones dedicated to the testing process. Thus, ExamLabs also has a useful study guide with 740 pages. It will help you prepare for Microsoft 70-483 and earn your certification without having any trouble.

Practice tests:

You can never consider yourself well-prepared until and unless you have tried your skills and knowledge by attempting mock tests available online. There are different websites on the Internet that you can visit to try sample questions and learn about those that may occur during your real exam. You can use practice tests on the Microsoft website or get a premium bundle from Exam-Labs with a study guide, video courses, and practice questions in one package. There is also an exam simulator to take these tests.

Download Microsoft Exam Dumps:

Last Words:

Many students who attempted the Microsoft 70-483 exam were able to pass it without any trouble. So, we can conclude that with proper and timely preparation, you can achieve a high score and earn your MCSA certificate with ease.

That’s all for now. If you have any further queries do let me know in the comments below. I will be happy to help. If this post helped you, then do share it with your friends. Use the social share buttons below.

Thank you for reading. I will be back again with another interesting update. Till then, stay tuned!

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