How to Manage your Credit Cards using Russh App?

Paying Credit Cards bills on time is important and a slight delay in repayment can ruin your credit score badly. If you have 1-2 Credit cards then it’s easy to pay bills on time. However, the main issue arrives when someone has more than 5-6 Credits Cards. Every Card has its own repayment date and it can be really hard for anyone to remember all the dates.

To get rid of this trauma we have come up with an app called Russh app. Russh app allows you to manage your credit cards without even entering the details of your credit card. Isn’t it interesting?

Now you might think about how I can manage my Credit cards without entering details? Here’s how to do that.

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What Is Russh App

Russh app is a product of Intellibrix Technologies. With the Russh app, you will be able to view all the features and offers of your card in a standard format, on an easily accessible page, so that you will be able to see the best offers made available to you so that you could save a lot more and maximize your points!

Russh app aims to provide all Credit cards information in a single app so that any person gets knowledge about Credit cards and their offers in a simple and usable form without any hassles. Apart from this Russh app also has a dedicated section that contains most of the bank’s customer care email and mobile numbers. It will surely help you in case you need any help.

Just a heads up, the popular Credit Card Bill Payments App CRED also has a similar feature where it shows all the relevant offers for your credit cards and reminds you of the due dates too. In fact, it goes a step further and scans your monthly statement to fetch your credit card bills automatically and detect hidden charges.

However, there is one catch: You need to provide your credit card number to CRED, which it will save on its app. Furthermore, to get access to the automatic statement detection feature, you need to provide it your full email account access. The Russh app is relatively safer, as it doesn’t aim to collect your data at all. You choose your cards, and it will show you the relevant offers.

Russh App Key Features:

Here are the features of the Russh App.

  • Get Online Offers On All Types Of Cards In One Place
  • Get Fuel Offers On Credit cards
  • Get Most of the Banks Customer Care Details
  • Get Shop Offers On Credit cards Near to your location
  • Apply For New Credit Cards and Get Free Cashback as well

How To Manage Your Credit Cards Using Russh App?

Russh app

  • After that Enter your mobile number and verify it with OTP.


  • russh app my card sectionNow click on the My Cards section select your Credit card variant and it will get added to my card section of the app.
  • russh app my cardAfter that again click on your card and go to Add Payment Section.

rushh app card payment

  • Here comes the main part. Now enter your card monthly payment Due Date, Remind Time, Remind Before Date, and Repeat for Month as per your convenience.
  • Russh app will remind you to pay your Credit card bill as per your Reminders.
  • This way you won’t forget to pay your bills on time.

Other Apps to manage your credit cards:

The Russh app acts as a bill payment reminder with some good info on cards and bank details. Alternatively, If you’re looking for more apps to manage your credit cards then there is nothing better than the CRED app. Compared to the Russh app Cred has tons of amazing features to offer. It gives you cashback and cred points whenever you pay your credit card bills using the Cred app. We also covered an in-depth Cred App Review so make sure to check it out. The guide contains everything from how to signup on cred to how to pay bills using the Cred app.


Through this article, we’ve discussed how you can easily manage your credit cards with the Russh app in simple steps. Now, you can pay your credit card bills on time without any worries.

Thanks for reading. Do share this post with your friends who are using multiple credit cards in their day-to-day life and help them out too. In case if you have any queries or suggestions regarding the Russh app then feel free to contact them at contact[at]russh[dot]in or ask me in the comment section. I will be happy to assist you with your query.

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  1. Thanks for sharing… indeed an amazing app… Plus it seems to be the only Credit Card App that shares their commission with users unlike others like paisabazar or bank bazar or so… 750INR for applying for Axis bank card .. not bad!

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