GUIDE: How to get Jupiter Money Cashback Card?

Have lots of transactions every month but unable to grab a credit card? Then Jupiter Card might be helpful for you. Jupiter is not a credit card, but a full-fledged bank account owned by Amic Financial Technologies Private LImited, in partnership with Federal Bank. You can consider it similar to the Niyo IDFC or Niyo DCB Card, which are quite rewarding.

Jupiter is a VISA debit card and savings bank account provider that is licensed with the RBI. It is an online bank or we can say that it’s a website that allows the user to get a VISA debit card and savings account online. Amica is a well-known, trusted, and registered financial corporation that owns the Jupiter online site.

The Jupiter card hasn’t launched yet, but going by the listed features, it seems to be an excellent option for those who love to spend online or make online transactions. It claims to offer a flat 1% cashback on each transaction. For the first three months after it launches, it will also offer up to 10% cashback. Not only this but you will also get cashback even on your UPI transactions.

Isn’t it interesting? Here, in this article, we are gonna tell you all about the Jupiter card, its features, and what it offers. Here we go.

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Jupiter Savings Bank Account:

Jupiter is India’s first and only co-created banking platform dedicated to millennials. As we have told you that Jupiter allows you to open a savings account on their online site but you should know that your account isn’t fully managed by Jupiter. Your savings bank account is managed by their partner Federal bank per RBI regulations.

So, all your banking features will be linked to Federal Bank. You will also enjoy interest rates similar to Federal Bank, although there is still some cloud over it, since Jupiter has not mentioned it explicitly on their website. It might also be that the Jupiter account is all about their cashback card. We can only confirm once it launches. Keep checking this page to know. We will update it as soon as we come to know.

What is Jupiter Card?

Jupiter provides its own cashback card to its users to make online transactions. Jupiter card is one of the best options for those who are seeking an ideal online transaction card that offers a good amount of cashback or by which they can spend with regular cashback.

  • You will earn a flat 1% cashback on all transactions.
  • As a launch offer, they are also giving out up to 10% cashback for the first 3 months, up to Rs1000 per month.
  • You can also earn cashback on UPI transactions, which is a great way to get rewarded for credit card bill payments.
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All About Jupiter Money and Cashback:

Jupiter is India’s first and only co-created banking platform that allows the user to master their money and to get guaranteed cashback on every single transaction. Here we have told you that Jupiter allows you to get guaranteed cashback but how much cashback you deserve or how much cash back you get depends on your Firstlist position and account.

Jupiter allows the user to get guaranteed cashback but remember the cashback will be a regulated amount i.e., Jupiter offers 1% guaranteed cashback on the user’s every single transaction but the best thing about the Jupiter card is that it offers an amazing 10% rate of cashback on every transaction for the first three months, up to Rs1000 per month. From the UPI transaction to card swipe, whichever way you spend and make a transaction it will give you a guaranteed cashback of 1% rate.

Jupiter Firstlist PositionAs we have told you above that the amount of cashback you get depends on your Firstlist position which means that how much cashback you get is completely in your hands, let me explain when you add members then your Firstlist position rise so your cashback rate will rise also hence proved that the cashback rate is in your hands but remember one thing this offers brings several terms and conditions but the 1% cashback is guaranteed.

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So it was the post about Jupiter Card. In this article, we have described all about the Jupiter financial online platform and all about their cards. If you still have any queries or doubts regarding Jupiter Card then feel free to ask us in the comment section. We would love to help you as soon as possible. Also join our FinTalks Facebook Group to continue the discussions and get more financial insights.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading. Do share this post with your friends and help them onboard fast so that they get maximum cashback. I will be back soon with another interesting update. Keep visiting HiTricks. Don’t forget to join our Telegram Channel to get the latest tech updates.

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