Jio Unlimited Offer Extended: New Tariff Plans August 2017

It’s Good News for you Again! Reliance Jio has announced new tariff plans for their subscribers to avail after their Summer Surprise or Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer expires in July or August. And let me tell you, its sweet! Yes, you guessed it right. Jio has extended their unlimited services again. Well, not for free, but, for dirt cheap rates.

Time and again, Jio has successfully made themselves come on the news headlines for their revolutionary discounts over the telecom networks. We are blessed to enjoy Unlimited Calls, SMS, andย Internet from Jio since mid-2016. One year down the lane, and its still working. People are liking Jio and embracing their services with open hands.

I started using Jio in June 2016, when they were running Preview offers tied up with Samsung premium devices. I got myself a sim for my VoLTE supported Mi 5, using the Barcode Trick. And all the way down, I enjoyed free calls and internet for the whole year and till March 2017.

Then Jio introduced their paid plans, starting with Summer Surprise and then the Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan offer which replaced the former. And now, after three more months, when they are beginning to end, I was a bit skeptical about what will they be offering now?

And Jio did it, again! They announced a set of new tariff plans on 11th July 2017. And it’s icing on the cake. Let’s check out the plans and discuss the details. Stay with me till the end, as I will not just be telling you the plans, but will also analyze every nook and corner of it, with in-depth calculations of your expenses. Don’t be fooled by just what you see. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Reliance Jio New Tariff Plans August 2017:

Here are the updated tariff plans from Reliance Jio. Check it out below.

Plans (INR)Validity (Days)Free CallsFree SMS4G DataDaily FUP (Post FUP Speed 128 kbps)Free Jio Apps Subscription
191YesYes200 MBNil (No Post FUP Data)Unlimited
493YesYes600 MBNil (No Post FUP Data)Unlimited
967YesYesUnlimited1 GB / DayUnlimited
14928YesYes2 GBNil (No Post FUP Data)Unlimited
30956YesYesUnlimited1 GB / DayUnlimited
34956YesYes20 GBNil (Post 20 GB FUP 128kbps)Unlimited
39984YesYesUnlimited1 GB / DayUnlimited
50956YesYesUnlimited2 GB / DayUnlimited
99990YesYes90 GBNil (Post 90 GB FUP 128kbps)Unlimited
1999120YesYes155 GBNil (Post 155 GB FUP 128kbps)Unlimited
4999210YesYes380 GBNil (Post 380 GB FUP 128kbps)Unlimited
9999390YesYes780 GBNil (Post 780 GB FUP 128kbps)Unlimited

So that’s it. Your Jio Unlimited Services is not going to end so soon. It’s going to continue at least for a few more months. I think it’s going to stay for this entire year.

One more thing, the Free Calls include Unlimited Free Local Calls, STD Calls, Roaming Calls and to All Other Operators. So, you need not worry about calling when you are using Jio anywhere in India.

Anyways, seeing this, you must be wondering which will be the best value pack to choose from these Jio Plans so that you can enjoy the Jio services at the cheapest rates. So, come, let’s analyze each plan in depth and understand what’s inside.


Jio Tariff Plans Review: Worth or Not?

To get a better idea, I have divided the tariff plans into three categories based on their validity period: Short Duration Plans, Standard Plans, and Long Duration Plans. After all, we spend money after a definite period, so it is always a good habit to keep a check on the plan validity.

[Note: I have used ‘per month’ to mean a period of 4 weeks or 28 days and not 30 days.]

Jio Short Duration Tariff Plans:

Jio is currently offering 4 Short Duration Plans: Rs19, Rs49, Rs96, and Rs149. Duration of these plans ranges from 1 to 28 days.

If you notice, Rs19 and Rs49 plans are for extremely short term users. And to be honest, we don’t have many of them out here. Most of us don’t need it.

The Rs96 plan is a trimmed down version of the standard Jio Unlimited plans, which offers Unlimited Calls and 1GB/Day Data for 7 Days. Calculating it to 4 weeks, it comes down to Rs384 per month. Take a note of that amount. We shall use it later on.

If you are someone who only needs unlimited calling, and little to no internet at all then Rs149 plan is best suited for you. You will continue getting Unlimited Calling for the entire month. You can surely suggest this plan for the elders in your house who don’t use internet but needs constant calling.

Jio Standard Tariff Plans:

Again, Jio is offering 4 Standard Tariff Plans: Rs309, Rs349, Rs399, and Rs509. Duration of these plans extends from 56 days (8 weeks) to 84 days (12 weeks).

If Daily 1GB Data is sufficient for you, then you can opt for Rs309 plan for 56 days (8 weeks), or Rs399 plan for 84 days (12 weeks). Rs309 plan is for 56 days, which comes down to Rs154.5 per month. Rs399 plan is for 84 days, which comes down to Rs133 per month. Even better!

If you require 2GB Data per day, then you need to opt for Rs509 plan for 56 days, which comes down to Rs254.5 per month.

Rs349 offers 20GB Data for 56 Days, which is a useless plan by Jio in my opinion. You can easily see that you get better in Rs309 plan, which is offering 56GB Data for 56 Days. ย The calling plan is same in both, which is unlimited. So, why pay extra and get less data?


According to me, choosing the Rs399 plan is the best value for money than the Rs309 plan, which will cost around Rs133 per month, and you get to use all the Jio Services. Else, if you need more data, go for the Rs509 plan.

Rs309 and Rs349 plan isn’t much right to avail; I already discussed the reasons.

Jio Long Duration Tariff Plans:

Here’s where it gets interesting, the long duration plans introduced by Jio. And, after analyzing it, I feel it is vitally necessary to inform you about it, because, what you see is what you get, but may not be what you would have initially expected in the first place. It looks good on pen and paper, but, is it so, in the actual case?

Again, Jio offered 4 Long Duration Tariff Plans: Rs999, Rs1999, Rs4999, and Rs9999. Its validity ranges from 90 days to 390 days.

The first thing you will notice here is that there is no daily FUP Capping in these plans. So, one advantage of taking up these plans is that you can use the entire data till the last day of your validity. The unused data is carried over after each day.

Rs999 offers 90 GB for 90 days, which comes down to Rs310 for 28 days. This is not beneficial since you are getting better rates on the Jio Standard Plans.

Rs1999 provides 155GB for 120 Days, which comes down to Rs466 for 28 days. With just 35GB extra data than the daily 1GB model, I think this plan is pretty expensive to avail.

Rs4999 offers 380GB for 210 Days, which comes down to Rs666 for 28 days. It offers 170GB extra data than the daily 1GB model. This is also quite expensive to avail.

Rs9999 offers 780GB for 390 Days, which comes down to Rs717 for 28 days. It provides 390GB extra data than the daily 1GB model, or we can say, it offers roughly 2GB Data per day without the FUP. Let me remind you, the standard 2GB per day plan cost just Rs254 with the FUP.


So, after analyzing the long duration plans, I can’t say I am happy with it. It can be clearly seen that the Long Duration Plans are more inclined to suck out your money than offering equivalent services.

Yes, no daily FUP limit is a good thing, but, they should have offered a lot more internet data to match it with their standard rates. The price jump in the long duration data is much higher.

So, it is a NO from my side if you wanted to take the long duration plans. It simply makes no sense.

How to Subscribe to Jio Tariff Plans?

To subscribe to Jio Tariff plans, at first make sure you are a Jio Prime customer. Just recharge your number with Rs99 for a 1-year subscription to Jio Prime.

Here are the ways you can subscribe to Jio Tariff Plans:

  1. MyJio App: Inside MyJio App you can find ‘Recharge’ option. You can proceed to recharge from there.
  2. Jio Website: You can just login to your account on Jio Website and continue to recharge from there.
  3. JioMoney App: You can also recharge your Jio Number from inside Jio Money app using your Jio Money.
  4. PayTM / Freecharge / Mobikwik and other Online Recharging Apps.
  5. Reliance Digital and Reliance Jio outlets.
  6. Your local mobile recharging shops. Now all stores support Jio recharges.

I would recommend that you don’t waste much time and subscribe to Jio Tariff plan as soon as possible before your current plan expires. Because, other telecom operators may again complain against Jio and TRAI may again impose Jio to change its plans, as it happened during the time of Summer Surprise Offer.

The current offers are good and pocket-friendly (only if you go through my detailed analysis above and choose the recommended plans) and you can surely enjoy Free Calling and Internet for a long time.

Also, later there will be a rush for recharging, which will crash Jio site again. Offline retail stores will also be filled up with queues for recharging. Better do it now, safely.

So, what are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Okay, I got a few queries from you guys, and I am trying to answer them here. Check it out; your most common doubts will be cleared.

Q: When is this new tariff starting from?

A: They have begun already and available for anyone to avail. If you subscribe to it now, you will enjoy seamless services after your Summer Surprise Offer, or Dhan Dhana Dhan offer expires.

Q: What if I don’t subscribe to Jio Tariff Plans?

A: Check out this post I have written earlier, to know What will happen to your Jio Sim if you don’t recharge.

Q: Is subscribing to Jio Prime Compulsory?

A: Yes, to get the benefits for the mentioned validity period. If you don’t subscribe to Jio Prime, your validity and benefits both will get reduced. The standard plans validity will be reduced to 28 days. Long Duration plans benefits and validity will get reduced further. So, I recommend you to please subscribe to Jio Prime if you haven’t yet.

Q: How do I subscribe to Jio Prime?

A: Just recharge your Jio number with Rs99. You will be subscribed to Jio Prime for a year. Make sure that you do this before availing any other plans. If you have already subscribed to Jio Prime, then ignore.

Q: How to know if I have Jio Prime or not?

To check whether you are a Prime user or not, open MyJio App. It will show you whether you are a Jio Prime user or not.

If I find more queries, I will add it up here. So, let me know if you have more questions in the comment section below. ๐Ÿ™‚

Last Words:

Thanks for reading my post on the latest Tariff Plans introduced by Jio. I hope all your doubts and confusions regarding Jio new tariff plans are now cleared. If you have further doubts, please comment below, I will be happy to help you out.

And don’t forget to share this post with your friends on Facebook and let them avail the offer quickly. Use the social share buttons below. Sharing is Caring!

That’s all for now. Soon I will be back with more exciting updates. Till then, stay tuned!

PS: JioFiber is launching soon in various states in India. You can access internet at 100Mbps speeds. Wait for it. ๐Ÿ™‚


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