JBL C100TWS True Wireless Earbuds Review

With the disappearing headphone jacks from various smartphones, the demand for true wireless headsets has increased. Companies like Boat, JBL, Skullcandy, Mivi are showing off their products one after the other. The industry has seen rapid growth and competition amongst these companies.

To take over this golden opportunity, JBL launched their JBL C100TWS True Wireless Earbuds back in December 2019. The listed price for the product is ₹7,999. However, with the introductory offer, which is still on, you can get it for ₹3,999.

I got my hands on it in February 2020. Thus, this little piece of information contains my experiences and opinions of the earbuds. Go through the complete piece and then decide for yourself.

JBL C100TWS True Wireless Earbuds Review

JBL is one of the most popular audio equipment manufacturers in India. With the launch of C100TWS, they’ve proved the brand’s worth in the market. A lot of my friends suggested me to buy the same product for the budget I had. After using them for a week, I felt of getting them replaced. However, not replacing them one of the best decisions of this year. Want to know why? Continue reading!

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JBL C100TWS: Build Quality

The earbuds are entirely made of plastic from the outside. Not excellent, but the quality of plastic is pretty good. I often forget to remove them while changing clothes at night. Thus, I’ve dropped them a few times, but nothing happened. They work completely fine to date.

The earbuds sit perfectly in my ears with given the lightweight and compact design. However, while working out, your head moves a lot. This might end up loosening the earbuds a little. Nonetheless, the earbuds will stick there for a while before falling.

JBL C100TWS: Design

The design of C100TWS is elegant and straightforward. You will find two physical buttons to control the music playback. Each earbud has a LED notification light to let you know about the charging. The box provided with the earbuds works as the protector as well as the charger. This box is made up of lustrous plastic material to hold them perfectly.

JBL C100TWS ReviewThey are available in two standard colours, including black and white. I got the black ones given that it looks more elegant, premium, classy and is my favourite colour. With the JBL branding on the box and each earbud, they look pretty good.

JBL C100TWS: Connectivity

One of the best parts of getting these earbuds is the connectivity. All thanks to Bluetooth 5.0. They get connected to the phone as soon as you unplug the earbuds from the charging box. I didn’t felt any lag while playing a game or streaming an online video in these months. However, you will have to compromise with the call quality.

To pick up or hang up the call, you can use the physical button. However, I’ve noticed that sometimes the other person can’t hear properly what I speak. I have to speak louder at times. This is not a good sign given that the connectivity is Bluetooth 5.0. To talk about the overall connectivity, it is good enough for the offered price.

JBL C100TWS: Battery Life

The battery capacity is pretty good enough offered by the manufacturer. Each earbud has the capacity of 60 mAh whereas the dock has 318 mAh. A complete charge takes around one and a half hours with a 2 Amp Micro USB charger. A full charge from the dock can give you a 5-hour playback. However, the dock can charge them two times from empty to full.

I barely use them for music playback, and I usually take client calls with a single earbud. Thus, a complete charge of dock lasts about 5-6 days at ease. A 15-minute charge can give you a playback for almost an hour.

JBL C100TWS: Sound Quality

The most important section to look for the earbuds is this one. If you are a music lover and looking forward to bass and treble, they might disappoint you a little. However, I highly appreciate the high pitched sound output, vocals and overall sound quality of them.

One of the features that I find the best is noise cancellation. While listening to my favourite podcasts, I didn’t hear a word from my surroundings. Even for music lovers, this will be an astonishing feature to look into.

JBL C100TWS ReviewIf you compare them with any wired headset in the same price range, the sound quality is nothing like them. Given that they work on wired technology, the sound quality is better. Therefore, if you are a regular music listener, these earbuds might no satisfy you.

Do I use them while working out?

Well, yes, I do! While working out, I play my favourite songs on loop to keep myself motivated. Majority of them are of high bass and treble. At some point in time, I felt a little fumble in a few songs. This is where I compromise with them while working out.

Apart from that, the fir is pretty perfect. Until and unless I continuously shake my head, they sit comfortably. When I do, the buds get loosened slowly. You will ultimately feel it and will know if they’re about to fall.

JBL never mentioned if they’re splash-proof or waterproof. However, I sweat a lot while working out. It might have gone into the earbuds at times. But I never felt any changes in the sound quality due to heavy sweating.

JBL C100TWS: Review

8.2 Total Score
Bang for the Buck

The JBL C100TWS earbuds are definitely a value for money with great connectivity, battery life and durability. The sound quality is crisp and clear for moderate usage including calls, online media streaming and music. If you're a bass lover, you might not prefer using them for long.

Build Quality
Battery Life
Sound Quality
Value for Money
  • Fast and easy connectivity
  • Good enough sound quality
  • Perfect fit for the ears
  • Excellent battery life
  • Durable charging dock
  • Singles-side earbud usage
  • Might feel heavy if used for too long
  • Inefficient bass and treble
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Last Words:

JBL has always amazed with their promising and durable products. One such great product is the JBL C100TWS True Wireless Earbuds. After reading this piece, you would have judged the earbuds by now. What is your opinion about the earbuds? Are you going to get your hands on these earbuds? Do let us know in the comment section below.

If you have any other queries, let us know that too. I will be happy to help. That’s all for now. I will be back soon with more gadget reviews. Don’t forget to join our Telegram Channel for the latest tech updates.


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