iVooMi i and i1 Full Phone Specifications and Honest Opinions

iVooMi is back with their first budget smartphones of 2018: The iVooMi i and IVooMi i1 with a starting budget-friendly price of just Rs5999. And, indeed in the looks, they are the phones of 2018 market. Yes, you have guessed it correctly, they come with 18:9 aspect ratio. 18:9 aspect ratio mobiles have gone mainstream in 2018, with almost all big and small brands adapting to it. Any mobile coming out with 16:9 aspect ratio this year is going to lose out a lot of customer base for sure.

Anyways, coming to the product itself, the mobile will go on sale from 10th January 2018 12 pm onwards on Flipkart. It is a Flipkart exclusive product. The iVoomi i will cost Rs7499, and the iVoomi i1 will cost Rs8999, but, as a launch offer, they are offering the phones at cheaper rates. The i will get a Rs1500 discount, selling it at Rs5999, and the i1 will get a flat Rs2000 discount, selling it at Rs6999.

So, that’s all about the launch and the highlights. Be sure to download the Flipkart app to increase your chances of grabbing the phone.

Well, this phone directly competes with the Redmi 5A, that retails for Rs4999, but, well, that does not have the 18:9 aspect ratio display, which may be a let down for many users. But that came with Snapdragon Processor, while this device comes with a Mediatek one. So, how well will it fare? Let’s check out what other components it packs with it.

iVoomi i and i1 Features:

First, let me make it clear about the differences between the devices. The only segment where the two phones differ is the Memory and Storage sector. The i is a lower variant having 2GB+16GB memory and the i1 is the higher variant having 3GB+32GB memory. The rest of the parts of the phone are all the same.

So, having said that, let’s move on to the other parts of the devices.

From the looks, both the devices look quite stylish, especially due to the 18:9 display. The side bezels are almost minimized, which creates a wonderful view for the user. But, the bezels are still there.

The display size is 5.45 inch, it is an HD IPS display (1200×640 pixels). So, it will be smaller than your traditional 5.5-inch devices. And with smaller bezels and 18:9 display, it should mean an overall smaller sized device. It sports a fingerprint scanner at the back. It also houses a dual rear camera, but I am coming to that later on. In just 5999, it is pretty promising. Remember, at 4999, Redmi 5A didn’t offer any of these, neither a fingerprint sensor nor a dual camera. It did have an IR Blaster though, something Redmi is proud of making.

Coming to the hardware, it runs under a 1.3 Ghz Quad Core Cortex-A 53 MTK 6737 Processor, with 2 or 3 Gigs of RAM depending on the variant you choose. The GPU is ARM Mali – 720 MP1 at 550 / 650 MHz. I personally have a disliking towards Mediatek processors. However, many seem to love them.

Let’s come to the camera now, the dual rear camera is a 12MP + 2MP shooter, which simply allows taking photos with Bokeh effects. So, it supports Portrait mode. Wide Angle, Portrait, HDR, Panorama & Face Beauty Modes are also available. The selfie camera is 8MP. Now, this is a good thing for a device under such a tight budget. Don’t expect anything more from it.

While the internal memory is 16 or 32 GB depending on your phone, you can expand the storage up to 128 GB with an SD Card. Pretty good. Also, there is a dedicated SIM slot for that. You don’t need to sacrifice your existing Sim slots, it is not hybrid.

Coming to the SIM, it does support 4G with VoLTE natively. Well, since the advent of Jio, and now both Airtel and Vodafone supporting VoLTE, no company should dare to release their handsets without native VoLTE support.

Its Battery is 3000 mah though. Yeah, to keep a phone slim, the manufacturers have to sacrifice a bit of the extra juice. But 3000 mah is not at all bad and should get you through the day easily if you don’t game hard.

Coming to the software, it runs on Android 7.0 Nougat. Yes, now Oreo is released, so it would have been great if they released under Oreo. But, sadly, they don’t. Also, don’t expect an android upgrade to Oreo either. Yes, you will receive minor Software Updates, but not a major one to update your Android to the next Generation. In my view, Nougat isn’t a bad stuff either.

So, that’s all about the device folks. Check out the specifications.

iVooMi i1 Specifications:

Well, the two phones i and i1 differ only in the RAM and Storage, with i having 2GB+16GB setup and i1 having 3GB+32GB setup, so I am just listing the i1 specifications below. Only remember those two differences.

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iVooMi i and i1 Honest Opinions:

[Disclaimer: This is not a review of the device. We aim to give our opinions on the device and rate it according to its features, comparing it with the market competition. Most of the time we buy mobiles by just seeing the features, without proper judgment. So, we made this Honest Opinion series so that you can get an overall idea of the phone before buying it. This should serve as a buying decision guide for you. Thank You.]

7.7 Total Score
Budget Friendly Device, But not for Long Term

If you are in short of budget, and you don't need a long-term device, then you can opt for it. The 18:9 aspect ratio is the only good thing I appreciated. The Processor is Mediatek which I don't prefer, but the 3GB+32GB setup with a Fingerprint Sensor proves it usable. Not for long-term, though!

Body / Display
Value for Money
  • 18:9 Display on Budget
  • Fingerprint Sensor
  • Dual Rear Camera
  • No Definite Cons as Such, the Processor could have been better.

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iVooMi i / i1 Alternatives:

When I am listing alternatives, the first thing I look for is the alternatives at that price, and Redmi 5A is the only device that comes to my mind as the only other alternative. It has got a better set of features, and the MIUI will be smooth even on limited hardware. And it costs 1k lesser!

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The other alternative is also from Xiaomi, it is the Redmi Y1 and Y1 Lite launched a few months earlier. It is also in that similar price segment and focuses on taking Better Selfies.

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Last Words:

So, that’s all about iVooMi i and i1. Thanks for reading. If you have any further doubts, don’t forget to comment down below. I will be happy to help out. See you soon!

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