iPadOS 15 Features & Supported Devices

Apple introduced the iPadOS 15 on 7 June 2021, they worked well on the new OS to take the advantage of the unique capabilities of the iPad. With the iPadOS 15, Apple focused to improve work productivity and multitasking. Apple also released the iOS 15 and macOS Monterey, and all of them are filled with a bucket of new features.

We appreciate Apple for providing images related to the new features, which helped us to make this post more interesting to read. 

Wanted to know about iPadOS 15 and whether your iPad will be supporting the same or not? In this post, We listed the iPadOS 15 features and Supported devices. Here’s an overview:

Improved Multitasking and Keyboard Shortcuts:

Users can now increase their productivity with new features of iPadOS 15 that make multitasking effortless. With the new multitasking menu, which appears at the top, users can switch to Split View or Slide Over with just a tap. iPadOS 15 allows users to quickly access Home Screen while using the Split View. With the new shelf, users can work on multiple windows in apps like Safari or Pages.

Apple introduced the all-new keyboard shortcuts and menu bar for the external keyboards. This allows users to quickly set up and work across Split View and Slide Over, using the new shortcuts. These features of iPadOS 15 make an iPad capable of multitasking just like any desktop.

iPadOS 15 Features & Supported Devices

New Quick Notes: Capturing Thoughts and Tags

Users can now write down important notes with new features that allow them to capture and organize their thoughts. Notes can be across the system with Quick Notes on any app, and can also add links within the notes.

The iPadOS 15 allows users to organize and collaborate Notes. Tags can be used to categorize notes and makes them easy to find with the new Tag Browser and Smart Folders. On a collaborative note, users can mention collaborators to notify them about the update or correction. With the new Activity view, users can track the recent update and edit of a note. 

iPadOS 15 Features & Supported Devices

Improved Translate App

The Translate app now comes with Auto Translate that detects the language when someone is speaking, users can talk naturally without taping on the mic again and again. The face-to-face view allows two users to converse while keeping the iPads between them and seeing the real-time translation. Users can translate text across the system by selecting it and tapping Translate. With the Live Text feature, users can even translate handwritten text and text from photos. 

Natural Facetime Calls and New SharePlay

With the new iPadOS 15 updates, Facetime feels more natural during conversations with family, friends, or office colleagues. SharePlay allows users to share experiences while connecting to their friends, including enjoying songs together on Apple Music, fun while watching the movie or a TV show in sync, or sharing the screen of the various apps. Users can also watch videos and other media on TV by extending the playback to the Apple TV. All users in SharePlay can play, pause or jump ahead a media. These features make SharePlay the best platform to connect and spend time with friends and family.

iPadOS 15 Features & Supported Devices

New Widgets and App Library

The new iPadOS 15 allows users to add widgets among apps on the Home Screen pages. Widgets integrated into Home Screen provide more information at a glance in a more personalized manner. The new grand size of widgets is perfect for demonstrating videos, music, games, photos, etc. Apple introduced the new widgets to App Store, Find My, Game Center, Mail, and Contacts.

The new App Library now automatically categorizes the apps into Productivity, Games, and Recently Added. With this feature, users can access their apps right from the dock. 

iPadOS 15 Features & Supported Devices

Redesigned Safari Browser

iPadOS15 comes with an all-new Safari tab design that allows users to browse through more options of a page. The new tab bar adjusts its color according to the web page theme and merges tabs, toolbar, and search field in a more compact and futuristic design. Groups allow users to save and manage tabs by categorizing them. Users can now also sync the tabs across Mac and iPhone so that they can continue their work from anywhere and can share with friends and family. With the iPadOS 15, users can now also install web extensions from the App Store.

iPadOS 15 Features & Supported Devices

Improved Focus

iPadOS 15 introduces great tools to improve user’s productivity. The new Focus feature filters unwanted and disturbing notifications based on what the user is doing. Users can also customize Focus according to the ongoing work. iPadOS 15 allows users to create Home Screen pages containing apps and widgets that they want during the Focus mode, and it will only display the relevant apps and will reduce the distractions. The new notification summary organizes the collection of notifications and delivers on the time chosen by the user. This will help users to track all activities at the preferred time.

iPadOS 15 Features & Supported Devices

On-Device Intelligence

iPadOS 15 comes with Live Text that uses on-device intelligence to recognize text in a photo, this text can be used to detect phone numbers, Wi-Fi passwords, website links, emails, and many more. 

Users can search across Photos app and web images using Spotlight with contexts like recent conversations, shared photos, and their location if shared through Find My. With the help of artificial intelligence, Live Text also works with handwritten text, this can be helpful to detect text from whiteboards or handwritten notes. 

iPadOS 15 Features & Supported Devices

Swift Playgrounds

Talking about the easiest way to develop apps for iPhone and iPad, Swift Playgrounds 4 provides you with all the tools that you need while developing applications. Users can submit their apps directly to the App Store, which is an effective way to share their creativity with the outside world. When you’re working on your app, Swift Playgrounds will preview the app in real-time. Any code that you add will be reflected in the live preview screen. To ensure that no part of your application remains untested, you can run the app in fullscreen mode as well. To make the development universally accessible, the new open project format is now compatible with Swift Playgrounds on iPad as well as Xcode, which is the built-in text editor on macOS.

iPadOS 15 Features & Supported Devices

iPadOS 15 iPadOS 15 Supported Devices:

Below is the list of supported iPadOS 15 devices.

  • iPad Pro (2015, 2017, 2018, 2020, 2021, and later)
  • iPad Air (Air 2, Air3, Air 4, and later)
  • iPad (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and later)
  • iPad Mini (2015, 2019, and later)


In this article, we discussed the new iPadOS 15 features and listed the supported devices. With all the above-mentioned features, there are many additional minor updates in the iPadOS components, including Universal Control, Shared with You, Photos, Maps, Siri, iCloud+, accessibility, and more. Users can apply to Apple Developer Program to get the beta version of iPadOS 15.

We hope this post helped you to know more about iPadOS 15 and its features. Keep following us for more updates and news related to the tech world. Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to join our Telegram Channel for getting the latest tech updates.

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