How to install Android 13 Developer Preview on your Pixel Device?

Last month Google announced a preview release of Android 13 for developers, and Google has released its first update to the Developer Preview which is Android 13 Developer Preview 2. This latest replication or iteration includes various new color themes, enhanced privacy and security features, lock screen and home screen updates, and many other features.

While these pre-launch versions of Android 13 are primarily for the developers, so they can check out the forthcoming features that are in the works, even if you’re not a developer, then also you can get your hands on this pre-release version of Android 13 right now.

In today’s post, we will be looking at how you can install the Android 13 Developer Preview on your Pixel device. Here’s an overview:


It should be pointed out that, like all the pre-release software, Android 13 Developer Preview can also be unstable at times, so if you want to install this feature, it’s better to do this thing on a backup Smartphone, if you have got an extra one.

There can be some bugs and other problems with the feature that can break the effectiveness or functionality of the device, so don’t try to install this feature on your main device. If you’re completely okay with that, we can continue to the main step.

For which phones is the Android 13 Developer Preview available?

Google is expected to launch its latest operating system Android 13 in the fall season this year. At that point of time, it will be available on a large variety of Android smartphones, but for now, you can only install the Android 13 Developer Preview on many compatible Pixel Smartphones like –

  • Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL 
  • Pixel 4A and Pixel 4A (5G) 
  • Pixel 5 
  • Pixel 5A (5G)
  • Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro 

If your Smartphone device isn’t on this list, then you’ve to wait for a later release of Android 13, whether it’s the public beta version or a public release.

How to download and install the Android 13 Developer Preview on the Google Pixel Smartphone?

Now, you can download and install the Android 13 Developer Preview on the Pixel device by following these steps –

Firstly, Back up your Android Device:

So now that you have got a compatible Android device, you need to back up your phone. By default, your Pixel’s Smartphone back up the data automatically whenever you’re connected to Wi-Fi and your phone has been inactive and charging for 2 hours, but you can also perform this task manually as per your need. Depending on the size of your phone backup, you may require a paid version of Google One for this method, but if not then Google Drive should also be fine for this work.

To back up your Pixel Smartphone, just go to Settings > Google > Backup option and then click on the Back up now option. Once all the data is backed up on the cloud storage, you’re ready to start the downloading and installation process of the Android 13 Developer Preview feature.  Here’s How to backup your android device without root.

Now, start the USB Debugging mode and OEM Unlocking function:

To install Android 13 on your Pixel device, you’ll need to connect the Smartphone to a computer system through USB, and also your Pixel device should be unlocked and the USB Debugging function is enabled on the Smartphone. However, it’s pretty simple to unlock your phone but firstly; you’ll need to unlock the Developer Options to enable the USB Debugging mode. Here’s How to enable USB debugging and OEM unlocking.

  • To unlock Developer Options on the Smartphone, just go to Settings > About Phone section and click on the Build Number continuously seven times. It will display a new Developer Options menu in the Settings section. Click on that option.
  • Now, on the Developer Options sectionclick on the toggle adjacent to the USB Debugging option to enable it. A notification will appear on the front of the screen with a message. Simply, click on the OK button.
  • While you’re still in the Developer Options section, again click on the toggle adjacent to the OEM Unlocking option to enable it. This function will unlock your device’s bootloader, which loads the Operating System of the Smartphone.

Flash your device with the help of ‘Android Flash Tool’ in Chrome Browser:

There are two methods to flash the Android 13 Developer Preview system on your Pixel device by using your computer system, but for the sake of convenience, we’ll use Android Flash Tool which only works with some specific web browsers like Google Chrome. Along with this, your computer system must have 10GB of available storage for this to work. If everything is fine, then connect your Pixel device to your computer system through USB, unlock your device and go to the website of Android Flash Tool in Google Chrome and follow the following steps –

  • Firstly, click on the Get Started option at the bottom end of the website.
  • Now, click on Allow ADB Access option on the pop-up screen that appears on the website.
  • Now, click on Add New Device option and after that, pick your device from the device’s list and click on the Connect button.
  • On your Pixel device, click on the check-box next to the “Always Allow from this Computer” option and then click on Allow option to give Android Flash Tool access to your Pixel’s Smartphone.
  • Now, coming back to your computer system, under the Popular Builds section, click on Developer Preview 2. After that, click on the Install Build option and then click on Confirm option.

Now, a pop-up screen appears which will warn you that during the installation process of Android 13, it will factory-reset your phone but that’s not a major issue if you’ve backed up your Pixel device. Also, make sure not to touch your Smartphone or disconnect it from the computer during this process, otherwise, it could brick your Smartphone (making it unresponsive and unusable).

Download and Install the Android 13 Developer Preview:

Click on Confirm option on the pop-up window and then again click on the I Accept option to start the downloading process. Now, to begin the download process of the Android 13 Developer Preview, follow the steps here –

  • Now, click on the Start option on the pop-up window which appears on your computer.
  • Now, again coming back to your Pixel device, use the volume keys to select Unlock the Bootloader option and then hit the side key which will reboot your Smartphone.
  • The software will start downloading, which may take a couple of minutes depending on your Internet speed.
  • Once the installation process is completed, again click on the Start option in the pop-up window which again appears on your computer.
  • On your Pixel device, use the Volume Keys to switch to Lock the Bootloader option on the Pixel device and again click on the Side Key.
  • Now, restart your phone again to complete the installation process of the Android 13 Developer Preview feature and after this, you can use the Android 13 Operating System on your Pixel Smartphone. 

Last Words:

That’s all about how you can install Android 13 Developer Preview on your Pixel device. In case you have further doubts or queries, feel free to comment below. I will be happy to help.

Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to share this post with your Pixel buddies. I will be back soon with another interesting update. Keep visiting HiTricks. Don’t forget to join our Telegram Channel for getting the latest tech updates.


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