GUIDE: How to Improve Productivity using Stay Focused App?

Productivity doesn’t occur accidentally. Getting everything done that you need and want to do needs forethought and proper planning, together with a constant supply of inspiration, motivation, and focus. One area that several people are currently struggling with is paying attention (or staying focused) while working. There are multiple distractions available and it can be pretty hard to keep your focus at work.

Social Media sites (or applications) and other online activities can make it even more difficult to complete your tasks and do a great job. Luckily, there are some applications for focus known as Focus apps which can help you to achieve your goals with proper attention without any disturbance or distraction. In this article, we’re going to discuss Stay Focused app and how this app can enhance your productivity easily in just simple steps.

What is Focus Apps?

Focus Apps are those applications that help users to remove all the distractions or disturbances on their laptop or mobile. It serves as a productivity tool to help the users to emphasize or prioritize their tasks so that they can complete tasks easily rather than senselessly scrolling through various Internet sites or applications. Based on its name, Focus Apps shouldn’t be confused with the Meditation apps or Habit Tracking apps. While a Meditation app is meant for dealing with issues related to mental health and also helps in relaxing your body and mind, the Focus app is for those circumstances when the situation demands a burst of productivity.

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What is Stay Focused App? 

Stay Focused is an application that improves your concentration by blocking those apps in which the user spends too much time on their Smartphone. With this application, you can choose the apps which you want to limit or block for minutes or hours at a time. When you install and open the Stay Focused app, you’ll see a long list of all the applications which you can block on your Smartphone. From there, all you need to do is decide which apps you want to block and for how long (like for minutes or hours).

Stay Focused app allows its user that they can block and lock the apps to prevent themselves from using their phone impulsively. It also blocks the notifications from those applications which you’ve blocked in the app and you’ll receive all the notifications on the next day. In addition to this, the app also shows the timeline of your daily and weekly app usage with proper statistics. These analytics and stats give a clear idea to its users how to control the high usage of smartphones with a proper time limit. With this feature, you can be more productive and efficient towards your goals.

When an application is blocked through this app, you won’t get any notification from it, and you also won’t even be able to open the app unless you unblock the app on Stay Focused app. With Stay Focused app, you can keep your focus on any task by blocking all the compulsive or addictive apps. In addition to blocking websites and apps, you can also set the limits on your overall phone usage in the Stay Focused app. This application is available on Google Play Store and you can download the app without paying a single penny i.e. it is a free app.

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Benefits of Stay Focused app:

  • The app helps you to increase your productivity and self-constraint (or self-control).
  • With this app, users can manage their phone addiction through special features like Usage Remainder and Addiction Tracker.
  • This app helps you to concentrate on your goals and also inspires you to manage your time properly with proper time management.
  • With this app, you can easily organize your free time with your family members and friends without any disturbance of unwanted notifications from the Smartphone.
  • This app also set usage limits on your phone through which you can reduce your phone addiction.

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Features of Stay Focused app:

  • Users can block applications or websites by using App Blocker and it also blocks your e-mail to avoid unwanted mails notifications. With this feature, you can also turn off the notifications system.
  • Users can also block some keywords on multiple websites by using the Website Blocker feature.
  • The application disables all the alerts and notifications from the blocked apps. You can also set your usage time limit on the app so that you can concentrate on your task and be more effective or productive.
  • For students who have smartphones and are habitual of using lots of Social Media apps, this app is very useful for them as they can completely focus on their studies (if these apps are blocked through Stay Focused app).
  • The app helps you to track how much time you spend on a specific application each day.

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