Huawei Band 2 Classic and Pro Activity Tracker: Honest Opinions

The Chinese brand Huawei has brought up two more Fitness Bands for the Indian market, namely, Huawei Band 2 Classic and Huawei Band 2 Pro. They are available in two color variants Black and Blue. They are available for sale on Amazon India. The Classic variant of the activity tracker costs Rs4599, while the Pro variant costs Rs6999.

The bands are waterproof up to 50m and have a battery life of 21 days when used normally. It weighs as light as 23g.

Just a few months ago, Huawei launched their fitness band Honor Band 3 for Rs2799. It had heart rate sensor, pedometer, sleep tracking, and running and swimming tracking packed inside. I myself own one and am very happily using it every day.

So, what’s new in Huawei Band 2? Is it worth the upgrade? How does it fare with the high priced activity trackers from other brands? Let’s find out.


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Well, you might want to know what’s special in the pro variant, which makes its price almost 1.5k higher than the classic variant.

Both the activity trackers are almost same in features except for the fact that the pro version has GPS function inbuilt, whereas the classic version relies on your phone’s GPS.

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This essentially means you can use the Pro version without taking your phone with you. But, you need your phone with you to track your position with the classic version. Yes, you can always choose not to use the GPS if you want to, and leave your phone behind.

With the GPS inbuilt, it shows you the distance you have traveled, your maximum speeds etc.

Though both the band supports heart rate sensor, the Pro version has a special Firstbeat algorithm that acts as a workout coach. It also has a V02Max Algorithm that counts the maximum rate of oxygen consumption during workouts and exercise.

This, combined with the Firstbeat algorithm analyzes your heart rate and gives you suggestions for running with better efficiency in real time. It will help you increase your speed and endurance in the long run.

Both of the bands Classic and Pro has a breathing coach that will help you to perform some breathing exercises and help you concentrate better.

The rest of the features are similar to the Honor Band 3.

Both the bands support a pedometer that counts steps and the distance traveled, hence counts a number of calories you burned. They support running and swimming too.

Both of them are also powered by the Honor Trusleep technology which accurately tracks your sleep movements to calculate your sleep data.

Coming to other features, both of them supports smart notifications. Let me elaborate this a bit.

Smart Notifications is useful as it blindly copies your notifications and displays them as it is in your Band.

Say you have got a notification from Facebook, it will show the app name followed by the notification exactly what appears on your phone. So, if it is something minor, you can refrain yourself from opening your phone to check for the notification.

Needless to say, it will show your incoming Calls and SMS too.

It also has a smart call ignore or reject feature. Obviously, if you are going to accept the call you will need your phone to talk to your caller. But if you are going to ignore or reject the call, it makes your task easier. You don’t need to take your phone out. You can choose to ignore the call (mute the ringtone while the call continues to ring) or reject it (cut the call) from the band itself. I have tried this feature myself and I must say it is indeed useful.

Both the bands also lets you set alarms and it will vibrate that time. They also support a smart alarm feature. Let me elaborate this too.

Suppose you set an alarm to wake up at 7 am. But you are in a light sleep or awake but in bed at 6.30am. The Band will sense your sleep and vibrate at 6.30am to wake you up. This smart wake up feature works for about 30 minutes prior to the actual alarm time. As soon as it senses you are almost awake, it wakes you up.

This is innovative and extremely helpful too. Not only it wakes you up before time, but, in case you fall asleep again, it will again wake you up at 7 am so you finally wake up without any more snoozing.

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Honest Opinions:

To be honest, I am not impressed with the ‘features’ of the Huawei Band 2 Classic variant, and I am not impressed with the ‘price’ of Huawei Band 2 Pro variant.

Just a few months ago the Honor Band 3 was launched and it is available at 2.7k, whereas the Huawei Band 2 Classic variant is priced at 4.6k. It is almost 2k more.

But if you compare their features, you won’t get much of an upgrade here. Most of the good features are exclusive to the Pro variant only. The classic variant doesn’t get much importance here. If anyone is simply inclined towards buying the classic variant, I would recommend him to check out the Honor Band 3 instead.

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The Huawei Band 2 Pro variant has a lot of features bundled with it, including the inbuilt GPS. I have no complaints with the features and their accuracy. Huawei provides firmware updates to their products every few weeks to keep them updated.

But, I personally feel the price should have been a bit lower. If its price was within 5k, that would not only make it a hot selling product but also as a tough competitor in the existing market. But, even on 7k, it is not a bad investment. You will be satisfied with it for sure. Now, make your decision. 🙂

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Alternative Fitness Trackers:

Here are some of the alternative fitness trackers available on the market.

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Last Words:

That’s all about the Huawei Band 2. I hope you have enjoyed reading it and all your doubts regarding the device are cleared. Do let your friends know about this device. Use the social sharing buttons below.

Have any doubts or queries? Don’t forget to shoot them below in the comments section. I will be happy to respond.

I will be back soon with another interesting update. Till then, stay tuned!

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